I know who you are, child.

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Lots of thanks goes to @Solaria for taking on Maddox as her kid. I was a bit distracted yesterday "catching them all" as it were, but this morning we decided to finally have them meet. She was in the brothel (a great place to meet your ma for the first time!), so I had Maddox stumble in and get lost to start us out.

The meat of it is toward the end.
A lush, crimson-cast barroom.
------ v51281 -------
         [ ]
        /   \
     [^]     [ ]
------ 4:1:-1 -------
An opulent roulette wheel lies here horizontally, tempting those with a taste for risk. A rather dapper gent manages the bar here between spins on the roulette wheel. A pillow large enough for two provides a spot to sit down upon the ground. A set of curtains hang in the shadows at the back wall of the bar, manned by a discrete pair of guards. Ominiously silent, a vicious warhound stands here, teeth bared. Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan is here, shrouded. Doyen Kelliara Vetra is here, shrouded. She wields a massive halberd in her hands. Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir is here. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading north, east, south, and west.

Doyen @Kelliara Vetra says, "Thus, the question."

Doyen Kelliara Vetra wryly says to Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir, "Also, the expression on your face was amusing, so I consider that a bonus."

Maddox strolls into the room, looking clearly out of sorts. Clearing his throat, he asks, "erm -- Can someone point me toward the exit? Stumbled in exploring, ya see..."

@Kanivara points off towards the south.

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says, "South, southwest, up."

A dapperly dressed bartender busies himself with polishing glasses, making quite a show of directing his attention away from Kanivara ...and the conversation he's quite likely eavesdropping on.

Solaria tilts her head to the side as she glances at you, "Like she said.."

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to you, "Do I know you, youngling?"

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says to Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir, "He's a Syssin."

Maddox pockets his hands in a slate woolen longcoat, shifting his weight uncomfortably. "Right. Thanks," he murmurs before his attention is fully drawn to Solaria. "Can't say ya do, Miss," he politely replies.

"Are you positive?" Solaria says as she steps in closer to you, a frown settling into her features, "I can't quite put my finger on it, but I swear I've seen you before.."

Kelliara raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Maddox's head shakes, his face clearing of his shaggy, dark brown mess of hair. His head cants as he peers at Solaria, his blue eyes focused rather intently on her. "No, Ma'am. Never met any orcs," he politely states after a few passing beats. "But I am happy to meet you now. The name's Maddox."

With a chipper whistle, a dapperly dressed bartender gives the roulette wheel a quick spin, sending the ball bouncing and spinning. He takes a moment to flash you an amiable - bordering on flirtatious - smile, before directing his attention back to the gambling.

Causally, Doyen Kelliara Vetra wryly says to Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir, in Tekal, "Do not think I will not want an answer to my question eventually, Solaria."

Kelliara drinks the last drops from an elegant glass goblet with traces of a robust, honeyed Djeirani breakfast tea.

Kanivara sips from a flared martini glass of a dirty martini.

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to Doyen Kelliara Vetra, in Tekal, "Shush for a minute."

Kelliara dips her head to Solaria, settling back into a quiet lean on the bar.

Solaria reaches for your chin and lifts your gaze up to meet hers, "I was not always Orc. I was once Atavian, Xoran, Mhun, even wolf. Many a thing." She leans in closer, looking you directly in the eyes, "Do you know the name Solaria, then?"

A dapperly dressed bartender busies himself with polishing glasses, making quite a show of directing his attention away from Solaria ...and the conversation he's quite likely eavesdropping on.

Maddox's expression hardens for a moment as he twists his neck to free his chin from Solaria's grasp. "In passing," he says, taking a few paces back from her.

Kanivara tilts her head curiously.

@Rashar enters from the south, followed by @Benedicto.

"I know who you are, child." Solaria says plainly, taking a step back, "Even if you do not know me."

Benedicto uses Righteousness Blessing (Pestilence) on Solaria.
Benedicto's blessed pestilence oozes away from him, reaching out and touching Solaria with its sickly power.

Solaria eats an ovary slice.

Benedicto moves over to block the south exit.

Solaria blinks.

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "What.."

Rashar moves over to block the north exit.

Solaria raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "Have an issue with me for some new reason?"

Benedicto leans casually against a golden, nautical trident, his gaze sweeping you all. His lips are curled into a mirthless grin as he surveys each of you.

Rashar trots into the room with Benedicto, flashing a crooked grin that lacks any humor in the direction of the gathered crowd. Moving without a word, he settles himself near the northern exit.

Solaria waves her empty hands towards Rashar and Benedicto, "I am unarmed and visiting with friends, so I'll go down easily if you feel some odd need to end me."

