Auto Fishing [CMUD]

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I know not many people use cmud
But I made a stand alone fisher for it.

It does not
Stop or move between holes when a hole is empty.
Begin fishing for you.

It's very easy though.
once you load it
you can type FHELP in game for the commands.
It WILL list fishing holes it DOES have, and has a way for you to add more (details under FHELP)
Download Link

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    New download link...

    Added a few new fishing holes I found
    You now attempt the last fishing reel or lead action you tried when standing (for those gusty places, being knocked down stopped the fishing process)
    Using "afish" while reeling will allow you to finish reeling your current catch but no longer recast. (you would stop reeling before)
    Fixed a bug/typo where trying to list "caves" instead listed "shallows" (Thanks Nia!)
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    Thanks a bunch this helps.
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