The weight of conviction.

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Rashar wakes to find that some things have happened that he isn't happy with. As is typical, he approaches the matter directly.

(I apologize because this was phonetolia RP while I was sitting around at work and while I tried my best, some of the smaller lines were missed.

You have emoted: For his part, Rashar does not smile. He approaches Salome and Sheena, an Indorani cultist with an impassive look upon his face, and eyes that are very dark. Rolling to a halt, the Idreth considers the Indorani for a bit. "Seems to me," he offers plainly, "That your presence has caused no small amount of trouble."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist turns in the direction Salome indicates, then starts, glancing over at you, her expression troubled. "As I have noticed."

You have emoted: Rashar's lips twist into a humorless smile, but the expression lasts only a heartbeat. "And your thoughts on the matter?"

Sheena, an Indorani cultist crosses her arms across her chest, forcing her expression into one of neutrality. "I did not ask to come here. It was an agreement made with another- but I have done nothing against this city, or its citizens."

You have emoted: Rashar tilts his head to one side. "Did you not attempt to protect that filth in the tower?" Too lazily, he flips his hand up and begins to slide his fingers against his thumb.

Sheena, an Indorani cultist narrows her eyes at you, ever so slightly. "To protect my Mistress from harm. She agreed to withdraw the creatures sent." She takes a step back, her posture tense.

You have emoted: "Before or after she was found?" Rashar asks, before turning to Salome. "And since when does the Beacon negotiate with necromancers?"

Sheena, an Indorani cultist glances between you and salome, furrowing her brow. "And I am not a citizen of the Beacon. What is your point?"

You have emoted: Rashar snarls quietly at Sheena, an Indorani cultist for a second, looking very close to physical assault. "The Beacon sheltered you, and you call that filth your mistress. The Beacon protected you, and you might have kept us from finding out who sent undead creatures to plague our streets." He stands, rolling his neck and glaring at Sheena, an Indorani cultist. "The Beacon keeps you still, though my understanding is that the creatures will return - if you do not."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist eyes you warily, taking another step back. "The Beacon imprisoned me, then claimed otherwise, as is my understanding. And I told what I knew of those creatures. I did not know at first who sent them or why." Lifting her shoulders in a shrug, she adds, "And yes, they may return, at the end of the year, if I do not keep the promise made."

You have emoted: Rashar's eyes narrow immediately, and he begins to stalk forward. "Imprisoned you?" he seethes, watching Sheena, an Indorani cultist with eyes like pitch. "By bringing you here to learn of a better way? You wander our streets freely, do you not?" Empty hand reaching out, the Knight extends one finger to the north and hisses, "Escape was never far away, girl."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist turns her gaze to Salome instead, keeping an eye on you. "Mandre freed us from the Vortex. Whatever I may think of her now, that remains unchanged. I understand his ire, but would prefer that I lie?"

You have emoted: Rashar tilts his head. "Truth," he agrees, "Is the best way. Anything else will see you dead, girl." This he says bluntly, with no indication that it might be idle boast or threat. Only fact. "And so I will ask you two questions."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist turns back to you, drawing her mouth into a frown.

You have emoted: "You call this filth your mistress. Truth? Is your loyalty to her?" Rashar holds up a finger, before continuing, "You have had enough time to consider our ways. Our life. Our values. Will you embrace it or not?"

Salome clasps your shoulder, her expression unreadable. "When one has lived so long in darkness it is not so easy to denounce all that you've known to be true.. She is here, and perhaps trying? Is that not the first step?"

Rashar thinks: Furious. He is furious at the Council, at the girl that would be Pentarch, for allowing it to come to this point. For jeopardizing the city for this long.

"In truth, then," Sheena, an Indorani cultist she says, her tone quiet, "I do not wish to cause harm to either Mandre or the Beacon." She adds, in a slight chuckle, "Certainly, a few months is more than enough time to change my mind about everything I have known, and fight against those who have been my allies. Your reasonable question aside, my answer is no," She states, flatly.

You have emoted: "She is -not- trying," Rashar hisses vehemently to Salome, "If she is not willing to assist the city that shelters her. If she chooses the shadows and the corrupt over the unicorns -safety- of your home." He trembles beneath hers touch, an easy indication as to just how wound the man is. "Do not be a fool. Do not let righteousness stand before your senses."

In a sharp tone, Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "I did assist, last month. The creatures do not bother the city now, do they?"

You have emoted: "Then you leave," Rashar states flatly to Sheena, an Indorani cultist. "For the promise of your safety made by my companions, I will allow you to walk out the gates and not be hunted. And if you ever change your mind, I will be he first to stand between you and the dark. But now, you are a danger to those I protect. This is fact, girl. And I never let hope stand in the way of that."

