SanFransisco Worlds!? Aetolia Meet?! Vacation!

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Heyo girls and bois!

League of Legends Worlds is being hosted in North America for the first time. More specifically, in Sanfransisco (group stages) and LA (Finals). I just got a new place that's about 40 minutes away from SFO, and I decided to host a Worlds party and use my new place as something of a vacation house for my buds that wanted to come out this way.

I started a discussion a few days ago with these guys and things are looking really promising. At this point my house is gonna be pretty packed so I can't accept anymore people, otherwise I'd love to let you stay over. Still, my place will be a base of operations if you will, as I live about 45 minutes from Sanfransisco. Myself and @Dhagon know Sanfransisco pretty well and we'll be more than happy to be tour guides.

Initially I was going to make this a non-aetolian thing, but then a good number of Aetolians expressed interests in coming. At this point I thought it 'd be a good idea to just open it up for any Aetolians that wanted to participate and we can get a minimeet/vacation going. The list of Aetolians that are interested in coming, or have already pledged to come is as follows:

@Draiman - "The only thing that's stopping me from making it out there is death."
@Desian - Pending if/when he gets deployed
@Dhagon - Will be with us by default because he lives 5 minutes away from me

General Plan: There's two weekends of events happening. Sep 29th - Oct 2nd. Oct 6th - Oct 9th
Both of these are Thursday - Sunday weekends. I don't have accurate information on prices for tickets to get into Worlds yet. I'll post it as soon as I do. Most of everyone that's coming is shooting for the September 29th-Oct 2nd dates, so everyone else should too. The only exception is @Draiman who is just gonna stay with me for both weekends. I live in Antioch, CA (94509).

If you're interested in coming, I'd recommend that you get a hotel out this way. Either that or I could possibly fit a few people on my floor. You'd have to bring your own sleeping bag. If you want to stay in Sanfransisco, be my guest. Just know that it's a bit pricey out there.

There will be plenty of booze, naturally. I'm going to try to provide food for everyone, but I still recommend you bring your own money for food etc. I go pretty hard in the kitchen though. Your pick. There's also a convenience store that's right around the corner from my house. You can walk there in a minute flat.

You'll also need to bring your own money for worlds tickets. As far as what days we're going, we're not sure yet. But we're likely not going to go to Worlds -all- 4 days. We are very likely going to take a day or two off to just chill and hang out in the city. Go see the Exploratorium, Aquarium, Pier 39, Museums, etc. I'm going to likely end up renting one of those 15 passenger vans pending on how many people are coming.

You can either slide in my DM's, or you can respond to this post directly if you have questions.
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  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    Not a LoL fan but eventually I need to hit up Cali to see my buddy and my girlfriend's brother.  Would entail San Fran and San Diego,  I'll try to remember to hit you up
  • I'm not 100% on if I'll be able to go, but damn I wanna go to worlds (and I guess hang out with those guys <3). If I do go, I'll be getting an air bnb in SF. Assuming I go, I'd be open to coordinating and splitting the accommodations possibly.

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