Little Bird

KerrynKerryn The Black Flagon Inn
A chill breeze ripples through the air around you.

You have emoted: Kerryn shivers and looks around her office.

"I see you, little Abbess," comes a voice that wraps around the corners of the room.

"I seeeeee you."

You have emoted: Kerryn's ears swivel about anxiously, "I umm.. don't see You." she says quietly, "Whom might You be?"

You suddenly feel weary and tired.

Your exhausted mind can stay awake no longer, and you fall into a deep sleep.

An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the distinct impression of movement.

Before an enormous cage.
You stand before an enormous cage in the midst of a forest, though the background far off in the distance is little more than a blurry haze. Strange, almost animal-like sounds resonate around you, but each noise bears no striking similarity to anything you've yet heard before.
There are no obvious exits.

Omei releases a loud yawn, Her form laid down within the massive cage before you. She's sprawled out rather comfortably in this cage of Hers with Her back leaned against the cool metal bars.

You have emoted: Kerryn blinks quickly, her head tilting slightly, "Lady Omei." she says, pressing her right palm against her left fist and bowing respectfully.

"Lady," Omei dismissively regards with a bored moan, Her eyes rolling as she lazily shifts to regard you with a cant of Her head. "Little Abbess, what brings you to My cage?" She inquires.

Tapping Her nose thoughtfully, Omei, the Beast Queen says, "Dozing at your desk, mm? Being the Abbess tiring those weary little limbs of yours."

You have emoted: Kerryn lifts a paw to nervously rub at the back of her neck, "Well." she says
slowly, "I have been working rather hard lately." Dropping her paw back to her side she adds with a smile, "Though I must admit, it is nice to see You."

"Nice to see Me?" Omei nearly growls out. In a flash She's on Her feet, fingers curled in a steely
vice around the bars that constrain Her. "You call it NICE to see Me in this cage?"

You have emoted: Kerryn seems unphased by the outburst, but she does bow her head politely, "Yes. I am glad to see You." she repeats, "For it means You are still with Us." her gaze lifts to search the cage. "Is this where You've been all this time?" she asks, her lips pulling into a frown. "Who put You here? Why?"

The sounds of the jungle are quiet as the darkness covers the eternal green.

"I slumber," Omei retorts rather exhaustedly, Her shoulders slumping as She releases a breath.
"Sleeping, sleeping, tossing and turning," the Goddess continues as She erupts into a slow pace
around the cage. "You, My darling little Abbess, have a history with Me," She regards, each word
punctuated with a meaningful stomp that sends trembles through the ground. "Of course, it's no wonder your little on-the-job nap brought you to Me."

A low growl from somewhere in the nearby foliage reminds you of the lingering danger of the night.

You have emoted: "Only a little." Kerryn clarifies, "Surely Your own would be easily pulled to You
before well..." she gestures to herself, "Me." she glances over her shoulder at the sound of the
growl, unable to stop herself from unconsciously stepping closer to You within the cage.

Omei purses Her lips ever-so-thoughtfully as She halts on a heel to regard you. "Have you ever
dreamed of flying, little dove?" She inquires. "Spreading wings, and taking flight, hiiigh above the ground, breathing in the air and enjoying the unsolicited freedom it brings with it?" She steps towards the bars of the cage, Her plum-colored eyes bright with a glowing sort of wonder as She speaks.

A sudden bout of vertigo overcomes your senses, your surroundings fading in a blur as the feeling of movement bombards your limbs. When reality solidifies once more, you are in the cage. With Her.

You have emoted: Kerryn sways on her feet as if seeking to find her balance suddenly. "I.. I.." she stammers. "Suppose we all may have such dreams." she admits. Finding her balance she looks relieved and straightens her stance.

"Look at yourself, little bird," Omei urges, Her eyes widening as they dawn a reflective sort of
property to them. You see yourself in the reflection of Her eyes, and yet it isn't you. You are a
bird. A dove. Small, yet covered in a brilliant gray plumage. "Fly," She more so breathes than
commands, Her hands outstretched towards the top of the cage.

Her words resonate within you, almost commanding your limbs as they swirl through your mind. You feel compelled to spread your wings. You NEED to spread your wings.


You have emoted: Kerryn looks down at herself, eyes widening as she straightens and begins to flap her wings, soon she is airborne. With some effort she stays near the cage as she flies circles around it.

"Yes, yes, that's good little dove," Omei encouragingly coos with an onwards gesture of Her hands. "Fly through the cage, make your escape." The ceiling of the cage is undoubtedly metal, and yet at the same time even this is something that's questionable. There's quite a chance you could fly right through it if you so desired.

You have emoted: Kerryn takes You advice, altering her course and flying faster in an effort to
escape the cage.

BOOM. You make contact with the assuredly-metal ceiling of the cage and feel the wind rush from your teeny tiny little dove lungs as you're propelled to the ground, crumpling upon its steel surface in a battered heap.

Omei releases a disappointed 'tsk tsk' sort of noise as She crouches down next to your crumpled form, Her countenance visibly hurt. "There there little dove, I feel your pain," She says, Her tone soothing, yet understanding as She lifts a finger to stroke at the feathers upon your head.

You have emoted: Kerryn lays upon her back on the bottom of the cage, her right leg sticking up in the air, twitching.

Her tone shifting, dawning a raspy growl, Omei, the Beast Queen says, "I can't escape either. Why won't they let me fly?"

An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the distinct impression of movement.

You open your eyes and yawn mightily.

You have emoted: Kerryn jumps up from her desk, frantically looking over her office before patting herself down. A quiet sigh escaping her as she feels her normal Raja like form beneath her paws.

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