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So, with the addition of poker and what not, I wanted to submit the idea for another game that a few of us have either played with cards or played in Red Dead Redemption called Liar's Dice (or Bullshi* for the card version). The easy way of explaining it is here:'s-Dice

Essentially, you roll and get a number of dice. Everyone goes around and puts a bid on a number of dice and how many of that particular side they have with it. Example: The Gods all roll their 5 dice and keep them concealed. Ethne, being the first player, says that she has 2 2's. The next player, Severn, can either say that he has 3 2's or 2 3's (even if he really doesn't). At any point, any of the players could call out if they believe that person's bid is a lie. If they correctly out the liar, they win. If they make a false accusation, they lose. That's the gist of it anyway. I feel like it would be fairly fitting within Aetolia because, well, most of us are either Syssin or rotten liars anyway. The only people who can't really play is Damariel's Order.


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    17.2.6 - Liar's Dice
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    this is already a thing in Aetolia.

    The reason you might not have known is because A. the publicly available tables are in a small village outside of Delve, and the only non-publicly available one I know of requires being in with the gulleyes, which is a credit investment. Plays exactly like the Red Dead Redemption game.
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