You say to Sheena, an Indorani cultist, "Did you strike at Mandre? Did you not shelter her? I will not thank you for holding a shield over my head, when the arrows come from your kindred. You must choose."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist shakes her head, confusion creasing her expression. "It is my understanding that I cannot leave. If you wish it so, then take it up with the Vanguard, or that person... Aban? It is not a decision I have made myself."

You have emoted: Rashar hisses in frustration, sinking back down into a crouch. "I am not aware of either being present all so recently. And I would be sore disappointed if either of them considered your current presence here to be anything but a threat. Which would be a threat I would easily tolerate, if I weren't convinced that your loyalty remains with that necromancer."

With a sigh, Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "The Vanguard, at least, I have spoken to earlier this month. I do not know what you want me to do, when others have said that I may not leave without their permission."

You say, "And you told him everything you just told me? He asked what I have asked of you?"

Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "All that he asked, I told him, truthfully."

You have emoted: Flatly, Rashar repeats, "And all that I asked, he asked?"

Rashar thinks: What to do? What to do? He struggles with his urge, which is to simply eradicate a threat. He searches for wisdom, but cannot find satisfaction in leaving this filth to walk these streets. To remain a threat.

In an obvious attempt to ease the tension that is near palpable, Salome says, "She is granted a year, a year to behold all that we hold dear. It is a risk, yes, but isn't saving a soul worth it?"

Salome says to you, "Your anger isn't unfounded in the least, but a deal has been struck."

You have emoted: Rashar breathes out a low sigh, dragging his fingers through his hair roughly. "Right. Tenshyo is not here. Aban is not here. I cannot walk away from you and allow you to remain an untended threat. -I- would not be able to tolerate it, if something happened because of you. And I am not convinced that Tenshyo understands this situation."

Rashar thinks: He wonders what story Tenshyo was given. What truths.

You say to Salome, "You do not know me well yet, Salome. Understand that I care only for this city and the people who dwell here. I leave redemption to others, and never let something foolish like honor get in the way of duty."

(Tells): "And the fact remains that she has attempted to aid the necromancer at least once. She has admitted now, from her lips, that she is not seeking redemption. That she does not embrace our way of life," you think, instilling the message into Salome's memory.

In a murmur, Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "I have not sought to cause any here harm. And I don't wish to fight you."

Quietly, Salome says, "A year, Harbinger. Nothing more. We fight darkness every day of our lives, this is no different."

You say, "A year was agreed upon before her presence became a -threat-. Before we found that she will choose to shelter her Mistress even with the safety of the city at stake."

You say to Sheena, an Indorani cultist, "I will give you three options."

Quietly, Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "And I also made an agreement with her to protect this city."

You say, "We do not make TERMS with the corrupt and the fallen. What unicorns -sense- does that make?"

Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "And? What would you have had me do instead? I know what she's capable of."

You have emoted: Rashar tilts his head sideways quickly, loosening up his neck. "You walk out the gates of your own will. Freedom. The guards will allow it, and I will deal with the Vanguard. It is not your concern." Furrowing his brow, he continues in a very reluctant tone, "You travel to my home in the mountains, and remain there, -away- from this city."

You say, "Until I can speak with the Council."

Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "I thought there was a third option?"

You have emoted: Rashar doesn't answer with words. Instead he stares, lips pulled into a line and eyes boring like speartips into Sheena, an Indorani cultist.

Something something lost to the phone, and:

Sheena, an Indorani cultist says, "I will leave."

Super bummed the last part got cut away, but props to this mob and @Salome for occupying part of my boring day. <3


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    Why do you think to yourself in third person?
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    Because nobody can hear it but me and I assume any random gods/volunteers that may be watching. So most of the time, I write it as it would appear in a novel. If nothing else, it helps to paint a picture for any random volunteers/gods that might be participating in the RP. And if not, hey. I already knew what he was thinking!
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    Rashar said:

    Because nobody can hear it but me and I assume any random gods/volunteers that may be watching. So most of the time, I write it as it would appear in a novel. If nothing else, it helps to paint a picture for any random volunteers/gods that might be participating in the RP. And if not, hey. I already knew what he was thinking!

    I've always done thoughts in the second person- but your logic may have swayed me toward third person instead.

    Oh, and thank you for sharing this!
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    Rashar has interesting thoughts.
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    I forget you can use thoughts >.> This was fun, even though Salome was scared that @Rashar was simply going to pounce over her and rend Sheena limb from limb
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