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Aymah's always been the sort to question things. Now she has some questions for Omei.
PS. Lots of thoughts.

A garden of poppies and scintililies (54121) - The city of Enorian (428)
The rain pours down beneath the darkness of night, the clouds blotting out the
heaven and stars. Ringing the outside of the Temple, this garden follows a
stepped level, the first in a series that rises upward toward the structure's
bright top. The earth has been sculpted into rising and falling mounds, lushly
carpeted with grass and with bright southern flowers, in particular the fiery
red of poppies and scintililies. A covered walkway leads around the circular
periphery of the Temple wall, preceding an open archway that leads back into the
structure. A wrought-iron fence likewise rings the edge, preventing passerby
from meeting with accident by falling over the edge. The gardens afford a
decadent view of the canal and the Temple Circle, stretched out below in all
their luxuriant glory. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is
on the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east (open pine curtain), southeast, and

Your pose is now set as:
Seated by the iron fence, Aymah is gazing over the city.

Shachalai tells you, "I am so sorry. I ran into an old friend and got distracted."
Shachalai tells you, "No, I'm- I'm fine. How are you?"

You have emoted: Aymah places both hands on the dampened bars of the iron fence,
leaning her weight forward as she gazes over the city of Enorian. "What is the
purpose of all this-" She muses.

You tell Shachalai, "I'm well-- been wandering this temple here in Enorian."
Shachalai tells you, "Right- it's an amazing structure."
You tell Shachalai, "It feels so... excessive."
Shachalai tells you, "How do you mean?"

You have emoted: Aymah leans her forehead against the railing, her eyes lost
somewhere in the distance.

Is there a purpose to this... oversize thing?

Drops of rain fall to the ground from a sky grey with pregnant clouds.

You tell Shachalai, "Have you not climbed to the top? It's exceedingly large."
Shachalai tells you, "Yeah, I've been to the top very occasionally. Some people
worship there. Not me."
You tell Shachalai, "It feels so unnatural."

That is it-- it is unnatural. Oversize, unnatural and excessive.

You have emoted: Aymah sighs heavily, leaning, or rather slumping against the
fence, lazily gazing over Enorian with one of her cheeks squished against the

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes slowly close, and still she remains leaning
against the fence, face pressed against one of the iron bars. "Hrm--" She grunts

A jagged aurora of undulating shades of violet rip their way through the
firmament signaling the awakening of the Nightmare.

What's the point of this fence-- it's like a prison. This whole damned thing is
a prison... temple, pff.

You have emoted: Aymah appears on the verge of dozing off, her body heavy
against the iron fence, hands slipping down from where they held the bars. Her
face remains pressed upon the cold iron, and she struggles to keep her eyes open.

Your pose is now set as:
Seated on the ground, Aymah is dozing off against the iron fence.

Riding her chariot of light, the great life-giver rises from her long sleep and
shoots a timorous ray over the horizon.
It is now dawn on Kinsday, the 15th of Ios, year 459 of the Midnight Age.

The Gods' bells sing out from the Temple, with the bell of Ethne, the Rekindled
at the forefront, heralding the coming dawn.

The bell of the Unbound Lord rings out low and sonorous, beckoning the citizens
to morning prayer.

The tones of the Gods' bells fade away, leaving the dawn sky silent.

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes finally close without resistance, but still she
stirs faintly, fingers moving upon the iron bars of the fence.

All this noise... how do they all live here-- sleep, rest-- pray, think.
Is this a good thing? To the Gods? Omei? Haern? Dhar? Would They be content
about this humongous thing--

You have emoted: Aymah's breathing is soft, and slow along the heaving of her
chest. Still she remains in a seemingly uncomfortable position, seated on the
ground and slumped against the railing without any other support. "Am I awake--
or sleeping-" her lips move in a whisper, "How am I to dream?"

You have emoted: Aymah sniffs the air, her eyes remaining closed even in the
dawn light. "How do we know we're awake?"

How? How do I know I'm not dreaming again-- HOW.

This isn't Enorian, no-- this isn't the Enorian I know, maybe I'm dreaming again,
am trapped again in a dream, thinking it true-- NO.

You have emoted: Aymah stirs with visible discomfort, hands clinging tightly to
the bars of the iron fence she has settled against. A shiver runs up her back,
and still her body is heavy and otherwise without motion.

(Congregation): You say, "Am I awake? How do I know?"

Dreaming. Awake. Awake. Dreaming awake. How do I know-- How? HOW?

(Congregation): Courene says, "I get the feeling I missed something.."

You have emoted: Aymah stirs against the iron fence, her fingers curling tightly
around the cold bars. "How--" she utters in a wisp of a voice.

(Congregation): Omei says, "What an interesting question. What difference does
it make, little moth?"

Wake up, and sleep. Am I dreaming-- is this a dream? Was that the dream?

