Flirting and Failing

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This involves a random guard (thank you admin!), @Qephah, and @Zaila. It was really nice! Even if @Akara and @Lait can't stop coming in and out of the city already.


Leaning against the directory, Zaila says to you, "Heeeey there cutie."

You have emoted: "Cutie..?" Apianora says with an awkward expression upon her face, visibly taking a
few steps away from Zaila.

Pushing off from the directory to take a few steps toward you, Zaila's lips pull back into a
predatory grin that is softened by some amusement that pulls her eyes, "Aren't you, though?"

You have emoted: Apianora grips her dirk tightly, pulling it to her chest as she narrowly glances at
Zaila, "I don't trust that look, Miss Zaila. Not one bit!"

Her shoulders rising in silent laughter as her face breaks into a more humored grin, Zaila manages
to maintain a glimmer of her feral expression, taking only one more step closer to you and reaching
out in an effort to check you with a first-bump across you acromian process while admonishing, "And
here I thought we were fast friends, Sugar Cakes."

A Spirean Sciomancer scans his surroundings with a stern countenance; the aura of alertness, however,
is slightly ruined as you notice his gaze lingers on you every time it crosses you. The Sciomancer
clears his throat, approaching Zaila with a purposeful stride.

A Spirean Sciomancer clears his throat once more, leaning in to confide to Zaila with the air of a
matter pressing and important. "Yep, cutie," he whispers.

You have emoted: Apianora looks clearly relieved as she lets out a slight 'Oof' sound when the fist
meets her shoulder, rocking back on her heels before landing back flat on her feet. Grinning
slightly, she relaxes her stance and lets the dirk'd hand fall to herself, "We are, we are. Just a
bit tense still from all the Akara and Lait business." As her words end, she notices the guard,
causing her cheeks to flush and her gaze to avert back to Zaila.

Noting Zaila's constantly vacant expression, a Spirean Sciomancer takes a step back. "Worry not, I
have a cure for that," he declares.

You tilt your head curiously.

You say, "Oh?"

A look of great concentration crosses a Spirean Sciomancer's face as he unsheathes his staff. The
air crackles with power while the Sciomancer chants incantations of great power, his fingers
wriggling with arcane gestures.

You have emoted: Apianora takes several steps backwards.

After a moment a Spirean Sciomancer lifts his staff and gives Zaila a solid thump across the head.
"That oughta clear your head."

You sigh and apply your face to your palm.

You frown and say, "You had me all concerned that you were going to do something bad."

"Got a thing for bad boys, Engineer?" a Spirean Sciomancer asks, shifting his stance slightly. The
man holds his staff sideways and, under the pretense of examining it, curls his bicep to bring the
staff closer to his face. He holds the pose, wriggling his eyebrows up and down at you.

You have emoted: "I don't really know." Apianora says with an arched brow and a faint grin filling
her lips, trying her best to hold back a laugh as she watches the Sciomancer.

You say, "I've only ever dated one boy, and he wasn't worth poop. And a wimp."

You shrug helplessly.

Whatever reply she had intended for you is swiftly thumped away by a Spirean Sciomancer and Zaila
reaches over to slug a Spirean Sciomancer across the forced-flex and shouts over, "Unicorns's your
problem, unicorns?"

You snicker under your breath.

Far too preoccupied in his vanity to notice the incoming blow, a Spirean Sciomancer is sent
sprawling to the ground, his staff clattering to a rest several feet away from him. "Oof," he says
from his spot on the ground.

You have emoted: Apianora walks over to the Sciomancer and offers a hand, "Need some help?"

Tossing her arms over her chest, Zaila smirks down at her accomplishment with a conceitedly smug
grin, snipping out as though it is a brilliant quip, "Don't hit bitches unless you want to be hit
back, unicornwad."

Just on the verge of rising to his feet, a Spirean Sciomancer quickly flops back down when he
notices your helping hand. "Alas, fair maiden, I do indeed require assistance," he declares
dramatically, laying a hand across his forehead.

You have emoted: "You didn't have to be so rough with 'em, Z." Apianora says over her shoulder as
she stays in place.

A Spirean Sciomancer accepts the hand, veeeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooooooooowly pulling himself to his
feet. Once there, he declines to release the hand, still holding it in his own as he turns to Zaila.

You have emoted: Apianora stares down at the hand holding hers, back up, and then down at the hand
again and tries to pull herself free. Tugging, and tugging, though obviously not going anywhere fast.

After a distinct roll of her eyes, Zaila comments in a mumble to the fallen mage, "Apparently not."

