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Here it is. I figure I can just bump it in the future as Dzekk grows to be more well-known throughout the game. pleasebegentle
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    I'm not a heavy RPer, but I liked the interaction Z and Dzekk have, even as enemies. Keep it up, you have a great character thus far.
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    Friggin awesome! I enjoyed getting my unicorns kicked several times at the lesser after the: What the... DAMN! I looked back at it and was like thats pretty awesome! I do look forward to seeing how the interaction goes if there is any. But keep up the good work, eventually we will meet for more than just lesser fights!
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    Yeah, I'm trying to get into actually interacting outside of my own factions, cos you don't get the full experience otherwise. I'm sure further down the road Dzekk will run into Istela!
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    Dzekk is one of the many Knights Rasani takes a great deal of pride in. The minute he got Knighted, she knew he was going to be her Master at Arms. She sees a lot of herself in him, hard working and eager to do what you can for the Templar! They're buddies and I can see them being even more so, especially after the Canasius smack down.
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    Smells funny 
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    Glad I could beat some sense into you before you wizened up and made a proper offense. : >

  • MichiMichi IowaMember Posts: 6
    Dzekk is awesome, I think you really play him well. We've had some good interactions between him and Michi because of their similarities, and I'm interested to see how that goes!
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    Just gonna go ahead and bump this now that I've gone and interacted with a larger pool of people. What do people think of him? :)
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    I appreciate that, of the three people helping to grow Kodaza's faith, Dzekk is just blunt enough to help push her out of her comfort zones while still answering her questions. It's a real good compliment to what she's getting from Aloli and Tenshyo.

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    Our interactions have mainly been PVP and such, but I like how Dzekk doesn't show much fear and then backs it up with an ability to fight back, surprisingly not cocky after killin' me a couple times.

    Then doing the one thing that I like the most about you as a player:
    You asked me questions about what happened which means you'll do well enough as long as you keep trying to figure out how to get better and working at it.
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    Dzekk has been a really good friend for Elliana, as such he has really helped along with a handful of others to push her gently and encourage without her realizing it. I could honestly say in the beginning of my time playing Dzekk has been one of a handful of constant and consistent friends for Elliana to rely on for advice and honesty. I really am glad I have had the chance to befriend and really have someone reaffirm with her insecurities and helping her overcome them
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    <3 for Dzekk! New best friend! I have to say I really enjoy the guidance he gives without her feeling as though she is under a microscope. And the fueling of the healing she is transitioning through, she is realizing she is okay and that every good thing has a few nasty dings that make it more special
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    While our interactions have only been in the form of random shop-chat visits, I've found their talks to be really relaxing and reassuring. Dzekk has become more like a trusted confident, and it seems like the two share a lot in common.

    I really like the fact that Dzekk tends to draw a lot from his own experiences, and isn't afraid to let that be known/show. The fact that you do this adds depth and paints in some of the history behind who Dzekk is now, compared to who he first was. Having what he has overcome makes it feel more that his current happiness is something he is truly grateful for, and it gives him the ability to empathize well.

    I'm really happy with the way this is warming up and I hope to have more!
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