App and Message Issues


So, I don't know if anyone else has encountered this issue, but earlier today, and it's still persisting, the IRE app just absolutely crashed on me. It won't reload messages or news, even though when logged into the game I can see, read, receive and send new messages. When I checked on or I got this, in response. I don't know if its something corrupted with my character file or something else, but I was wondering if there's a fix for it.



  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    I have this problem on one character, but my other couple (zaila included) work just fine. I have no idea why the one character's is f'ed up, but it has been since at least last September or so.
  • While I'm glad I'm not alone in this problem, I'd really like to get it fixed. The website and the App are the primary means of accessing game content for me for the bulk of the day due to my job.
  • RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
    Fixed. One of your messages had a newline that was messing everything else up.
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