Campfire songs with Omei

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An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the distinct impression of movement.

The cold, dry winds pull at your naked body as you stand on a tundra cliff. The crash of a distant ocean against glaciered shores resonates across the majesty of the ice fields before you. You watch an armadilleon creep steadily across the plains, and the beauty of its struggle in the sweeping landscape of slopes, clouds, and snowy peaks overwhelms you.

You find yourself at your desk, as per the usual. Another day has come, and here you are, ready to face the challenges that the office of the Abbess may bring.

A young monk offers a light knock on the paper door, head tilted as he steps into the office.
"Abbess, may I have a moment?" he regards.

You have emoted: Kerryn peeks over the mounds of paperwork, "Of course, please come in." she urges as she rises from the cushion behind her desk, "How may I help you?"

"I've been hearing some rumors circulating around that there were issues in the monastery," a young monk quietly begins, voice low as if afraid to fully make his voice heard. "They... are aimed at you."

You have emoted: Kerryn's ears droop a little, "Yes. That." she says quietly, a faint frown pulling
at her lips. "I'm aware, though there is little I can do about it." she sighs, her right paw lifting
to rub at her temple.

A young monk shakes his head quickly, eyebrows raising in a plea for attention. "No no Abbess, you don't understand. They are mad, furious even," he continues, a note of panic beginning to slip its way into his tone. "They say they wish you gone Abbess, more have heard them and are beginning to listen."

As if punctuating the young monk's words, a bottle with a ripped piece of cloth that has been lit
ablaze bursts through the paper wall behind him, shattering upon your desk and sending the papers alight in a matter of moments.

Eyes widening in fear as he turns to run away, a young monk says, "You must leave Abbess! Protect yourself!"

You have emoted: Kerryn's frown deepens. "I see." she murmurs, looking away. "Then if--" she
abruptly stops as she spots the bottle crash upon her desk and the flames spreading. "Damnit!" she says, "Out!" she says, with a firm tone as she removes her cloak and begins to beat at the flames hoping to extinguish them.

The younger monk bursts out of the office, hands lifted over his head to shield him from the fire. Where he exits, a group pushes themselves violently in.

You have emoted: Kerryn remains fully focused upon fighting the fire, her expression one of

A group of rebelling monks makes itself roughly present with no regard for decorum or care for the surroundings. One member steps forward from the group to level a finger in your direction. "Kerryn," he lowly states. "It is time for you to leave."

Your attempts at extinguishing the flames do little, and in moments your cloak is caught up in the blaze as well. The paper lanterns that hang in the office soon find themselves subject to the same fate as the fires begin to spread.

You have emoted: Kerryn spares a glance over her shoulder at the group, only to yelp in pain as the flames lick at her fingers. Dropping the shreds of her cloak she glares at the fires that spread about the room. "Get water." she barks, ignoring their demands. "Or the whole monastery is going to go up in flames."

One member of a group of rebelling monks snorts, head shaking quickly as she lifts a bottle not
unlike the one that only moments ago flew through the wall, though this one has yet to be lit. "We can rebuild," she taunts with an accentuating wave of the bottle. "But you will go down with it."

"Shut up," another member of a group of rebelling monks derisively sneers to the bottle-wielding monk. "Don't let her talk, just get it done with already."

You have emoted: Kerryn turns to fully face the group, her back straightening. "Yes, don't let me talk and tell you how what you're doing goes against -everything- Father Brachus has taught us." she says, attempting to meet each monks gaze. "I'd rather die here and now, than live to see what you will rebuild. Built on the ashes of hate, lies and broken oaths and murder. For you will no longer be Sentaari."

Raising his hands, Brother Bast says, "Abbess, please. Do not make this difficult. We have plans to make a monastery better than even Father Brachus could have ever hoped for."

"BURN IT DOWN! START ANEW!" comes the rallying cry from a group of rebelling monks as the take a simultaneous step forward to place themselves closer to Brother Bast.

"Do not let her fool you Abbot Bast," comes another voice from a group of rebelling monks as yet another bottle is lit.

Brother Bast wrinkles his nose, leaning into a flower to smell.

You have emoted: Kerryn stands her ground, her pale gaze following the man. "You have lost your way, Brothers and Sisters." she grits her teeth together, attempting to hold back the anger in her tone. "Rebuilding this way will lead you down a path you do not want to traverse. I've done it before. In the beginning you will think you've won. But you will not. For his words are truth and they will not easily be forgotten."

Brother Bast's lips set as he turns towards the group. "Give it here then, it is her choice," he
indicates, and in the following moment he is tossed the lit bottle. "I am sorry to do this, Kerryn,"
he somberly states before cocking back his arm to throw the bottle directly towards you. At this
proximity, there is certainly no avoiding it.

