Slyphe's Essence

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This is pasted from the old forums. Mostly so that I have somewhere more convenient for it if I need to point any people in the direction of how Bene ended up as he is and has been for the last century or more. It was originally posted 2010-04-21

Quick backstory: When Bene went to the Atabahi and become a member of Sevs Order, he got an rpzor where Sev tore him a new one and filled him with his own essence, turning him into an Azudim and announcing him as his "Herald of Midnight." Bene has been carrying that essence around with him all this time.

You are transported by the power of the Divine.
Eye of the Maelstrom.


Body rippling with internal currents of water, the imposing form of Slyphe, the Maelstrom is here. There are no obvious exits.

You have emoted: A cloaked figure reaches up and pulls back the hood of his cloak, looking around with momentary confusion.

You deftly lower the hood of your cloak of obscurity, revealing your identity.

Slyphe, the Maelstrom says, "Benedicto, Benedicto, Benedicto."

With a disapproving tone, Slyphe says "Tsk, tsk" to the world around Him.

Your limbs freeze in an instant as a globule of water encases your form.

Slyphe twirls Adreriwyr in His hands, tapping the watery cocoon that surrounds you, shattering it into a fine spray of mist causing your release.

Your limbs unlock as you are released from the ire of the Maelstrom.

You have emoted: Benedicto breathes a sigh of relief as he falls forward, suddenly freed from his watery shell.

Slyphe catches you beneath the chin with the butt of Adreriwyr, forcing your head up. "My Brothers taint boils within you, Benedicto. It is... offensive. I wonder, with His return, if you have not felt the urge to return to Him?" He asks, voice deathly cold.

You have emoted: "My Lord....I would never..." Benedicto begins as his hands rise to grasp the shaft of Adreriwyr. "Besides, any answer I give You could be a lie. The essence is that of the Manipulator, after all."

"So you lie to Me now, do you?," Slyphe asks, pulling Adreriwyr back before spinning it within His hands, the eel-prongs hiss loudly as the haft connects solidly with the side of your skull.

You have emoted: Benedicto grunts as the haft cracks forcefully against his head. He falls to the side, sprawling into one of the many pools surrounding this place. He pushes himself up with both hands, his hair hanging in sodden strands around his face.

Slyphe steps to your side in single stride, His webbed hand curling into a fist amongst your hair. With a forceful yank He brings you up to His eye level, "Well, Benedicto, does the Manipulator control your tongue now? Are you still His dog now that He has returned?" He snarls.

You have emoted: Reaching up to grasp Your wrist with large hands, an expression not his own, crosses Benedicto's face. "I will always be His servant!" He yells violently, "His essence gives me STRENGTH!"

You have emoted: Benedicto launches himself backwards, the hair on his scalp tearing free to remain in Your grasp. With an agile flip, he lands a couple of feet away in a combat ready stance.

Slyphe narrows His eyes, shifting His grip upon Adreriwyr. "So the beast shows his fangs finally. Begone creature of the Shadow, he is MY servant, not yours!" Slyphe snarls, cocking His arm back, trident held high.

You have emoted: "No! You will not have him. He is MINE!" Benedicto screams, the tendons on his neck bulging forcefully.

You have emoted: Moving back a step, Benedicto suddenly runs forwards and jump-kicks towards You, his expression locked in violent rictus.

Lightning-fast, Slyphe hurls Adreriwyr forward, a resounding bang of energy causing the chamber to shudder as it leaves His hand. The eel-head points of the trident slam into your chest, driving you backwards with concussive force.

You have emoted: Benedicto exhales explosively as the spear enters his chest with stupendous force. He flies backwards with incredible speed to land, pinned, against the side of a large pool filled with water. As the spray settles around him, he raises his head with a groggy expression to stare dumbfounded at the enormous trident buried in his chest.

Slyphe stands above you, His face a mask of grim determination. Planting His foot beside His buried trident, He presses His weight downward, pinning you further as He grips Adreriwyr's haft. With an impassive expression He begins twisting the shaft, widening the wounds within your chest. "I will have the essence from your being, one way or another Bened-... whoever YOU are," He says coldly, raising His free hand.

You have emoted: Benedicto screams loudly in agony as You aggrevate his wounds. His lips twist into a snarl as he flails helplessly at the foot upon his chest and attempts to thrash free of his impalement, his legs churning the water surrounding you both. "FREE ME!" Comes the startling bellow from his lips, the voice that of "untainted" Benedicto.

