Having trouble hunting as unclassed circle 63 character, any ideas?

MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48

Firstly I am copying a lot of my stats at the end of this post.

This whole post may contain minor hunting spoilers.

So for RP reasons my character is currently an unclassed rogue undead Grecht and is circle 63. I feel I may be starting to reach a limit on his bashing capabilities but am hoping I'm wrong and just missing something.

Currently the strongest things I have found huntable are the dwarf priests in the Cathedral of Gloaming and these were giving about 2% experience each last time I paid attention. The spirits in the same place got close to killing him so I leave them alone. He has trouble with azdun's spiders due to my WIP bashing system not handling being disarmed well and having no GRIPPING skill available. He/I handle multiple mobs badly and he got killed temple of Sonn and retreated from the dwarf guards in Khauskin. I used to hunt in moghedu on my older characters but it seems it is no longer possible to enter there after attacking them and making yourself an enemy.

He uses what I believe to be decent stat buckler, scalemail, and longsword (see spoiler sections below).

He has trans avoidance and weaponry skill and uses the typical statpack (due to the endurance + exp bonus mainly). I have his full skill list below.

He can strike with his sword every 3.25 seconds and it takes him 3 hits to kill a cultist in Great Rock and 2 hits to kill one of the canines.

Any ideas on good places to try hunting/different ways to go about things?

+ Mordtrius -----------------------------------------------------------------+
| Race:   Undead Grecht     | Health:  2851/2851  | Endurance: 13000/13000   |
| Sex:    Male              | Mana:    3009/3009  | Willpower: 13945/13945   |
+ LEVEL --------------------------------| NEXT LEVEL ------------------------+
| Indomitable (63)                      | 33.53% (617748/1842113)            |
+ RANKINGS -----------------------------+------------------------------------+
| Experience:  505th                    | Combat: Unranked                   |
| Exploration: a Rambler (#368)                                              |
+ GENERAL INFORMATION -------------------------------------------------------+
| You are 18 years old.                                                      |
| You were born on the 20th of Lanosian, 439 MA.                             |
| You hold no class.                                                         |
| You do not meet the requirements to become a mentor.                       |

+ Mordtrius ------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Strength     : 14      Dexterity    : 13      Timeout   : 10 minutes    |
| Intelligence : 13(+1)  Constitution : 12(-1)  Statpack  : Typical       |
+-- Resistances ------------------------+-- Avoidance -------------------------+
        Cutting |   0%   0%  50%    25%         Dodge Chance |  11%  14%
          Blunt |   0%   0%  50%    25%        Divert Chance |  30%  30%
          Magic |   0%   1%   0%     1%         Divert Block |  15%  15%
           Fire |  10%   1%   0%    11% +-- Miscellaneous ---------------------+
           Cold |  10%   1%   0%    11%     Experience Bonus | 10%
       Electric |   0%   1%   0%     1%         Crit. Chance | 5.48%
         Poison |  10%   1%   0%    11%             Celerity | 3 r/ps
        Psychic |   0%   1%   0%     1%         Health Drain | 0
   Asphyxiation |   0%   5%   0%     5%           Mana Drain | 0
         Spirit |   0%   0%   0%     0%      Willpower Drain | 0
         Shadow |  10%   0%   0%    10%      Endurance Drain | 0
  Resistances: Defences, Miniskills, Armour
    Avoidance: PvP, PvE
Typical defenses:
+----- [ Defense List ] ---------------------------------------- ( 11:51pm - 27/03/2016 ) -----+

-=[Unmaintained Defenses]=-
You are wearing a suit of scalemail for protection.
You are riding a donkey.

      Parry (left leg) [R]
      Boar - Manual
      Mindseye [R]
      Moon - Manual
      Mountain - Manual
      Moss - Manual
      Energetic [R]
      Heat [R]
      Sileris [R]
      Blindness [R]
      Deafness [R]
      Levitation [R]
      Waterbreathing [R]
      Thirdeye [R]
      Deathsight [R]
      Insulation [R]
      Speed [R]
      Insomnia [R]
      Venom [R]
      Divert [R]
      Dodge [R]

-=[Missing Defenses]=-
      Vigor - Manual
      Divine_speed - Manual

+----- [ Current: 23 Missing: 2 ] ------------------------------ ( 11:51pm - 27/03/2016 ) -----+
This armour can be used by your class.
Divert bonus: +0%   Dodge malus: -0%
Cutting protection:    33   (22% resistance)
Blunt protection:      33   (22% resistance)
A buckler has no venoms or magical effects on it.
It is a one-handed weapon and can be used to parry.
You are proficient with this weapon.
Damage: 158  Penetration: 68  Speed: 93  Type: Cutting
A razor-edged longsword of beveled steel has no venoms or magical effects on it.
This armour can be used by your class.
Divert bonus: +2%   Dodge malus: -2%
Cutting protection:    43   (29% resistance)
Blunt protection:      43   (29% resistance)
A suit of scalemail has no venoms or magical effects on it.


