SaturnineSaturnine Member Posts: 47 ✭✭✭
Historically I usually get a long period (read: years) of play time out of my characters before I try this, but hey, here's to experimentation.

Hi, Saturnine's a fish-knight I liken to a dour gargoyle. What do you think of her?


  • LemLem MoominvalleyMember Posts: 1
    Gargoyle that's equal parts stern and kind, latter only if she feels like it's warranted. Definitely fun to interact with!
  • DzekkDzekk A training courtyard surrounded by archesMember Posts: 58 ✭✭✭
    Saturnine's one of very few other people that Dzekk has interacted with that have actually impacted him and made him change for the better (or so he feels).

    Talking with Saturnine always has this awkward undertone to it and it's great, and some of your emotes make me actually laugh to myself out loud. More fish-knight pls.
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  • MichiMichi IowaMember Posts: 6
    Saturnine is fun and your emotes are consistently great. Looking forward to Knight Saturnine being a joy to interact with.
    Just Michi.
  • LycurgusLycurgus TexasMember Posts: 11
    Saturnine is a lot of fun. She adds a new twist on the life of Lycurgus, and the disagreements the two have over spiritual matters, like what happened during the Slyphian sermon that Meltas gave, really helps to flesh out not just Saturnine as a character, but Lycurgus as well, adding a fresh new dynamic to interacting with Aetolia.
  • RasaniRasani Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭
    Saturnine is an interesting case for Rasani. She's very dedicated to being a Templar, so much so that Rasani sometimes forgets she's not a full Knight, but she's also clearly closed off and Rasani is so used to Aspirants and such being open with her, so it's like a personal challenge to get to know her. Their interactions are fun and interesting, and I look forward to more!
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