Did She really find me, Omei? Why a moth-- am I a moth? I'm frail like a moth,
and stubborn... like a moth, no- yes--

Squish a moth, they're squishy, someone might squish me-- no.

(Congregation): You say, "I'm not sure anymore."

I can't be sure, can anyone be? Is She sure? Is She a dream? Am I a dream?
Someone's dream, her dream? Or Hers?

You have emoted: Aymah's lips tremble and suddenly, she jolts into full
alertness, grasping still the iron fence with both hands, with enough force to
make her knuckles whiten. "AM I AWAKE?!" She bursts.

You suddenly feel weary and tired.
You are afflicted with asleep.

In the darkness of a summer night, the stars twinkle high above you. Their light
casts soft shadows about the small garden in which you stand. The peace of the
evening seems unbroken until something catches your eye. In the distance, a pair
of glowing eyes watches quietly. A deep rumbling laugh grows from a quiet growl
as hundreds of eyes come to join those two, and the night sky dims to starless
oblivion as the creatures descend upon you.

You are reading a fascinating novel, curled up in a chair in the library. In the
midst of dialogue, one of the characters says something unexpected and almost
meaningless. You almost dismiss the nonsense but your eye catches again on the
strange lettering. Fear slithers round your mind as you can't stop reading and
re-reading the phrase, again and again. The words of power take control and pain
blossoms, deep and searing, in your soul. You lose feeling in your hands and you
watch the book fall down, down, down into darkness.

An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the
distinct impression of movement.
Before a spanning beach (53805) - Space Realm (346)
You stand upon a large beach bedecked with enormous palm trees. The sand beneath
your feat is warm to the touch, and the sound of the ocean's roaring waves makes
its way to your ears. Little crabs scurry their way this way and that across the
sand, and far off into the water you can vaguely make out the impression of
dolphins leaping high into the air. A rope hammock has been hung between two of
the large palm trees that drifts lazily in the wind. Reality twists and contorts
in slivers of fragment-like visions around the form of Omei, the Nightmare.
There are no obvious exits.

Omei swings languidly within a rope hammock that's been hung between two large
palm trees on the beach. One leg hangs from the side of the hammock, used to
lazily push Herself ever-so-slightly back and forth.

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes widen as she glances around, stumbling as she no
longer finds the iron fencing within her hands. "Did You dream me?" She queries,
approaching Omei with a frantic look and an agitation in her hands and feet, as
she sprays sand everywhere with her hurried steps in Omei's direction. "Am I
awake -now-?"

Awake- no- asleep- Dreaming! DREAMING.

"You are asleep now child," Omei rather lazily notes as She swings. Her head
rolls sideways to level a curious glance upon your form. "Dreaming of peace,
tranquility - I quite like it here," She notes as a hint of a smile slips its
way onto Her lips.

You have emoted: Aymah's hands shake for a moment, and she straightens, unable
still to rid herself of the crazed look in her eyes. "But-but--" She stutters,
shifting around, patting herself down as if to convince herself. "But how do I
know? If I feel the same, and it feels real and it is real, right? Right? NO--
alright uhm--" She breathes somewhat hurriedly.

"Do you trust Me?" Omei remarks with a skeptical arch of a brow.

You have emoted: Aymah cranes her neck awkwardly forward, staring at Omei with
widened eyes. "How do I know You're real?" She queries dubiously, a tinge of
fright in her expression.

"That isn't an answer to the question I had asked child," Omei says rather
plainly. She shifts to sit upright in the hammock, lips pursed in your direction.

You have emoted: "Of course I trust You-" Aymah bursts in a defensive fashion,
"I mean, You, the real Omei, if You're the real Omei and not the dream Omei
although-I-suppose-that-wouldn't-matter-- since the dream Omei and the real Omei
are the same Omei and---" She says hurriedly, words almost jumbled as she runs
out of breath to continue speaking.

You are halted by a sudden shock of nervousness and the reluctance to continue

Is She the real Omei? There is just one Omei-- dream and awake, only one and She
wanders the two-- the dream and the waking and the nightmare-- how--

"Then believe Me when I say that you are dreaming," Omei levelly replies, Her
tone almost nurturing in the way the words escape Her lips. She takes in a
breath, then slowly releases it as She sinks Her feet into the sand. "The lines
are blurred for you child," the Goddess remarks as She rises from the hammock.
"I'll ask again - what does it matter whether you are asleep or awake?"

You have emoted: Aymah stares at Omei at length, considering the question, her
mouth half-open and her hands restless, wringing the silk of her dress within
her fingers. "How can I be sure of anything if I am not... sure?"

Omei takes a step or two towards you, Her head tilting sideways as She seems to
mull the question over. "What good does being sure of something provide to you?
Stability? Comfort?" She inquires, each adjective punctuated by another step
forward. "Would you act differently if you were sleeping, versus awake?"

