Fishing module.

Hello! This is a Mudlet package that automates some of the more annoying parts of fishing. It handles automatically leading/reeling in fish, casting and cutting. It also includes a means of automatically keeping track of fishing holes and pathing to them based on a short or incomplete string. The package requires GMCP for a couple of minor things (checking if you are mounted and tracking the room vnum).

What this module does not do:
  • Automatically keep track of fishing holes as you discover them - you need to enter FISHING DISCERN yourself for that.
  • Intelligently lead or reel fish. I don't have the skill rank to have worked out an optimal algorithm for this yet. It just leads them to 0 and then spams reel.
  • Track your bucket contents.
  • Track XP or gold per fish or hole.
  • Cut the line if you run out of fish to catch.
  • Path automatically between fishing holes.
Here is an example of the output of the fishing hole tracker.

Full syntax is as follows:
  • afish - Toggles autofishing on and off. If you are currently fishing and turn it off, it will cut the line
  • fgo blah - Searches the fishing hole list for 'blah' (case insensitive) and returns results. If there is only one result, it will path you to that vnum.
  • fishing search [full] blah - Lists matches for 'blah'. If full is specified, lists details such as fish count.
Using 'fishing discern' will automatically add the fishing hole to your database and update the 'unfamiliar creatures' status if present or previously present and now gone.

This is the first time I have made a Mudlet package so feedback and advice is appreciated. Also, a final reminder: fishing generates XP and gold so you should be at the keyboard at all times while using this. Don't blame me if you get banned.

Here is a download link for the module. You can install it by opening Mudlet, connecting to Aetolia, selecting Package Manager in the top menu, then Install, then navigating to the package.



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