Michi's Knighting

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[Heavily abridged.]

Rasani beckons to those around him.

You say, "Pentarch."

You nod your head emphatically.

As Rasani lays his hand upon a gem of transmutation, a ripple of energy washes over him, rapidly morphing his body into a female.

Rasani blows fire onto a stick of incense. "Knighthood is a heavy mantle. It is both an honor and a burden, one bound by the merit you give it." The incense starts heavy as she places it down, picking up a jar of oil. "You seal it to yourself, as much as it to you, for the duration of your service."

Rasani smears oil across your ears, moving to your eyelids, your forehead and finally, your lips. "May you listen purely, learn fully and speak truly in all work you undertake." The oil is easily set ablaze for several long moments, the flames harmless, leaving ash in their wake. "You will sit here and meditate on what Knighthood means to you. When you are ready, join us to the west."

(Enorian): Rasani says, "We are hosting a Knight at coordinates 4583. All are welcome."

The Vigil's Assembly (4583) - The city of Enorian (428)The cloak of Yanda Seluno hangs on the northern wall in white, draping folds. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. The east and west walls are adorned with the shields of honoured Templars. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. Saturnine stands at attention, attired in uniform. Docent Eliadon is here. He wields a jewel-encrusted buckler in his left hand and a fiery aetherstaff of swirling spatial motes in his right. Knight Rasani Morrog is here. Knight-Sergeant Dzekk is here.You see exits leading east, south, and west.

Rasani beckons you easily, smoke flowing from her nostrils.

Saturnine's eyes snap to you immediately, going a little wider.

You have emoted: Michi steps through the arch to the east, striding over to the Pentarch and standing at attention. She clasps her hands behind her back.

Her deep voice accompanied by crackling fire, Knight Rasani Morrog says, "Knighthood is more than a title. It is an oath, of duty and service, of Justice, and Integrity. It is the finest honor we will ever undertake, and also the biggest burden we will ever face."

Knight Rasani Morrog says, "It is a mark of devotion to doing what must be done for the better whole,

Rasani fixes her flickering, orange gaze upon you as she speaks, smoke accompanying her words. "A knight must do what is right and do what must be done. Our hands are not our own, our needs secondary. You do not fight for yourself now. You fight for everyone, and I -do- mean everyone." She gives you a pointed look. "I ask you, are you prepared to carry this? Are you worthy?"

You have emoted: Michi nods once as she listens, nearly craning her neck to look up at the Pentarch. "Absolutely yes, Pentarch," she states, holding herself at attention.

Saturnine sucks in a sharp breath, gazing on you with pride.

Knight Rasani Morrog says, "It is customary that Aspirants swear an oath of their own making and words, of their intent and duty to the guild. If you have such words, speak them now."

You say, "Most of you know that I was led around on a chain for most of my life. I'm not going to stand up here and talk to you about that. I prayed to Lord Damariel, like all of us did. He freed me from bondage, and that's a debt I intend to repay."

You say, "All of you know what I'm here for. My debt to the Unbound will only be repaid once we have achieved Liberation. I will be alive to see this accomplished, and I will not be accused of standing by while others are worked to death in chains."

You say, "I will not stand here and attempt to match my Oath with what you want to hear. These are my promises: As a Knight, I will tirelessly pursue the abolition of slavery and the dismantlement of any hierarchy that perpetuates it. I will fight and defend the innocent from slavery and tyranny. I will defend the Beacon from her enemies. I will fetter myself in service to our Shepherd and the Templar."

A wide, white-toothed smile accompanies a look of pure pride on Dzekk's face as a hand reflexively shoots down to touch a shackled wrist.

You have emoted: Michi glances pointedly between those gathered, then nods once, pivoting back to the Pentarch.

Saturnine blinks rapidly, trying to dislodge the welling of moisture at the corners of her eyes. She is also fighting a fierce grin.

Rasani offers only a curt nod, her hand gripping the handle of Sir Syveliums blade. "Kneel." she states.

Rasani takes Syvelium's blade from a peace-tied, shackled sheath.

You have emoted: Michi drops to one knee in her uniform, bowing her head slightly.

Rasani starts to wield Syvelium's blade in her right hand.

Rasani raises Syvelium's blade towards the sky, a brilliant white light flaring before sinking into the metal, illuminating the blade with a pure glow.

Dismissed from the parade field, a score of Templar trainees roar out in perfect unison, "For the Beacon!"

A soft clang echoes above the Vebae Hialearo, announcing that lunch has been set out for the Illuminai.

