Filthy Casual Seeks Mentor / Possible Family Tie-in

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Hi everyone!

I'm a newcomer to Aetolia, and as the title suggests, I'm looking for someone willing to mentor me.

I am not new to IRE on the whole, and have been playing the various games for over a decade — so I am familiar with the general systems/concepts in place, but I am unfamiliar with Aetolia's lore, geography, and game-specific culture. I've never had a mentor before on any IRE, usually taking it into my own hands to learn the ropes, so I thought that looking for someone OOCly who would be dedicated to the role might make a nice change.

The main thing I want out of a mentor is RP. Ideally someone with a good grasp of Aeolia's lore and theme, who regularly uses the emote command (as opposed to just preset/canned emotes), and actively seeks to immerse themselves in the game's story. Someone who will help me do the same, pull me into plots and intrigue, and challenge me to step up in my IC role. I am less interested in finding someone to help me figure out combat, my skills and equipment, or take me bashing, as those are things I can figure out myself and are a dime a dozen. If you can help me build up my character concept, you'll be my star.

The pros of mentoring me are:
  • If I stick around, I might end up buying small sums of credits and making you rich. Well, semi-rich. Enough to buy a really dope set of custom grillz, or something. No promises though.
  • I'm hilariously good fun and will write with you and make you look cool and stuff.
  • Your character will gain a loyal slave protege whom they are free to tell what to do, scowl at and boss around. If you ask me to fetch you a sandwich, I WILL DO IT. (But preferably you should make less sexist demands. Like 'go fetch me so-and-so's head'. Or 'go crush that idiot's balls with your acerbic tongue'. That would be better.)
  • I am a low-maintenance, undemanding person to deal with.
The cons of mentoring me are:
  • I'm a filthy casual.
  • I am unlikely to ever become an impressive badass.
  • I am unlikely to buy ludicrously large piles of credits.
  • My character is a mischievous, fugly, silly little imp, who may drive you up the wall if you are allergic to shenanigans.
  • I am prone to writing walls-of-text, like this one.
  • I may not be online daily.
  • I am sometimes AFK.
  • My real life is extremely busy, so I am not always able to give the screen my undivided attention, and my activity will be sporadic. When I am here though, I will strive to be awesome for you, and if I don't reply immediately, I will get back to you when I can.
  • I am not yet 100% sure I will stick around in Aetolia indefinitely.
I am comfortable with:
  • Harsh IC treatment.
  • Being thrown in the deep-end and told to swim.
  • Conflict RP.
  • Dark themes, R-rated stuff.
  • Paragraph emotes for hours on end.
  • Being mentored by someone who can't afford credits and/or isn't the most ultra-skilled mechanically.
  • Not being given hand-outs.
  • 'Essay writing'. In moderation.
  • Dry humour.
  • Dying a lot.
I am less comfortable with:
  • OOC drama.
  • Excess OOC communication in general.
  • Lack of RP.
  • RP that consists mainly of says and preset/canned emotes.
  • Rapey overtones from overly-affectionate/touchy-feely mentors.
  • Playing House.
  • Combat. (I'm bad at it.)
  • Grinding/bashing. (Bores me.)
  • Bad spelling/grammar.
I see mentorship as an IC role and am looking for someone who feels the same way. I would ask IC, but I'm looking for someone who really 'gets' the RP requirement, and that's harder to phrase IC. I wouldn't mind the mentor (or anyone else for that matter) being a family tie-in, but would prefer something like an uncle/aunt/distant-cousin to mummy/daddy. Mostly because I tend to get squicked by 'Playing House' RP, as mentioned above. Also, my character has an established NPC mother... who is a prostitute. A mystery father might be funny.

Think you're the guy or gal for me? Let me know! Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I play in Spinesreach, so naturally a mentor should be from there, but I don't mind family tie-ins from elsewhere. I would strongly prefer imps, for family tie-ins. Message me on the forums or in-game if you'd like to hash out the details.

Thanks for reading this wall of text!
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    If you don't mind my inquiring, could you provide a time zone? I'm up for RP, and potentially being a mentor, but if I work around the time you are normally active it might mean someone else is a better fit for engagement.

    I'm in the pacific time zone and my available hours are generally after 4pm and before 11pm on weekdays.
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    TIL: I'm in the same timezone as @Akaryuterra!
    But I'm around... way more than any person with an actual job SHOULD be.
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    I live in the UK, which is BST for the summer and GMT from October. 5 to 8 hours ahead of the US.

    I'm occasionally awake at crazy hours, but I'm usually in bed some time between midnight and 2am my time. i.e., 4pm PST is when I'm starting to get sleepy, and 6pm PST is when I'm flat out cold, barring a cat mistaking my feet for mice. Which happens.

    The quantity in which I'm online before then depends on work, life and mood, so sometimes I'm online at 6am my time, sometimes 6pm. Usually not from 6am-6pm, though.
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