A Monty Python Knighting

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Those moments when you start off trying to be serious, and end up just glad you didn't die before it was over. Thanks to @phoenecia for not losing the log like the rest of us. And @coryn, @lait, @benedicto, @zsadist for participating in the festivities.

The Vigil's Assembly (4583) - The city of Enorian (428)
The cloak of Yanda Seluno hangs on the northern wall in white, draping folds. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been left here. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. The east and west walls are adorned with the shields of honoured Templars. Rashar Del'baeth is here.
You see exits leading east, south, and west.

Benedicto enters the hall, his boots clacking against the marble floor with each step. His pearl-white eyes take in each of you in turn.

Coryn offers Benedicto a slight nod, folding arms to his chest as he does.

You have emoted: Phoenecia stands off to the side, her arms folded behind her back as she watches Benedicto with a small smile.

Rashar is standing as fancifully dressed as ever - which is to say, a simple duty uniform with Syvelium's blade strapped over his torso in a gleaming baldric. Benedicto's flat white eyes are met by his own cerulean orbs, met and matched before the Warden nods slightly and shifts his attention to the small crowd. "For some, the path to Knighthood is filled with obstacles that take years to overcome. Benedicto walked this path before any of us stood within these halls. For him, this is only a return." His hands come out wide, inviting. "Does anyone deny his efforts? His loyalty to all that we hold dear?"

Coryn silently shakes his head in answer.

"I do not," Lait says, with a small measure of pride.

You have emoted: Phoenecia shakes her head. "His is a brave and courageous spirit," she adds firmly. "The Knighthood and the Beacon would do well with his presence."

Benedicto gives a faint nod of acknowledgement, a small smile creeping across his lips at your words.

"Very well," Rashar says as he takes an easy step forward, down off the dais so that he can stand before Benedicto. A small jar of scented oil rests in one hand. He glances down at it, cringes /almost/ imperceptibly, and then places two fingers in the jar before bringing them up to trace a line across the larger man's brow. As he does, he leans forward and whispers into his ear.

Rashar murmurs to Benedicto, "I don't actually have any idea how to do this part."

Coryn stifles a chuckle, attempting to keep a straight face with much effort.

Benedicto maintains a straight face, betraying no indication of the words whispered into his ear by Rashar. Only the merest flicker of his pearl-white orbs to those of Rashar's cerulean ones reveal a momentary flash of amusement.

Rashar continues his movements, creating small streaks of glistening dampness before Benedicto's temples, and down across his lips. "May you see clearly through the Darkness," he rumbles out as he works. "And hear through the lies of the enemy. May you speak not words to dishonor the Order." Last, he reaches down for his hands, rubbing yet more oil across scarred knuckles. "And may the Gods bless these hands, which you use to shield the Beacon and fight our foes."

Grimacing as the oil is dragged across his lips, Benedicto almost turns his face away, his lips folded into a tight line. He looks less than impressed as the oil is then smeared across the backs of his hands.

Rashar murmurs to Benedicto, "Don't be a baby. I'm fairly certain Areka rubbed oil on my face, too."

You have emoted: Phoenecia bites down on her lip and glances aside, attempting to conceal both her smirk, and just barely managing to contain her snickering.

Coryn stifles yet another laugh, shoulders jumping with each attempt at resistance.

Rashar steps back and nods solemnly, placing the jar aside with enthusiasm. Tilting his head back, he returns his focus on everyone else in the room. "And now we march," declares the Knight in a firm voice. "We leave these walls to do what the Templar were intended to do - hunt our enemies. Defend the Beacon. Remind the Darkness that there is much for them to fear." Tilting his head, he twists slightly at the waist to regard Benedicto. "Where would you go, Benedicto?"

Benedicto pulls a dark, jade-eye flyssa from his weaponbelt fluidly.
Benedicto starts to wield a dark, jade-eye flyssa in his left hand.
Benedicto pulls a golden, nautical trident from his weaponbelt fluidly.
Benedicto starts to wield a golden, nautical trident in his right hand.

Benedicto reaches down and attempts to get a grip on his weapons, unfortunately his oil-slick palms cause his hands to slip useless from the hilt of a dark, jade-eye flyssa and a golden, nautical trident. "I wou--" He tries again. "--would go and hunt those down--" Another failed attempt "--to-BLOODY GRIP YOU BASTARD!" He exclaims, rubbing his hands furiously upon his coat. With a satisfied "AHAH!" He pulls forth the dark, jade-eye flyssa from it's sheathe. "We shall make sure that Foci is ours!"

Benedicto points southwards with a golden, nautical trident. "Follow me, comrades!"

You have emoted: Phoenecia allows herself a small grin, pulling her glaive from the strap at her back. "I believe the Leviathan has spoken," she says, flashing Benedicto a wink. "Don't forget. You promised to use it."

Leering, Coryn comments, "Oh, aye. Let's go punch them in the face, yer-oil'dness."

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "Give me a minute t' prepare."

Coryn leaves to the east.

Rashar's lips twitch. "It seems the foci is ours already," he notes.

Benedicto tilts his head, pondering something. He turns back to you all with a disappointed look upon his face. "Alas, the Foci /is/ ours. Bloody Rizgar."

Coryn emerges from the shadows, dressed in black and a dirk in his hands. "Eh, guess I'm good now."

