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    I enjoy roleplaying with you. You put a lot of personality and panache into your emotes. I like that you are not afraid to play a flawed character, and I like even more that you strike that fine balance of both being a trainwreck, and yet making your audience totally unable to look away from the horrific black comedy that is occurring before their eyes.

    4/5 stars. While package also contained disturbingly animated shadow sausage that wanted to shimmy up to me, rest of the product was well worth listed price. Character came with significant unexpected baggage, but that's all part of the fun.
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    I will duly drop this here.

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    Teani, for rather obvious reasons, does -not- like Zaila. Despite this, she at least tries to be civil, while keeping an eye out for potential daggers that might suddenly end up in her chest.

    We haven't had a chance to RP much lately, but this is because my RL situation has taken its toll on me. Personally, I think Zaila is a splash of color in the game, one that you can easily just walk away from (as long as she is not wielding anything sharp that is pointed at you :wink: ) if it becomes too much. You handle her abrasiveness quite well, and you are still respectful on an OOC level, for which I <3 you as a player immensely.

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    She should seek commodities more often, that was amusing.
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    If Aetolia had an award ceremony akin to the Oscar's (wouldn't recommend the idea but -if- we did) I would nominate you for so many categories!

    You are a strong writer with a remarkable and natural ability to really bring a character to life on the screen. Not only that but you also know how to seamlessly float between sharing the spotlight in a supporting role and wielding it as a protagonist. Keep doing what you're doing!

    Also don't give up on combat. Zaila would be a wonderful opportunity to explore that route.
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    I'd say Zaila is a national treasure, but she's rogue.
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    yay rouge er rogue
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    I loved Zaila's passion.

    I look forward to seeing them play together but from their interactions so far, I see the kind of friends that butt heads once in a while.
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