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I have to be honest here and say that I am seriously disappointed. That's an understatement, but I'm bound to be a little bit polite as I have tremendous respect for those up in the Administration when it comes to their hard work.

Very recently there were some changes to the maps in some regions. Not small changes, they were quite large to be honest. They include the following changes:

- new entrance to Bloodloch
- new path into the Festering Wastes from the desert
- removal of the path between the Festering Wastes and Dun, as well as Bloodwood.
- complete removal of the village Kornar
- small alterations in the water system in the Festering Wastes, including the entrance to the Lich Gardens (not removing rooms, just shifting them around and making it necessary to re-map the exits)

What upsets me about all this is not that it made it necessary for me to re-map the things, taking time away from other stuff. That's my own choice, since I use a different map than the game map. It's not even that some of the changes seem arbitrary to me, serving no purpose other than perhaps someone's strange sense of humor in messing people, like shifting the exit between two already existing rooms from northwest-southeast to north-south instead of leaving it be.

What gets me going is the fact that there are no post about the changes. There's no announce post, no forum post, no changelog or even event post. An entire village has disappeared without trace and there's.... nothing. Not one single word about it.

I love you guys up in Pools. You know I have respect for you and I know you have a lot of work to do and there's a lot of stuff going on as a volunteer, but please. Could we set up some form of standard when it comes to changes where people are notified about them?



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    Teani said:

    Common sense about transparency regarding updates.

                 Faaaaaaaaaaabulous!                                          Adorable!                                                               UHMAYZING!

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    It got changed around because the Festering Waste was, if you read the descriptions of it, right smack bang in the middle of the Itzatl. So rooms speaking of the ocean were removed and a couple of other strange links like Dun Valley are getting re positioned and references to Saluria being located to the north got rewritten.

    If you're disappointed, sorry, but it was horribly put together.

    Kornar will come back I'm just deciding on where to place it. I've been busy lately with non-Aetolia things.

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    @Keroc Keroc, I think we're missing the point a little. I think that changelogs about the horrible nature of Festering Wastes and the terrible layout are wanted. Not that you're wrong about doing it. Just so people aren't like 'the unicorns, I know this was here....Where did it go...'

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    I can understand that people want to know what's going on. Once we're done a changelog will be put up about it. It's mostly just minor map changes, nothing huge.

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    Changing the exit from Bloodloch from west to north was huge. Probably the biggest thing since Ylem introduction. Do not try to play this down @Keroc
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    (Tells): The Divine voice of Keroc echoes in your head, "Just curious, but are you trolling or actually serious about your post?"

    (Tells): The Divine voice of Keroc echoes in your head, "I'm.. honestly not sure."


    Yes, I am trolling.
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    "Hey, reworking the tangled mess of an area called Festering Wastes, so if things change in and around there, you know why! Oh, and altered the entrance to Bloodloch while I was at it. *sniggers evilly*" is a perfectly sensible changelog entry, as it points out things will happen in there and that they're not done. It makes for less confusion if it's spoken of before people get thrown in there.

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