Rasani takes a half step forward, and with a confident swing, draws the blade to touch upon your shoulder. "I recognize you as Knight Michi, Templar," she says. "Bound in duty." The blade moves to tap your opposite shoulder. "And honor." The blade arcs and returns to the original shoulder. "Rise, Knight Michi," she finishes, drawing the blade upright and before her in a formal armed-salute. "And go forth, in the calling of Life. May you act with courage and reason, leaving nothing to fear when you reach the Underhalls." She lowers the glowing blade, flickering, fiery eyes on you. "May you make your fellow Templar proud, may you make your God proud and may you do right by those you defend."

A rallying shout sounds from the Vigil, sending the clattering of weapons to echo through the streets of Enorian - the Templars welcome the triumph of Michi as they join the ranks of Knighthood.

Rasani bestows her guildfavour on you.

You will now be known as Lady Michi Chou, by order of Knight Rasani Morrog.

Dzekk renders a exceptionally crisp salute towards you. "Well done, Knight Michi!"

Dzekk bestows his guildfavour on you.

Rasani displays a sturdy tower shield wrapped in chains for all to see:Broad and heavy but short for its kind, this sturdy tower shield is constructed out of wooden boards mounted on a thick iron frame. The face of the shield is a blue and silver field with heavy chains wrapped around the front, thick iron rings that rattle when struck. In the center is a shallow iron boss that rises past the chains surrounding it, its face engraved with a warhammer set over a steel horseshoe. The inside of the shield is plain: two thick leather straps and a sturdy iron bar are riveted into the shield for use as a grip.

Rasani gives a sturdy tower shield wrapped in chains to you.

Saturnine raises her arm in rapid salute to you, so rigidly her hand and elbow quiver. "Hail, Lady Michi!"

Rasani affixes a sturdy tower shield wrapped in chains to its proper place upon a towering wall of shields.

Rasani ceases to wield Syvelium's illuminated blade in her right hand.

Rasani puts Syvelium's illuminated blade into a peace-tied, shackled sheath.

Raising a fiery aetherstaff of swirling spatial motes, Eliadon salutes you.

You have emoted: Michi pushes herself to her feet, drawing her head up to meet the Pentarch's eyes again. She's struggling to contain a fierce grin as she takes and hefts her shield, then turns to the Knights. "Hail," she echoes, delivering a sharp salute.

Rasani gives one nod before draping a knighting cloak over your shoulders. "Well done."

Rasani gives a Knight's draping white cloak to you.

You are now wearing a Knight's draping white cloak.

You have emoted: Michi turns to the Pentarch. "Thank you, Pentarch," she says, meeting her eyes for once and nodding. "Honored." She bows her head, allowing the cloak to drape over her shoulders.

Rasani nods. "Aspirant Saturnine, this will be you after long, aye? I like seeing so many accomplished Templar."

Saturnine snaps out of her awestruck reverie, loosing tears from her eyes and erring the perfect angle of her salute. She drops her hand. "Yes, Pentarch," she says, especially fierce - like she truly means it.

Rasani nods, rubbing her jaw. "Do you all need anything before I rest?"

You are now wearing a sturdy tower shield wrapped in chains.

"I need nothing, Pentarch," Saturnine says, a bit too loudly.

Dzekk shakes his head. "No, Pentarch. I'm all set."

You have emoted: Michi straps her heavy shield across her back. "No, Pentarch," she says.

A bright flash of blue glints like a watchful eye as the light reflects off of the sapphire brooch on Yanda's cloak.

Resting his aetherstaff on his shuolder, Eliadon says, "I imagine that was for the present Templars, but I am also fine."

Rasani nods, giving you each a squeeze on the shoulder before she finds her way out of the Assembly, looking incredibly tired.

Rasani leaves to the south.

You have emoted: Michi turns from the dias to the seats, wearing a broad grin.

Saturnine rubs her shoulder where Rasani grabbed it. For a moment she is lost in an effusive glow.

You have emoted: Michi paces down the aisle to where Saturnine sits and sets her hand on her shoulder. "How about that spar?"

"Lady Michi," Saturnine says, relishing the sound of the honorific on her tongue, "May I be of assistance?"

You will now be known as Knight Michi Chou, by order of Knight-Sergeant Dzekk.

Saturnine keeps her eyes locked sternly to your. Her demeanor has changed in dealing with the former Human; now she is deferential, dipping her head in acknowledgement when spoken to. "If it please you, ma'am."

You have emoted: Michi nods, clapping the fish on the shoulder as she strides out to the yard. "Name's Michi, if you forgot," she calls back on her way out.
Just Michi.


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    I love how perfectly timed this Knighting was with all the cool ambient effects and whatnot going off in time with it. Literally the perfect Knighting.
    (The Front Line): Aishia says, "U better check yourself before u Dzekk urself."
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