Celebration of the Stars Feedback!

RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
What did you enjoy?

What did you not enjoy, and why?

What would you like to see done next time?

What did you think about the Celebration grounds - the activities, prizes, and so on?

And whatever else you want to give us in the way of feedback. Let us know here!


  • TragerTrager Raiding your underwear drawer.
    I loved it, 100%. You guys did a great job, there were no missed events, plenty of filler events, fair rulings - everything! I really enjoyed the items from the Celebration grounds and all of the items that were for sale/given out. Even for me, who works all week and then falls dead into my bed, I was able to compete and still do mediocre in participation. I'm sure some people feel like maybe the times were bad at times, but the bottom line is the event times can't cater to everyone, everywhere, and we'll still (rightfully) fall second to those able to devote 100% time through the entire celebration.

    Bottom line is, I fucking loved this entire Celebration, and I personally can't wait for the next. (And even smaller ones in between?) You guys are so fucking amazing. Fuck.
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  • TedrunaiTedrunai Immortal
    I really enjoyed Triptycha. We should have 2, maybe 3 tournaments for next time.
  • DraimanDraiman Dr. Drai
    Whole thing was great, really. But for the next City Champs style FFA, could we turn it into a bracket style tournament instead of a FFA?
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  • Everything Trager said, but maybe a few more minigames on the Celebration Grounds? Also, the room all the way to the right that had a timed event was constantly bugged, as in the timer never counted down.
  • I had TONS of fun, got to participate in all the events I wanted, thanks to my schedule, even though I was vacationing through the first week. But in any case, thanks to everyone involved in hosting the events! You're awesome and I <3 you.

    I felt it was really hard to win tickets from the attractions, but that was well-compensated with the treasure hunt IMO. Also, that water spraying attraction was very fun, but once you got the hang of it, most games ended in ties.

    Also, in regards to the Epicurean: wth squid... SQUID.
  • I only wish some of the events weren't so early, but that's more my schedule issue than an issue over all, it was a lot of fun!
  • @Aymah there's actually a more competitive version of the water spray game with moving targets. I never got around to debuting it (was supposed to be an impromptu event for points) but it may appear somewhere in Sapience in the near future!
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