Weird webclient Crashing

ZailaZaila Pacific Time
I use the webclient exclusively, always on chrome. I play at home on my windows 7 PC or chromebook, at work on my Windows 7 PC

For the last couple of months, and ONLY AT WORK, the webclient has had a problem where it crashes from too-long emotes. I have not really figured out exactly what the magic length of emote is that crashes it, but whether it is mine or someone else in the room's emote, and it is just a bit too verbose, the client crashes and I have to restart.
I tried the newclient one when it was mentioned here lately, and the problem persists.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Its suuuper annoying. Because when it crashes, it totally blanks the screen. So you try to log back in, and then they repost, and you're immediately kicked back off again.
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