Qephah wanders in, smelling distinctly of mint. "Hey, Red. Hey, Api."

You have emoted: Apianora sighs at the hand holding hers and glances over at Qephah, "Hey Q."

Lait enters from the south, followed by Akara.
She is followed by a sharp-eyed raven.
A Republican guard shifts her weight to eye Lait as she passes, breastplate rattling against
chainmail as she pointedly taps her pike on the ground.
Lait leaves to the southeast, followed by Akara.
She is followed by a sharp-eyed raven.

A Spirean Sciomancer blinks vacantly, staring at nothing in particular.

You shake your head at Qephah.

You say, "I ain't botherin' this time."

Qephah nods his head emphatically.

A Spirean Sciomancer springs into alertness as he notices the two enemies walk by, his stance
instantly prepared and tense. Noticing their departure, however, he quickly wanders back over to you.
"Apologies, I need some time to regain my balance," he says, swaying to lean into you.

A Spirean Sciomancer eyes his fallen staff, then Zaila, then back at his fallen staff. "Need some
more help?"

You have emoted: Apianora sighs, shaking her head slowly as she wraps an arm loosely about the
Sciomancer's shoulder, "S'pose I should get used to this.."

Qephah stares. Openly. Fails at hiding the snort of laughter.

You say to Qephah, "I'm doomed."

You say, "But, at least he's not a bloodsucker?"

Dryly, Qephah says, "Ask him if that's just fire in his hands or is he just happy to see you."

Staring blankly at Qephah, you say, "I..will end you, even if you are my Shadow Guide."

A Spirean Sciomancer was leaning a little too closely evidently; your swaying motion causes him to
lose his balance, tumbling to the ground once more.

You have emoted: Apianora sighs heavily, staring down at the Sciomancer and just shakes her head,
"You are a hot mess, Mister. Hot mess. Been drinking on the job?"

Qephah smiles sweetly, and innocently over at you. "Just try, Blue. Just try." Glancing over at the
guard, he doesn't look surprised. "This is Spinesreach. Why wouldn't he be drinking."

With a sigh, a Spirean Sciomancer springs back to his feet, walking over to his fallen voidstaff to
pick it up. "I suppose I'm just tired. Was up all week reading dictionaries." He puffs out his chest,
tapping his own head smartly. "I do that for fun, you know. Reading dictionaries and academic works.
I read over ten a week. Helps keep this sophisticated mind sharp."

You have emoted: "You read more than me. S'pose that's why I'm not 'sophisticated'." Apianora states,
accenting the last word with a bit of disdain and a grimace of her nose. Shrugging, she enjoys her
freedom and stretches her arms and wings out, "Mmph..S'pose you are right, Q, on that part. I
haven't been drinking lately, though. Haven't felt like it."

Qephah crosses his arms over his chest, to look at the guard. "Yeah, what languages? Dictionaries
don't mean much unless you know the other languages to translate them properly. Ten a week?" He
looks to you, straight-faced. "How much compensating do you think he is doing?"

You say to Qephah, "Who knows. I'm not sure if he's trying impress me, or impress you guys."

Faced with the question, a Spirean Sciomancer begins idly twiddling his fingers along his staff. "I
uhh, well uh, you know..." he suddenly frowns, pointing behind Qephah. "Hey look, it's Lait!"

You have emoted: Apianora frowns heavily as she looks upon the Sciomancer, letting out a sigh, "And
here I was, hoping you might be a decent prospect."

Qephah doesn't even look behind him. "You could have kept the bluff up and actually made an
impression. Bullpoop. Learn to bullpoop better and some girl, some day, may listen. Or guy. Whatever
floats your boat." He claps a hand on your shoulder, saluting two fingers over his heart to Fezzix.
"You can do better than a Sciomancer anyway."

A Spirean Sciomancer wilts slightly as his distraction proves ineffective. "Well, it's getting
rather -Late-" he tries, spreading his arms with a wide grin. Upon seeing his joke fall flat,
however, he simply gives up and meanders away.

Leaving a swirl of shadows in his wake, a Spirean Sciomancer departs to the east.
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    omg api - you might want to edit that for Zaila's language >.>
    EDIT: Unicornswad is my new favourite explitive.

    ALSO - this was hilarious! So sorry I got sucked into an epically long and annoying unproductive phone call that yanked me away
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    Even the admins are making that pun! :s
    Art by @Phoenecia! Full image available here!
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    It's not even pronounced that way. :(

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    Ah, the woes of the mispronounced name puns. feelsbadman.jpg
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