  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    Sorry, meant to include his AB output:
    General Skills        Rank
    Avoidance             100%  Transcendent
    Survival              60%   Skilled
    Tattoos               94%   Novice
    Vision                26%   Capable
    Weaponry              100%  Transcendent
    Mercantile Skills     Rank
    Reanimation           94%   Novice
    Mini Skills           Rank
    Antidotes             1%    Adept
    Constitution          1%    Adept
    Frost                 1%    Adept
    Fitness               2%    Gifted
    Galvanism             1%    Adept
    Horsemanship          5%    Fabled
    Philosophy            1%    Adept
    Refining              0%    Inept
    Thermology            1%    Adept
  • VaskarVaskar Member Posts: 57 ✭✭✭
    Get a class or buy the artifact bashing scepter.

    That's really all there is to it, IMO. The game is designed around players picking up a class and that's really all there is to it. You can handle the disarm thing with a fist sigil, but your main issues come from low DPS and a lack of class-based defenses and utility. You can solve the DPS with the scepter, but you can't really solve the defensive issue short of getting a class.
  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    Hmmm yes, I supposed such may be the case. It also looks like becoming an nightstalker and holding off on full Consanguine won't help much considering fortify and warding are above the novice level and frenzy might not do more damage at that level of corpus. Sigh, i'll see if I can do something without resorting to accelerating my plans but sounds like I may need to go the traditional route sooner than expected.
  • KerrynKerryn The Black Flagon InnMember Posts: 270 ✭✭✭✭
    Alternative, is to have someone drag you around so you can leech xp. Lot of nice people, willing to help others bashing.

  • KonnornKonnorn Member Posts: 300 ✭✭✭✭
    You could also become a Lycan in order to remain rogue. That's a good way to stay with the rogue theme, but still get a class that you can put lessons into and will give you rather decent skills to work with.


  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    @konnorn Interesting idea. I like it, and will probably do it in any case. It mentions in the help files that the skills from your primary class transfer over up to fabled. Do you know what happens if I learn into ferality/shapeshifting before having a primary class? Do those lessons apply to my eventual primary class skill or are they "wasted"?
  • TozToz Member Posts: 2,512 ✭✭✭✭✭
    They're wasted - you'll want to pick up a guild or House. The game isn't really designed with rogue in mind...sure you CAN go rogue, but you're going to suffer for it, so don't be surprised if there are things you flat-out can't do.

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  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    From my quick tests so far shapeshifter even at 0% skill is better than what I was doing. I grabbed nightstalker as well and am learning up to 100% adept but I'll compare it to 100% adept shapeshifter and use whichever seems better. Thanks for the advice! Should get me a bit more mileage before having to join a house and get embraced.
  • LimLim Member Posts: 603 ✭✭✭✭
    Appreciate what you're doing, btw. I hope the game is more fun for you with that handicap/commitment to your RP.
  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher Member Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fist sigil will stop you droppin g your weapon btw
  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    @jensen Ah yeah, I thought I remembered something like that but couldn't recall what the thing was. I kept thinking it was a chain. Thanks for the reminder.
  • IllidanIllidan Pray AreaMember Posts: 1,159 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Toz said:

    They're wasted - you'll want to pick up a guild or House. The game isn't really designed with rogue in mind...sure you CAN go rogue, but you're going to suffer for it, so don't be surprised if there are things you flat-out can't do.

    Pretty much all that needs to be said about it. You'll suffer far more than you'll gain. Unless you're just that dedicated to being rogue, then by all means, go for it.
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  • MordtriusMordtrius St Louis MOMember Posts: 48
    @illidan Yeah, I was planning on being "rogue" for only 1-2 in game years. I'm still hitting some problems, but overall 0% skilled shapeshifter seems to be doing pretty decent. I've also started fishing which is helping my exploring RP goal and my experience.
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's CradleMember Posts: 712 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quests will give you experience too, and there are plenty of them that don't necessarily require you to kill stuff!
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