So I'm back, for those of you who don't know. Interested to see the opinions out there while I'm getting back into the swing of things.


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    Lexen said:

    So I'm back, for those of you who don't know. Interested to see the opinions out there while I'm getting back into the swing of things.

    Watching Lexen grow over the years has been an awesome ride. One of the many characters I enjoyed watching shape and take form. I can't say I know what he's up to these days since I don't play anymore but thought I'd express some love.
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  • You don't play, but you still stalk the forums. Typical. Do you afk here as well? ;)

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    @Haven says he doesn't play, but I have evidence that he was logged in doing SOMETHING recently!

    ETA: I'll write something in this once we've RPed more!
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    xD Shaddap! Lies and slander the lot of you!

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  • Tens and @Lexen haven't interacted much. The only things Tens has heard aren't uh... necessarily -good- things, but he tries to not judge a man until he meets them and gets to know the content of their character (and sometimes, rarely, what they say behind closed doors)

    Tens does, however, appreciate the care and teaching Lex has done with @Teol!

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    On top of just being an enjoyable roleplayer to throw emotes at, I really like that you'll keep Lexen being Lexen, even when that means sort of killing RP potential. It is something I struggle with sometimes (being too nice/forgiving etc.) and I feel like you do it well!

    Additionally, I appreciate that you throw out bones oocly so that I know you're not trying to get me-the-player to leave you alone, and are just playing IC.
  • Lexen's great! I love that he tries to be grumpy and mean but Jaymi can't see him as anything but sweet and kind. Plus, RPing with me -while- hunting was amazing. I wish more hunting trips were like that, I might hunt more often xD

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    Play more!
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    Someone powerful says, "We're going to have to delete you."
  • Bumped. Lots of things going on lately with Lexen getting into and through Templar rankings, and coming out of political retirement. Thoughts?

  • I have no thoughts because we haven't RPed in a solid 8? 9? years and we're all so old now, but you were a dope infernals GM and I'm glad you're still around!
  • It's been an interesting ride with Lexen, to say the very least. But, after IRL years of work put in, rp and even fights between characters, Lexen's a Knight. He's grown a LOT, and I'm really glad I could be part of this ride with him. You came in as a character that most people weren't willing to give that second chance to, but I'm really glad I got to. It's a storied redemption tale, and one very fitting to the guild.
  • @Lexen I can't say we have exactly had a million and one encounters. The ones we have had mostly were short until earlier. I still can't get over HE HUGGED HER!! It was so with the flow, and even during a raw moment, the true player showed through in how hard you've worked with making Lexen who he is. I am amazed to be honest. I wish that the RP didn't have to end when it did, but if I could do it again I totally would.

    I am not disappointed I am so beyond impressed with both your skills as a roleplayer, but for the quality of the writing you put out tonight. I really hope we can have some follow up RP and hopefully more of those moments that not only challenge Arista, but Lexen as well. Thank you so so much I think this was and will be one of my most memorable times. I really hope we can keep this going!
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    Lexen and Bene are an odd pairing. We haven't RP'd anywhere nearly as much as I would like, most of that usually owing to time difference issues.

    There is a significant darkness/other side to Lexen that Bene has only glimpsed and never fully. He is dutiful and fulfills his role admirably as Inquisitor for the Temps (a role that by necessity needs to utilize that darker side of him).

    Needless to say, I enjoy RPing with him and their interactions (however infrequent). I think there is much more to come in future. Please keep up the great work and the development of such a fully formed and well fleshed character.
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    Years ago Lexen was the object of Aloli's anger and some of her pain. She simply could not get rid of him or keep him away from her kids! They just loved him. Everywhere she turned there he was. She (and I) also had no idea that he would be the way he is or that she would come to trust him and even rely on him.

    Their story simply amazes me and if I can keep giving you kudos for the storyline and how it ended, I would.

    So I'll say I am truly fascinated by how honest and real you make Lex feel, you can easily show his history and the lessons he's learned, his reactions carry that personal growth and I simply love that.

    To say I took lessons from your writing would be a slight understatement.

    Hats off to you!

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  • Wow. I didn't even have to necromancy this thread this time. Thanks guys, for the flattering comments. I'm glad that others are having fun when interacting with Lexen. Believe me when I say that he tends to surprise me as well. Stupid characters and having a mind of their own.

  • NOW I'll necromancy the thread. Hit me with your best shot.

  • I have only intearcted with Lexen one or two times, but they've been interesting because Lexen comes across as a very capable leader, willing to do whatever is necessary for their city. It's a fun dynamic to find myself in. Hope to see more of it.

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    Gods damned slavedriver. Tekias defects, want to just chill and relax, but noooooooooo, thrust a position of power upon him, showing trust in a former enemy wanting to reform. Just can't stand the man.

    Great guy, can't wait to work more under him.
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    Lexen and Iesid almost got off in the wrong foot... and then they almost got off the wrong foot again. The Accords were not a good time for Iesid, and nor was the subsequent divorce shortly after. Lexen caught him at two times when he was being defiant and stubborn.

    I am glad they did not, however, let that rest. It meant meeting a rich character!

    Lexen is what I like to call a storied character. There's a lot of history in him and it seems like he has crossed through the tale of a lot of other characters on at least Spirit's side of the game. What that means is that he actually has a lot of relevance to a lot of people, and that is well deserved. I base this by the efforts out forth by the player behind the character. You have a splendid writing style and you keep in character very well. Lexen is a solid leader and that comes from somewhere.

    While Lexen and Iesid's current arc might have come to a close with him becoming Seer (or so it feels, right now), I am sure something will crop up, though not soon enough. These things just take time! We almost had that a few days ago, even. :wink:
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    Does Lexen still smell like a full pot of resto salve?
  • Eliadon said:

    Does Lexen still smell like a full pot of resto salve?

    This particular revenge will be sweet when it is realized. Revenge is best served cold. It's coming!

  • Some big changes recently. Back for a little thread necromancy. I'm getting to RP with some people I haven't really had a shot at in years, so it's neat to see what new things this will bring.

  • Danke, dass du mir geholfen hast, den Laden zu kaufen, mein Freund! Ich arbeite sehr gerne daran!
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