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "But, I'd rather speak to this boy here since he's here."

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to you, "Now, where were we?"

"Don't flatter yourself," Rashar notes quietly to Solaria, accompanying the suggested with a lifted brow. "Not everything in the world revolves around you, hm?" Lifting his chin, he indicates Benedicto.

Maddox's eyebrows hike as his attention shifts toward Benedicto and Rashar. His
hands remain squarely in the pockets of a slate woolen longcoat as Solaria's words recall his focus.

"There were some very unkind words being said about our Pantheon." Benedicto declares in response to Solaria, though his eyes move to fix on Kelliara and Kanivara. "Plotting and such like."

Solaria crossing her arms against her chest, she settles her gaze back upon you, "Alexandria had you, aye?"

Solaria morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Anita.

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says, "Your -Pantheon-? No."

Shrugging, Doyen Kelliara Vetra says to Rashar Del'baeth, "I told you I had business with Damariel and Dhar, did I not?"

Kanivara calls aloud as she positively glows with vitality.

Benedicto lifts his brows in mock surprise. "No?" He returns to Kanivara. "So there was no talk of 'dirt on Ethne' or seeking a weapon to use against our Lord Damariel?" He asks, voice all honey and sweetness.

Rashar doesn't bother replying to Kelliara, beyond a mildly skeptical expression and another jerk of his chin in Benedicto's direction.

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says to Benedicto Silverain, "-No-, there wasn't. There was talk of dirt on -Damariel- and seeking a weapon from Him. If you're going to quote people, -do it correctly-. No wonder the Syssin call you lot counterfeits."

Kelliara barks a loud laugh, shaking her head. "Then whomever you have had eavesdropping has misheard. I want a weapon -from- Damariel. And said nothing about dirth on Ethne."

"Meh," Solaria utters noncommitally.

Benedicto shifts his stance, seeming to become more nimble on his feet.

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says, "Now please be elsewhere, you're interrupting a potential mother and child reunion."

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to you, "Perhaps we should move to a nearby place so we can speak in private."

Clearly drained by his nimble maneuvers, Benedicto appears to slow down somewhat, breathing heavily.

Solaria blinks.

"In a manner of speaking," Maddox says to Solaria, a certain bitterness in his town before he glances back over at Rashar and Benedicto. A sigh escapes his lips and his shoulders slump."People who boast about the fruits of their spywork only ensure in the future, information is more troublesome to obtain," he blandly laments.

Kelliara gestures towards Rashar and Benedicto. "And you may tell Damariel I intend such, if it pleases you."

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan, "Well..I didn't want to startle him outright, but suppose it's said now."

Officer Kanivara Sor'Tirivan says to Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir, "Aah... I apologize."

Solaria points towards the west and then nods her head towards you, "Let's speak in the smoking lounge for a few moments?"

Rashar snorts at Kelliara and dryly says, "Ah, yes. I'll be certain to tell the Lord that one of the Spireans needs a weapon from Him. I'm sure He'll be more than willing to help you with that."

Benedicto casts a languidly crooked eyebrow in the direction of you. "Watch your mouth, runt. Cling to the skirts of Solaria whilst she leads you somewhere safe." He responds disdainfully.

Solaria snorts arrogantly at Benedicto.

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says to Benedicto Silverain, "I don't wear skirts, thank you very much."

Rolling his eyes, Benedicto Silverain says, "It's called 'a figure of speech'"

Maddox's expression shifts as he glances back to Solaria, his face somehow falling from its flatened state. "I'd -- Look, Miss, I just got a bit turned around down here, I want no trouble of it." As he hears Benedicto, his expression brightens - but only a bit. "Yes, I was told that short-sightedness was a trait best associated with the south."

Shrugging, Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "I don't care."

A dapperly dressed bartender busies himself with polishing glasses, making quite a show of directing his attention away from Solaria ...and the conversation he's quite likely eavesdropping on.

Solaria murmurs to you, "It won't be a trouble. Come along, aye? It'll be best right now."

"You may be surprised," Kelliara replies to Rashar, glancing towards you briefly. "I am told He is not particularly unreasonable. Unless you are telling me so now."

"And flapping ones gums when they don't have the means to back it up is a trait of the Northern reaches." Benedicto quips in return, his mouth curling into a grin. "Must be the cold weather. Nothing to do but blow hot air at one another."

With a flick of her wrist, Solaria conjures a fine layer of magic sand that settles over everything in sight.

Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "Excuse this."

Solaria leaves to the west.

