What curing systems are available?

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Title should make the purpose of this thread self-explanatory: I'm looking for a curing system. Usually I'm pretty good at being able to find out these things for myself, but so far the only thing my searching has turned up is mixed answers and a lot of uncertainty.

For what it's worth, Ainsley is an undead rajamala. She's an apprentice in the Carnifex class and lives in Bloodloch. I don't have plans to get into pvp, so that sort of versatility isn't necessary, but who knows? Basic support for utility things, curing and hunting, etc., is the main thing I'm looking for.

I'm really bad about client-hopping. When I played Lusternia, I alternated between the web client and MUSH. I didn't stay in Imperian long enough to graduate from the simplicity of the web client. When I played Achaea, I was pretty heavy on the web client, but I remember tinkering with Mudlet a few times, which is what I use currently when I play Midkemia.

So far, I've only been nibbling at Aetolia using the web client, but I think I'm falling in love. Which means that the time has come to leave the web client behind and move on. That being said, I have both major clients Mudlet and MUSH. To be honest, though, I'd prefer a curing system for Mudlet over MUSH, since it's what I'm most familiar with right now.


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    Project Source is decent. You need to write offensive stuff for PvP but for defensive stuff and bashing it has worked great for me as a praenomen so far.
  • Firstaid, the in-game curing system, is rock solid and reliable. You can easily get by with just an adjunct system to shift your curing priorities around.

    Or if you don't want to do top-tier 1v1 PvP, you can just turn firstaid on and let it roll as-is and it'll cover the vast majority of your curing needs without a problem.
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    Given your relative newcomer status, it might fit you just fine to use Firstaid as @Vaskar suggested and then begin to supplement that with your own (very light) scripting in the webclient. IRE has recently expanded its capabilities with a really nice interface to help you build stuff without much code. If Firstaid is handling your healing, you'd really only need the basics for hunting and things like that, and attempting to build it yourself might even be easier than trying to adapt someone else's system to your preferences.
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  • Project Source like Mordtrius said, is available. And its free and you can find it on forums. There's also a clan you can ask many of us to be brought in to should you have questions about whats going on with the system.
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    I too am after a system. Though not just curing based. I'm also willing to pay. Not sure who's still running stuff! Inbox me or something.
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