New Sentaari Seeking Old Sentaari

Hi all, I'm new to the Sentaari guild and am looking to complete my history project for my Initiate exam.

Specifically, I am looking to do a piecework on the old Tekura belt system (before it was changed to work like all the other skills in Sapience). But I need a Sentaari (or former Sentaari) who was actually around back during that time to provide that information ICly. As, while I know it very in-depth OOCly, getting the details I could potentially write about ICly is more sparse.

So far, I have at least found scrolls mentioning the use of belts (namely A Guide to Tekura), but not any of the details behind them. The references I have lack any mention of how they were handled in the guild, and none of them mention how once Trans Tekura, it went further to have two more belts to signify Trans Kaido and Trans Telepathy (Black and Gold for when you had all three guild skills Trans).
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  • Nevermind, I got what I needed, thanks
    ~ You mis like a Gallant.
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