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LinLin BlackbirdThe Moonglade
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Hey guys, it seems like every once in a while we have a thread for a new IRC channel. I thought I'd use something more ah, modern.

I started a Discord server for anyone to use. You can join via

If you haven't used Discord, it's a very elegant chat program. Think of it like a Skype and IRC hybrid. It's awesome!

Important Things to Know:

  • Language isn't moderated. It can get a little wild. If swear words or the occasional bit of naughty talk aren't your thing, you will not enjoy it here.
  • You can mention (sometimes called ping) other users just like on here: @name. You can type either their chosen nickname, or their actual Discord username if you happen to know it.
  • Because of the above, it's recommended you use /nick if you want to change your name on the server. It will change it only for that server - if you belong to another one it will stay the same. Please don't change your account name, it makes it hard to notify you!
  • Type a forward slash ("/" if you're hopeless) for a brief list of commands. There are more if you click the lil' question mark in the corner.
  • You can type code blocks by entering three backticks (```), hitting enter, pasting/typing your code, hitting enter, then typing three more backticks. If your first series of backticks is followed by a language name, it'll even auto-color your code (```Lua, ```C#, etc.)!
  • Alt+Up/Down to change channels. Shift+Alt+Up/Down will only change channels if there's a new message, otherwise it'll just make the app shake a bit, which is fun.


  • DzekkDzekk A training courtyard surrounded by arches
    (The Front Line): Aishia says, "U better check yourself before u Dzekk urself."
  • Come to Discord, we've got owl GIFs.

  • NiaNia Trashy
    And fish booty.
  • The Discord has undergone some changes, namely there are actually server rules for once! I've also reworked the channel structure so that it's a bit clearer where to talk about coding, OOC stuff, memes, etc.

    All in all it's worked out super well. We're still lively!
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Updated the OP with a handy lil' guide. We're still alive and well and "IRC Mafia"-free!
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