Passing His hand over your forehead, Slyphe utters a word of power and reaches forward, gleaming intent deep in His eyes. His fingers graze your forehead, and your flesh glows brightly. With a quick tug, His grip tightens on something just in front of your skin, and you feel an indescribable pain and loneliness filters through you. As Slyphe continues to pull, you feel your hopes and dreams slipping away, followed soon after by the last spark of your life.

You have been slain by Slyphe.

By the divine might of Slyphe, you are restored to life.

You have emoted: Benedicto falls to all fours as his body changes, before collapsing face first to the ground. He twitches slightly as his body changes back to that of a Hollow one. He raises his dead gaze to look at You as his skin rapidly loses its dark hue to be replaced with a dull, lifeless pale grey color. "I feel so empty again. There is nothing. I feel....nothing. Nothing but pain." He whispers hoarsely.

Slyphe taps the butt of Adreriwyr into the ground whilst staring down at you. "What has been taken away can be replaced, Benedicto. Make a Bond with Me. Become My living Avatar and I will grant upon you that which will take the emptiness away."

You have emoted: Benedicto pushes himself up from the ground on unsteady and violently shaking arms. Sucking in a deep breath he stands slowly, a slight sheen of sweat decorating his brow. "That is all I ever wanted to be my Lord." He says in a tired voice. "Let me do Your will. Let me be Your Wrath to those who stand against the path of Progress."

Slyphe nods solemnly, placing a webbed hand upon your chest. "Then the Strong Arm of Progress you will be, your will, will be My will. Your form shaped by My essence. A mortal representation of Myself, for all the world to see," He says, fingers digging into your flesh as bright tendrils of blue essence pierce your being.

In a rush, all the air escapes your lungs as water floods them. Cowed before the Divine might of the Maelstrom you try to cry out, but all that escapes is a gurgling sound as you choke upon the water in your lungs. Your vision blurs and everything begins to go dark. As the last light of the world around you fades, a thumping can be heard, the sound of your heart beating rapidly within your chest. A sudden, alien sound begins to echo alongside it, almost like a second heartbeat. In your mind you know it to be the essence of Slyphe. As your eyes snap open, your body expands and warps as bones and muscle snap and tear, expanding outward in rapid growth. As your mind clears, the form of a Yeleni takes over you.

The sky above Shastaan darkens as a high-pitched, keening note erupts from the temple of the Maelstrom. The wavering form of the Lord of the Sea Himself appears, lifting up the bloated body of Benedicto. With a look of grim determination, Slyphe wraps a translucent hand around Benedicto and a thunderous resonance of energy erupts outward in blinding blue essence. As the light fades, so do Divine and Mortal.

You have emoted: Benedicto screams as the sudden transformation overtakes him, His body responding to Your Divine manipulation. He wraps his arms tightly about himself before falling to his knees to rock back and forth upon his haunches.

You see Slyphe shout, "Arise Benedicto, Avatar of the Maelstrom. Cleansed of the Taint of Manipulation and born anew."

Slyphe claps a webbed hand down upon your shoulder. "I shall give you the time to recover, My Avatar. When your transformation is complete, the process will be done."

Slyphe's form explodes into globules of water which quickly drain away, taking Him with them.

look benedicto

He is a dexterous Yeleni and is clearly a creature born of the Maelstrom. The blue-hued skin of his face is almost translucent and beneath the flesh, veins of water seem to course throughout his body. His broad face is characterized by sharp cheekbones and a square chin, while a pair of eyes the color of fresh pearls stare outwards from beneath a finely sculpted brow. His hair is comprised of thick tentacles, an off-white color, that are bound loosely at the nape of his neck. The skin of his body is covered in midnight-blue scales that change to an electric blue under direct light, though silvery lines denote what are clearly a massive network of scars across his entire body. He is wearing:
an octagonal pendant
a pair of loose-fitting white silken pants
a cloak of obscurity
a secure brass keyring
a worn traveller's pack
an icy blue silver ring
a ring engraved with an arcane rune
an obsidian ring of lightning
a fiery golden ring
a silver crown
a black armband bearing the crest of the Sentaari
a lustrous black and gold belt
an enormous tophat
a gold stud earring
an amulet of cleansing
a silver ring
an umbral medallion
a slender, low-slung black weaponbelt
an amulet
spiked knuckles
trollskin armour
a silver amulet
a pair of gauntlets
an entwined feathers and starstone wedding band
a ring of the flood
a cascading Slyphian robe with a silver dolphin motif
a phoenix signet ring
He walks with the blessing of Auresae.
He walks with the blessing of Slyphe.
(Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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