Mending the Bridge

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This isn't an example of stellar roleplay on my end, but Chak's roleplay was awesome so I thought I'd share it. Thanks for being awesome, Chak!

Chak offered to become the Matron of Spinesreach after Avareti went dormant, but she has a rocky past with the Syssin, Eydis specifically. Chak kicked all of the Syssin from her order, including Eydis. Right before she booted her, she offered to let Eydis keep her order regalia but Eydis chose to stand with the Syssin and give it up. Now they're meeting (awkwardly) in Eydis' office.

An office of obsessively hoarded notes (51902) - Spinesreach (25)
So many scraps of parchment have been tacked to the walls of this office that it is
difficult to discern what color the walls themselves are painted. The notes appear to vary
in level of importance, some bearing the letterhead of the Republic, others displaying
sentences wandering into incomplete thoughts. The farthest reaches of the room have not
escaped the tyranny of the occupant's disorganized habits - papers of all sizes heap in
the corners and even disturb the would-be tranquility of the desk. Misbegotten quills, as
well as books with dog-eared pages, peek through the piles, while a few sit as triumphant
survivors in the crookedly affixed chairs. On the wall to the right is the outline of what
appears to be a tall human, immortalized with daggers, the weapons impressively placed as
if to disturb the Senator's scribbles as little as possible. Torches perch in each corner,
shadows reaching up like spindly fingers to caress the mural on the ceiling. Painted with
a careful hand, a richly colored lion glares into the pooling darkness ahead of him. Upon
closer inspection, a snake can be seen wrapping around a hind leg, scholars' robes cover
the opposite hind paw, and a staff lies across the two front legs. Beyond him, layers of
fog part to reveal the vague outline of the government spire standing vigilantly, as if to
ward off any and all who would oppose its lion.

Your surroundings ripple and distort, the faces and features around you momentarily taking
on a more sinister appearance as Chakrasul manifests.

Chakrasul ceases to wield an iron mace in Her left hand.

Chakrasul inclines Her head politely to those around Her.

Eydis looks up from an eagerly tacked piece of parchment on the wall to give Chakrasul a respectful nod. "Greetings, Lady. Please don't pay attention to my organizational habits," her smile is kind, but the corners of her lips betray a hint of embarrassment. "It is a work in progress," she assures.

"Hah, understood." Chakrasul states as She casually glances around the space, taking in
the surroundings. Without shifting Her gaze away from Her examinations, She continues, "So,
what did you wish to discuss?"

Giving a second nod, Eydis releases a breath as the smile seems to melt into a curious, but cautious, look. "I have received word that You wished to represent the city of Spinesreach as our next Patron. I, myself, would've been overjoyed to hear that a decade or so ago when I was Your follower. Now, of course, all of the Syssin and Spinesreach have concerns..." She lets the sentence trail off as she bites the inner corner of her lip.

Chakrasul shifts Her gaze towards you, a single brow arched, "I've always offered to be Matron to Spinesreach. However, that 'Avareti' was chosen instead. Such are things." Shrugging Her shoulders, She takes a small pause before speaking again, "Concerning the Syssin and Me - I have no hatred towards them. That is why I allowed them to remain in My congregation - I just didn't not trust some who had been scheming and providing intel about My inside goings ons to others. Now, however, I am far less worried and will likely open My ranks again."

Unable to hide the cool stare through her professional demeanor, Eydis lets her lip fall unhindered by her former apprehensive bite. "It saddens me that You would think so negatively about the Syssin since we only had respect and admiration for Your ways, we only acted within Your will." As she speaks, her words soften and she seems to blink away her previous ill will. "Regardless, if Your ranks will now be open to seventy-five percent of the city, I will inform the Senate that their concerns, and the concerns of the people, bear more reflection."

Chakrasul steps forward, reaching a hand up to grab gently at your chin - forcing a gaze to meet, "My dear, it was more that I did not trust My Brother, who had a heavy hand in you all during that time. I had things He did not need to know, and found out that some of that had slipped into His hands." She slowly releases the grip, letting Her hand fall back to Her side, "Now, I have nothing to hide. If this sort of thing were to happen again, I could not harm Me or Mine. So, if the Syssin wish to study the Spiral once again - I will welcome them openly."

Firmly, Chakrasul, Dark Mother says, "And know that I never doubted YOU, specifically."

Chakrasul, Dark Mother frowns and says, "Just..another."

Her jade eyes staring into Your own, Eydis seems startled at first but regains her composure quickly, her gaze only interrupted by the anxious flicker of her eyelids. She lets out a breath as You speak, likely choosing to concentrate on Your words and not the angry pounding of her heart. Once she is released she parts her lips, her eyes narrowing like any words she forms would be arrows in search of a target. Instead, she offers a hollow reply - "I'll be sure to relay as much."

Chakrasul nods Her head at you.

Chakrasul, Dark Mother says, "Anything else you wish to speak on?"

With a polite incline of her head, you say to Chakrasul, "Nothing comes to mind. I
appreciate You seeing me."

Chakrasul, Dark Mother smiles and says, "Of course."

Chakrasul, Dark Mother has bestowed a divine blessing upon you. It will last for 3 days.

Chakrasul, Dark Mother says, "Go with My strength, Eydis."

Chakrasul inclines Her head politely to those around Her.

A mirage-like ripple passes over Chakrasul's limbs, blurring and unnaturally distorting
them until She altogether vanishes.

The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "Actually.."

Chakrasul, Dark Mother neutralizes Her feelings towards you.

Arcs of amethyst energy streak across the firmament as the blessing of Chakrasul empowers
the Syssin.

(Syssin): Fezzix says, "Well this is unexpected. Thank You, if You're listening."

(Syssin): Chakrasul says, "It is a start to hoping we can mend the bridge, so to speak.


(Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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