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    I'm a bit confused on what changes are being discussed. I don't have polymath but if I had to spend a full 12 hours in lycan class every time I switched to it, I would do so less often. In truth, I switch into the class primarily for RP because my other classes do the mechanical jobs better than lycanthrope.

    If told to pick between keeping the shifting mechanic the same where I am able to mutate/revert at will over waiting for the class change timer, I'd want to to keep it the same.

  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox Member Posts: 1,228 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Draiman said:

    Hooray, we got a bug fixed that everyone with polymath thoroughly enjoyed, and shifter still sucks unicorns and no one is going to PK as it.

    Thread success.

    Siiiiiiiigh. :(
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    Missari said:

    30 lessons. Not credits. Not hundreds.

    I was thinking of the artifact, not this, but 30 lessons is 5 credits and it is still a significant amount to switch in and out of an inferior class. Even if you are getting the lessons from elite you're still paying $25/month for the elite and it will get you ~5 of those changes a month.
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    I use shifter very often, whether for bashing or fighting or simply clawing at someone for silly comments. It's a difficult class to fight in, but there's a lot of RP involved in it.

    Personally, I don't mind the mutation sickness that much. It takes a long time to def up anyway, so it's still a waiting time. And it's not like it is an eternity. I prefer to keep it the way it is if the option would be to make it a class that takes 12 hours to switch between.

  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,078 ✭✭✭✭✭
    i'm stealing this from someone else, BUT, can we have a third option: Keep everything the way it is, including mutation sickness and also add on every full moon shapeshifter are forced to mutate because OMG FULL MADNESS.

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    Only if we expand the noon sun mechanic to last from late morning through early afternoon.
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    Oh sure, lets implement more of a reason for darkies to get unicorns instantly killed! SOUNDS GREAT!

    However, I'd be cool with that. Only if we implement a midnight to dusk mechanic that all lifers die out of paramount fear of the shadows and the creatures that live in them.

    Fair trade to me.
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    Vampires are all immersioned out I'm afraid, we're just trying to share the love with our Lycan brethren, in celebration of the new Underworld movie.
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    Keroc said:

    Are you guys still wanting Lycans to use the CLASS SWITCH verb or are we happy with how things stand currently?

    - No more mutation sickness.
    - Can keep certain defences when you REVERT.

    - Loss of bonus skill points.
    - Class aggression cooldown is longer then mutation sickness.

    So I think people might have been reading this wrong, or maybe I'm just reading it wrong. @Keroc, care to elaborate?

    What I'm reading it as is: you use the class switch command for lycan, but you don't trigger the class switch cooldown. However, you still get the class aggression cooldown when you do something (or even just on class switch) so you can't just rapidly switch between classes for amazing wtf wombo combo's.


    I'm pretty sure that whatever change they end up doing is going to leave the artifact working mostly as is, even for lycan. Probably something like remembering the statpack you were in before you mutate, letting you pick a new one when you mutate, and then switching back to the remembered statpack when you revert/class switch back to it.

    Idk tho I'm just guessing.
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

  • AtrapoemaAtrapoema Member Posts: 248 ✭✭✭
    @Keroc: Was a decision reached?
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