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I have been trying to come back to Aetolia for quite a while now, I mostly just log in quickly and then realise I'm not sure what to do before quickly logging back out. When I was playing actively I was part of the Atabahi. I sort of disappeared for a while during the changeover so I missed out on any RP to be had around that time. I've pretty much lost all context to Shapeshifters and the whole Ylem thing since then.

I logged on yesterday and turned to some hunting. My instant reaction was 'Wooah.. I don't remember Shapeshifter hunting to be so weak. Njiell is currently level 83 but everything I'm going up against is wrecking me quickly. I'm speaking of areas supposed designed around my level in the AREAS command. Is it just me or has combat changed? I may have missed announce posts but it seems like I'm weaker than I've ever been as a lycanthrope.

I suppose this brings me onto the second thing, should I join another guild and start working on a more viable class? Right now I'm focussed on PvE so I'm not so worried about the PvP viability as a class, that's an afterthought for me. I enjoy being part of Bloodloch, it also has a lot to do with my background so I'm not so eager to jump ship to another city.

Anyway, any advice to the above would be great and anything else you want to add that you think is pertinent to the game state right now would be great.


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    Woooooah, there's an old name I haven't seen for a while.

    Hi, welcome back, for a start.

    As a follow up, Shapeshifter hunting is about the same as its always been. Generally speaking you'll want to be a bit higher than what AREAS suggests anyway. At least that's what I've found personally, and observed some others finding.

    As far as joining a Guild, that's really a decision you'll have to make yourself. Bloodloch has some cool guilds, (Teradrim, Indorani to name two) as well as the Carnifex who are affiliated with both Bloodloch and Spinesreach.

    Really though, Shapeshifter as a class is no less viable for PVE than it was. I often bash in Shapeshifter. Yes, your physical defense is quite low, but compared to a number of other classes your damage output is quite high and fast, and the damage you take can be offset quite a bit by using the healing howls, and a vigor elixir, or whatever the undead equivalent is if you're undead.
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    Cheers Kelliara! Same to you ;)

    Oh really? It may just be that I am not used to playing, but I definitely don't seem or feel as durable. Like I said, could just be me. I suppose that seems reasonable yeah.

    It certainly does, especially the Teradrim and Carnifex which I think would gel well with Njiell's way of thinking. It is an interesting cross-roads to be at, not necessarily bad. Thanks for the advice anyway. Hopefully bump into you IG soon!
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