You have emoted: Aymah hands retreat slowly toward her chest, and there she
stands, with an expression like that a frightened animal might have. "I don't
know anymore-" She pauses, glancing this way and that before her eyes drift back
toward Omei. "How will I know when the beasts are real? Or when my blood is
actually flowing? How will I tell if it was real when Xenia said she still loved
me? Or when my daughter comes to find me, or comes calling--" She takes a shaky
breath. "Is my daughter real? Or was she my dream? Did I really slumber twenty
five years?"

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes suddenly well up with tears. "If she is real I
need to find her!"

"WHAT DOES IT MATTER!?" Omei roars, and in that moment She's before you, the
entire distance between you and Her cleared in a fraction of a second. Roiling
clouds begin to fill the firmament as the Goddess grasps you by your shoulders,
Her head lowering to stare you in the eyes. Her eyes so close are mesmerizing,
to say the very least. Brilliant flecks of starry constellations make themselves
evident within Her pupils, the motes within soaring through what appears to be
an almost unfathomable, yet still otherwise contained space.

You have emoted: A squeak is all that leaves Aymah's lips as she is taken hold
of, a choked sound like that of a mouse. She shakes within the Goddess' grasp,
and her gaze yields to Omei's eyes, her own lost within. "I--" she says barely
in a whisper. "I ate some funny mushrooms--".

"And?" Omei pushes, Her grip upon your shoulders growing tighter with each
moment She waits. "You pose a question that you must -know- as one of Mine," She
quickly states, the words spoken from Her lips so fast that they nearly blur
together. "Would you. Act differently. If you. Were asleep?" She again asks,
though much more slowly.

You have emoted: Aymah's lips tremble, the gnashing of her teeth audible as she
struggles to compose herself. She inhales jerkily, and slowly her head moves in
a negative. "No-" She chokes.

With that, Omei releases you, Her back turning upon you as She steps towards the
hammock once more. She eases Herself into it, stretches, and begins once more
idly swinging. "Compose yourself then," She instructs, Her tone far more level
this time. "Dreams bestow a sense of invincibility that gives confidence. You
can do what you desire, because you are only dreaming." Even from where you
stand you can hear the slow, quiet exhalation of breath She releases through Her
nostrils. "-That- is the attitude that mortals lack in life. -That- is what Mine
adhere to -always-."

The question posed to you clearly by its intonation despite the gradual closing
of Her eyes, Omei, the Nightmare says, "Do you understand now child? Do you
understand why the distinction is useless?"

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes follow Omei back toward the hammock, and for a
time she remains unmoving upon the sand. "Yes." She answers plainly, and a hand
raises to casually rearrange a colorful, lion mane headdress, combing its
ruffled hairs. "How do I dream her? My daughter?" She queries in return, her
voice growing slightly more calm with each word spoken. "How do I call her from
my dreams?" Now, she seems contrastingly different than before, but still there
is a questioning in her eyes, the icy blue of her irises briefly swirling with

"You focus, child," Omei remarks with a slow, pensive nod. "And you remain
patient." She rolls Her head to once more directly observe you. "She will visit
you again, and perhaps she will leave a hint. Remember. Remember that every
piece, every action and movement bears meaning. Remember them."

With a thoughtful gesture of a hand, Omei, the Nightmare says, "And then, you
act upon it. You find her."

You have emoted: Aymah's head slowly bobs in a nod, leaning slightly to the side
in the motion. "Will she walk with me?" She queries further, "Walk in my dreams?
Can I awaken her if she never wa-- No-" She shakes her head.

Almost simply, Omei, the Nightmare asks, "Would she walk with you if she was
standing right there when you awoke?"

If there is no line-- then she IS. She IS, she EXISTS. She is. She will be- she
will come, I will take her with me--

You have emoted: Aymah's eyes grow wide and there is a decisive nod. "Yes."

Omei says nothing whatsoever, but offers a gesture of Her hand that seems to
speak for itself.

You have emoted: Aymah's fingers move faintly against her sides, brushing the
folds of her dress, and she merely nods her head once more.

Omei, the Nightmare says to you, "You will be fine, child. You will be oh so
fine. Focus. Focus yourself, and pursue. That is what I want you to do."

As if something of an afterthought, Omei, the Nightmare says to you, "For now,
you will do so awake. I will find you in your dreams again soon."

[Source]: Affliction: ASLEEP
You are afflicted with asleep.
An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the
distinct impression of movement.
A garden of poppies and scintililies.
Rain pours down from dark thunderclouds, only the merest hints of sunset
breaking through. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on
the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east (open pine curtain), southeast, and

You have emoted: As if gasping for breath, Aymah awakens, holding still the bars
of the iron fence and straightening, looking wild-eyed around the garden.


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    uhm-ay(mah)-zing RP, I hope that this trend of more godmin RP continues!!
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    She shakes within the Goddess' grasp,
    and her gaze yields to Omei's eyes, her own lost within. "I--" she says barely
    in a whisper. "I ate some funny mushrooms--".
    I laughed and then thought, "Yup, I can see this being Aymah's reaction."

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