System Themes?

My current system works just fine, but there's a lot of hacks in it that are causing any changes to be made very difficult, so I just decided to make a new system and use First Aid with it.

Now, building this system, I realized that I mostly try to incorporate a theme of some kind when building. This is probably when I saw the first named system and was like 'wow that's legit af'. First system was Skynet, and I had some silly echo's here and there to try and enforce that, etc., second one started off with a name but I just kinda ran off somewhere else with it and just made the color scheme look -really- pretty, imo.

This one though, I'm going completely crazy with it and incorporating all types of weird voodoo shit in it. I'm both immensely proud of myself for the amount of research I've done to understand that weird crap, and also terribly ashamed for being that much of a nerd.

But, it got me curious. Do any of you system builders out there ever build with some type of theme, be it color scheme or w/e?
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    Yes. The system I've been working on since I've been dabbling in a new char on the side of playing other things, follows a very distinct theme for me. It's split into two 'unique' systems, that work together.
    [Hellion] - Named after these:

    Simple; something which kills things. Colouring for those echoes and such is red/orange/firebrick.

    [Harmony] - Name doesn't need explanation. It's just the backbone that keeps everything smooth and running fluidly!
    -Colouring for these are 'calm' ones, typically white/light blue.

    For those who used it in the past. Entropy's colour scheme didn't really follow its name, but I felt the name of it was more than appropriate. :)
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    My system, since I started naming it, has been Tranquility, and I keep it in the blue, purple, pink, white range for normal messages, and then red for bad things and green for good things.

    I also prefer boxxy messages, so information comes to me like

    [Tranquility] General Defence rebounding active.

    and big scary have to see these messages come to me like...

    ****** YOUS GETTIN BEHEADED *****

    Formatting just does not work for me in the forums >:|
  • My old system was (shamelessly) heavily inspired by Wadsworth from Fallout 3, but was condescending and snobby. I'm pretty sure there was more time put into spinning through random taunts and remarks than actual useful, combat-related things. It was also for some reason set up to look like an IG channel, because, well, why not?

    Targeting would roll through like 20 variations of:
    (System): Wadsworth says, "I'm switching your target from Xoran to Draiman. Try not to die again, alright?"
  • @buford I would LOVE to have a copy of that script to shamelessly include into Xandren's scripts and code.
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  • It's been since lost after upgrading computers :(
  • Not so much a theme as the names I've given them over the years.

    Ozone - it was protecting me. Purely a curing system, back when offense was manual-able
    Labrador - cos without it I can't get around Aetolia - this one was when I delved into offense, mapping and utility scripts in a big way
    Greyhound - a less useful dog all round, but blazingly fast. A stripped-down system, usually working in tandem with someone else's system (fortress, mudbot, serenity etc). The Labrador got old.

    I have a bunch of unnamed scripts that are out of date and incomplete. If I had to stick with the dog theme I'd go with spaniel or similar. Kinda cute but mostly useless. Doesn't follow commands well, leaves slobber on the couch and I'm told if there was a whole pack of them they could scare birds.
  • My system names are boring and tend to be things like "carnifex", "carnifex mkII", and so forth. I'm pretty awful at names,
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    I tend to make my system names as part of my personality. Long time ago, I started a system for Imperian and named it Hectic (uncompleted because I ended up quitting). Currently I'm working on a new system for Aetolia called Cynical.

    I prefer colors to be dark or medium dark so my eyes aren't seeing a black back screen with super bright colored words. Makes for less headaches.
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