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DraimanDraiman Dr. Drai
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Considering selling out and being a hypocrite. IRE in general has a pretty solid stance on artifacts and I can't afford them, so this is just to gauge whether or not anyone would be interested in purchasing any of the following offenses I have:

Indorani - Herb

Couple of things you should be aware of if I do decide to do this:

1 - I don't know if they're compatible with Source/Tripwire/Oasis/Serenity/Mazzion's System/etc etc. This includes pretty much every system out there that isn't mine.

2 - I will not edit them to be compatible with any of those systems.

3 - I will only offer support for them for 1 week. You best get to bug testing immediately after I sell it to you.

4 - Vampire and Templar are the only offenses that require minimum input on your end to be successful.

Currently, none of these are in a position for me to just sell them, so while I see if there's any interest I'll be working on making them all plug and play.
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  • DzekkDzekk A training courtyard surrounded by arches
    I went ahead and voted yes, but not in a way that means I would straight up just BUY an offense for the sake of being super elite PK god.

    What I'm more interested in is tearing it apart to see where I'm going wrong, if it's even an offense issue on my end, or a defense issue versus the classes I have issues against (who you happen to have offenses for).
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  • This is why I'd be a terrible sales man!

    You don't need to purchase my offenses for either of those. If you can dig through the logic of the code then you can get the same details from reading fight logs.
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

  • NiaNia Trashy
    I only voted because the specific inclusion of Cabalists meant I felt I had to. I wouldn't buy an offense, but as is I'm not your target market. I tend to respond to attempts to PK me by challenging the aggressor to a dance-off.
  • DrestynDrestyn Bloodloch
    I voted yes because I can. Also: Where the balls is my Hypnosis script, you pleb? <3

  • I voted no because you aren't even good.

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

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    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of fucking awfulness Toz
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    Block Toz

    limToday at 10:38 PM

    you disgust me
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  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    I only have Syssin. So it would be fun to have the theoretical ability to kill people who are equally pk-inept as I am in classes I don't have.
  • This would be cool :)
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Only really use one of these classes as it is, but it might be helpful. I'd say a tentative maybe at least.

  • I'm going to say no, simply because I think it's absolute bullshit for someone to buy someone else's offense without having to put in the blood/sweat/tears into coding it, reading through fight after fight, learning curing priorities and essentially become a PK master. WITHOUT doing ANY of the hard work.
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    I feel like it's already too late in most games (especially this one), but lots of great, widely available out of the box systems basically rob people of the chance to improve themselves, especially if they're a real offense. You could make an argument for a lot of scripts that just help people maintain better SA, for example.

    But what I mean by that is not the "pull yourselves up by the bootstrap" crap. I mean more this: if EVERYONE is using amazing, out of the box systems? It's awfully hard for me to have a good time building something crappy, being pretty happy with myself for figuring some stuff out, and having a ball at one of your Ylem falls. Because EVERY noob that shows up is going to be using any one of the amazing out of the box systems that already exist, and I am going to be the worst member of any team if I do. By a lot.

    Sure, I can try to convince myself "well, this is my personal goal", but now, it's going to take me a LOT of time and effort just to create something I could have just downloaded my first week. It's going to feel pretty discouraging.
  • The blood sweat and tears argument can be kind of frustrating, at least to someone that has already been there and done that (multiple times), and now just wants to play casually and still compete.

    That said, I probably won't pay for code in muds again.
    • I paid for Lanira's one years ago (citadel? I forget what it was called) right before he disappeared and so it never worked for me.
    • I paid for Tripwire, which was okay for a short time, but became unusable because of bad code leading to self-induced system lag.
    • I paid for Oasis, but the version I had is from months before Ash quit the project, and I've never been able to get my hands on the release version. Yay.
    • I paid for one Oasis offense (sentinel) because I wanted to see how to script for Oasis, and also because sents are a bitch to script offenses for. But it's useless without the release version of Oasis.
    I say all that just to make it clear that from my experience, it's just not worth paying for either amateur code, or professional code on an amateur business model. I will certainly never pay for obfuscated or otherwise protected code again.

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