And then, everything freezes. The fires, the bottle in its mid-trajectory, Brother Bast, the group - everything. You alone stand in the midst of this chaos unfolding around you that has all of a sudden come to a complete and total stop.

And then, a figure stirs from within the group, the lone movement so jarringly noticeable in
comparison to the utter stillness of everything else. Pushing Her way through the monks, Omei makes Herself present before you.

You have emoted: Kerryn closes her eyes as the bottle is thrown, but doesn't attempt to dodge it. However as it doesn't hit her, she opens her eyes slowly, taking in the scene. "Omei." she says in surprise, eyes widening.

Omei approaches you slowly, Her gaze measuring your form as She steps effortlessly through the flames. A clawed finger rises to lazily slide across the length of the bottle that hovers in midair only a foot or two away from your face. "A scenario that has played through your mind a time or two, isn't it?" She regards as She comes to a halt beside your desk. "But have you prepared for it? What do you do?"

You have emoted: Kerryn gives a small nod of her head, "Yes. Many times." she admits quietly. "There is little I can do, but stay true to myself and my beliefs and do what I feel is right for the
Monastery." she says slowly, "Should they wish another to lead, they will replace me. But I will
walk away knowing I did all I could to see they followed in Father Brachus' footsteps."

Omei's chin lifts as She considers your words before Her gaze swivels towards the bottle. "You have a moment now, the sliver of a chance to escape this," She notes with a light tap on the makeshift explosive that sends a jarring clink resounding through the still air around you. "But they have many, many more, I assure you." Her eyes squint as She levels Her focus once more upon you, the endless depths of Her pupils set completely upon your form. "What do you do?" She repeats once more.

You have emoted: Kerryn shakes her head, "There is no escape." she says, "I will not run. I have
made peace with the fact they very well may kill me." she sets her jaw, "When I am judged by Him, I can rest in peace knowing I tried my best. Even if it wasn't good enough."

You are halted by a sudden shock of nervousness and the reluctance to continue forward.

Omei considers your words carefully, Her lips pursed in thought.

With a final, decisive nod, Omei, the Nightmare says, "As you wish, Abbess."

Omei's form dissolves into nothingness before your very eyes, an action that starts the transition of movement back into effect around you. The bottle soaring your direction lurches forward ever so slowly at first, but then in a whir everything is as it was only moments before. The flaming bottle crashes upon your chest, sending liquid and flames scattering across your body in a blazing display.

Brother Bast turns his back, unable or unwilling to watch the rest of the unfolding event. "It is
done," he murmurs to the crowd.

A raucous cry of victory lifts a group of rebelling monks as hands are raised in triumph above their heads, screams punctuating their motions.

You have emoted: Kerryn stumbles backwards as the bottle hits her and the flames quickly engulf her, soon enough her screams fill the room as she feels her flesh burning as she frantically attempts to pat the flames out with her paws.

The pain you feel is like no other, but it lasts for only a few moments as your nerves are burnt
away to allow a numbing sensation to prevail. You know you burn, but you feel it no longer. The
world around you swirls, blackness ebbing at the corners of your vision as everything seems to close in upon itself. You are dying, and your final sight before it all goes black is that of the
rebelling group parading themselves out of the monastery.

An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the distinct impression of movement.

You wake up from the nightmare with a start, back in your office that only moments ago was ablaze. Thankfully, this one remains yet untouched, though a lingering sensation traces its way down your limbs where the fires were once present.

Omei, the Nightmare has invited you to join the Divine Order of Omei, the Nightmare and awaits a response.
AGREE if you wish to join the order.

Omei grants you entrance into Her Order. Congratulations!

(Tells): The Divine voice of Omei echoes in your head, "Your tenacity is to be rewarded, Abbess. You will stand for what you believe in, even if it means staring death itself in its rotten face. You
are welcomed as one of Mine."

(Order): Omei says, "Welcome, Kerryn."

You have emoted: Kerryn looks about her frantically, then feeling the sensation, pats her arms,
finding them relatively normal she relaxes a little.

(Order): You say, "Thank You."



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    I came here for the campfire songs and am SORELY disappointed!
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    me too thanks
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    Brother Bast, sniffing flowers like some sort of melodramatic, over the top villain is priceless.
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    Kerryn said:

    You have emoted: Kerryn stands her ground, her pale gaze following the man. "You have lost your way, Brothers and Sisters." she grits her teeth together, attempting to hold back the anger in her tone. "Rebuilding this way will lead you down a path you do not want to traverse. I've done it before. In the beginning you will think you've won. But you will not. For his words are truth and they will not easily be forgotten."


    Give in you your anger. Let it FLOW through you! Strike them down!

    This log is great. #moreplz.
    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
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