Hello, I am new to this game, giving it a test run.
I am a refuge from Midkemia Online which is shutting down soon :c But I am looking for a community to get into! Currently a Cabalist, testing things out. I was curious if anyone has created any system for Mudlet that is free to use and allows for defending oneself. In midkemia we had a few users who were gracious enough to provide and update such a system, just wanted to check if there was anything similar here!


  • This post is a good start. A lot of people use it, so you can generally get some help. Although it does lack in cabalist offense.
  • Thanks, i'll check it out ^^
  • As a note, Aetolia also has a automatic curing system which is completely and totally awesome. The built in first aid system is excellent. You can use default settings for hunting/bashing/exploring/etc and it'll handle everything, no sweat. Just turn it on and watch it work.

    PvPwise, 1v1 and 'serious' PvP will require modifying the healing priority list and setting up a system to switch them around on the fly, but that's not particularly complicated as far as the coding difficulty goes. For group PvP and stuff like that, you can just use it right out of the box and it'll be pretty decent.
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