You have emoted: Phoenecia offers Benedicto a sympathetic smile, wandering over to pat him on the shoulder. "A pity. You sounded imposing too. Maybe next time."

Rashar Del'baeth says, "Perhaps Vilimo, hmm?"

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "Oh, what, we're not gonna slap some darkies across the bum?"

Benedicto thumps the butt of a golden, nautical trident into the floor. He almost slides down it, the oil slickened grip causing his sudden weight to glide smoothly down the shaft. Catching himself, he coughs and straightens. He nods at Coryn. "I think a jaunt towards Bloodloch might be in order. Let's see how the Leeches are doing."

Rolling her eyes at Coryn's garb, you say, "...really? Black?"

Sir Coryn Volsteig says to you, "I'm a dark-grey, horned, red-eyed whatsit. May as well blend in when I can."

You say, "I wouldn't really call that blending in. You stand out. A lot."

Benedicto Silverain says, in oceanic clicks and babbles, "Voltda."
You follow Benedicto to the ether.

Within the Death Caves (19911) - the Death Caves (Unmapped)

You follow Benedicto to the southwest.

Skirting the Vashnar mountains.
The surroundings are dry and without moisture, a fact evident even in the dim morning light. A rotting skeleton has been piked here, its bony hands crossed as it warns against the passage to the south. Inviting closer inspection, a monument of bone displays an informative plaque.
You see exits leading northeast, south, and northwest.

Benedicto tilts his head back, inhaling sharply several times.

Rashar tilts his head back, inhaling sharply several times.

Coryn attempts to sniff the air, trying to fit in.

Benedicto looks at the crack and the bright blue banner of Bouchard with distaste. Placing a hand to his lips, he leans towards the opening. "YOOOHOO! IS THERE ANYONE HOME?!"

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "I think they're all dead."

Benedicto tilts his head, listening for any form of reply.

Rashar Del'baeth says, "I am not certain you are going to get the fight you seek here, my friend."

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "I would shout t' the heavens but I think that would bring more deadites than we'd care t' try."

[Insert failed four-man raid on Bloodloch here.]

Approaching Enorian (road) (1682) - the Highways of Sapience (70)
The noonday sun shines down, tinged grey by its passage through the thick clouds above. Cast aside, this bundle of poles and rope seems useless. A large block of stone is standing here, waiting to be carried out of the quarry. A headless corpse, devoid of identity, lies here. Rashar Del'baeth is here. He wields a sleek, storm-marked spear in his left hand and a sleek, storm-marked spear in his right.
You see exits leading northeast, south, and west.

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "Whose is that?"

Coryn prods a headless corpse hard in the chest.

You say, "Probably mine."

Comprehension flashes across Coryn's face.

You wryly say, "I sent my head back. At least he gets to look at something pretty."

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "Ah, he don't deserve it none."

"I will be a the blade that pierces the darkness and the shield that holds back the shadow." Benedicto begins oblivious to the muttered comments and shouting going on around him. "I pledge to use every breath in my body to destroy those who do not draw breath. I vow to stand against Corruption, Malevolence and Manipulation. To be pure and honest in my words and deeds."

As Benedicto finishes his Oath, Rashar takes a step forward and strikes the man across the cheek, his blow neither overly violent nor gentle. "Stand up, brother of mine," he rumbles out. "Stand up, Knight - we are glad to have you."

You have emoted: Phoenecia's antennae swivel around as she glances at Benedicto, a look of fondness in her expression. "Be a better knight than I was. Protect all that's dear to you. Fight with courage, strength, and conviction. You may not serve the Maelstrom right now, but you'll always be the Leviathan. Remember that."

Benedicto regains his feet, drawing the back of his hand across his lip as he does so. He nods at Rashar and then you in turn.

Sir Coryn Volsteig says, "He's always gonna be a wee squiddie to me."

Sir Coryn Volsteig says to Benedicto Silverain, "You aren't so wee, though, stille a squiddie."

Smiling faintly, you say, "Try threatening to dunk him in a pot of hot oil, see how he reacts. You can do it for me from now on."

[Benedicto hands Rashar his shield for the shield wall]

a trident-crested leviathan kite shield
A skilled hand and a keen eye have worked metal into this regal-looking kite shield, melding together both functionality and style. A sheet of hammered steel forms the face of the shield, and is braced by several vertical planks of wood in the back for extra strength. The shield face has been painted a vivid coral blue, and has been decorated with a simple, raised crest - a silver trident piercing a golden sun. While the shield's crest is simple, great care and detail has been lavished upon the thick trim that adorns the edges. The steel has been worked into the long, sinuous body of a fearsome leviathan that coils around the edge of the shield, each and every scale and fin engraved deeply into the surface of the metal, and given an antiqued finish to make the details even easier to see at a distance. The sea serpent's spine-finned head adorns the top of the kite shield, its fanged maw agape in a silent roar. A set of thick leather straps has been fastened to the back side of the shield to serve as arm loops for easier wielding.
It has been engraved with the words: Sir Benedicto Silverain, The Leviathan.

Missed bits and pieces, but whateves. It was comical.



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    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    I like how that turned out. Bene's already been through the old school traditional Knighting ceremony once and left on good terms, therefore it wasn't necessary to do it by the book. More of a comical "Welcome Back".

    We all had a good chortle.
    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    I thought this was too funny!
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