Solaria rises up calmly through the sand.
Before you can react, you are dragged painfully through the sand.
An intimate smoking lounge.
------ v52864 -------
             [ ]
            /   \
         [^]     [ ]
------ 3:1:-1 -------
The perfect height to complement a couch, a low wooden table sits here. A soft, crimson velvet couch sits here in the south of the room. Piles of cushions surround a chess set arranged atop a low wooden table, the pieces a rather risque spin on the traditional design. A small sign indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list the materials in this library. The area has been flooded with sand.
You see a single exit leading east.

Solaria arrives from the east.

Solaria scowls impertinently as she focuses upon something distant.

Solaria waves a hand dismissively and the sand flooding your surroundings slowly loses its magical glimmer.
The sand pervading this area blows away as the magics controlling it disperse.

Solaria lets out a slight sigh and takes several steps back, giving you space, "This is for the best.It's not worth arguing with those idiots."

Maddox glances about, his fists clenching in his pockets before he withdraws them to cross at his chest. "I don't run from conflict, Miss, no matter how idiotic the source might be."

"No need in you getting involved in it, either way. It would be a waste of your energy." Solaria says as she matches the position, crossing her own arms against her chest, "Running and knowing when to pick your battles are two different things."

"They are actually one and the same," Maddox argues, his blue eyes leveling with Solaria's. "One is just making an excuse for it."

You touch the bell tattoo.
Someone is overhearing your conversation.

"And yes, I'm aware we're being listened in on," Maddox yells, glancing back at the room beside him. After a moment, he exhales heavily and his focus returns to Solaria. "What is it that you want with me?"

"Maybe eventually you'll realize that there IS a difference." Solaria says with a bit of a snipe to her tone, though she sighs again and simply shakes her head, "I'm not looking to argue about it." Her features soften and her tone becomes oddly quiet, a murmur stating, "I believe that I am your mother, Maddox. I'm fairly certain of this." Letting her eyes meet your, she smiles faintly, "You have my eyes, when I was in my previous form. Before I became an Orc."

As an aside, Imperator Solaria O'Lyryus, Of Nebre'seir says, "And my mannerisms, such as crossing your arms against your chest."

Maddox's weight uncomfortably shifts, his nose wrinkling a bit at Solaria's revelation. "Fine," he says, though disappointment waivers in his otherwise strong voice. "You're my mother." A few moments pass before he speaks again, "--And you ditched me with my sister, who got lost in her idiotic numbers while I got lost in the crowd."

"I couldn't have you with me in Bloodloch." Solaria says with a slight stutter in her voice, seeming to search for words, "I..you would have been slain. -I- would have had to likely do it." She visibly cringes at the thought, closing her eyes, "It was safer in the North. Much, MUCH safer."

"Yeah." Is all the young Idreth says, a shrug in his typically slumped shoulders. His hands find their way back into his pockets, as a heavy lump visibly makes its way down his throat. "Well, thanks for caring, Miss," Maddox politely says, though a dead flatness overtakes his tone.

"I'd like to try to make up for it, somehow." Solaria says as she gathers her hands together infront of her stomach, nervously gripping them together, "I know I probably can't, but..maybe at least we could try to get to know each other now? Be a family? Or at least, I could be a friend."

"No need. I got myself a good life." Maddox replies, his weight collapsing into a lean against the doorway that leads to the neighboring bar. "Don't need, or want, your guilt." He casts his blue gaze away from Solaria, taking a sudden interest in the velvet curtains, or the plush furnishings. "--Whoever decorated this place really went for the cliche," he muses with a smirk drawn taut across his countenance.

"Heh, yeah, they did." Solaria says, although her gaze does not leave you, "Guess not everyone is perfect." With a heavy furrow settling back in her features, she finally shifts her gaze to beyond the doorway, "Well, I guess you can find me if you change your mind. I will not bother you again otherwise." And with that, she turns on her heel to look at the opposite side of the room, "Might just sit around here and rip away some of these tapestries or something for now."

A heavy sigh escapes Maddox's mouth, his nostrils flaring with the force of breath. "The big one on the western wall's rod is loose," he comments, eyes inspecting the cracks in the wall around the metal rod's anchor. "Don't let it hit you if you decide to yank on that one." His shoulders slump as he rolls his spine against the wood of the door's frame, turning to walk out.



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    Just to add this from after you left:

    You have emoted: "Good suggestion." Solaria says, though some sniffling mixes in with the
    words. She reaches up to rub at her nose before stepping forward and grabbing at that
    tapestry, tugging at the rod as it easily gives way. With a firm second pull, it's down
    and falling to the ground beneath her.

    Thanks @Maddox for the fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing where all of this will go now.

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