Potential Retiree Relocating Here

I have two questions.

First, which org or guilds have the most hardcore RP here? I've heard in the past that Aetolia is RP heavy, but which have the heaviest RP characters and environments most pervaded by RP and that the idea that RP is important?

Second, how much of a pain is managing curatives here? Lusternia has the liquid rift - does Aetolia have a similar solution? Dealing with all those decaying vials in Achaea always got on my nerves.



  • I can answer the second, while I'm still awake. Recently, admins implemented a Fluidcache (ie. Liquid Rift) that you can connect to a vial without having to bother with teardrop runes.

    They are currently deciding on whether to make venoms a catch-all rag, or to have multiple rag management (though it can still be stored in the fluidcache).

    Herbs and Slices are much the same as Achaea's rift.

    Undead have some special curing things like Poultices (salves) and Syringes (pipes), but other than that, it is pretty standard.

  • Another question. Are the Templars a very RP heavy guild? I'm a sucker for Knight RP.
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    First it really depends on what game you're retiring from? If you're retiring from Achaea, then yes, most cities & guilds here will be quite rp intensive as longform roleplay is not prevalent in most of the other IRE games. And it also depends on what style of roleplay you're looking for. Having rolled a novice in most of the cities (except Duiran... I can't do nature), I'd say Bloodloch would be the most militaristic (see combat focused) and is not lacking in the "cruel" roleplay department. "Twilight" (no, not the movie) is a prevalent theme here. I'd liken the city a bit to Achaea's Mhaldor and I think I got along very well here with some of the players. Spinesreach has some cleverly twisted roleplay and the easiest of the cities for me to get involved with as a novice. Both in roleplay and politically. I found it to be less evil than Bloodloch, but still retaining a lot of the qualities I like about shadow aligned roleplay. Enorian is the last city I tried, because I have a thing for playing Priestly characters. The culture revolves around "Light" and has several Gods which it serves. I found it hard to break into any stride in this city, because the character I rolled is not the least bit charismatic, gives two sh*ts about gossip, and very independent/loner. If you're looking for roleplay opportunities, you can definitely find them here, but it would help you more to roll an Enorian character before rolling a Spinesreach character. If you go the other way around, you -will- be overwhelmed.

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    Edai said:

    Another question. Are the Templars a very RP heavy guild? I'm a sucker for Knight RP.

    I believe there is a split between the more combat focused and then the rp intensive people in this guild. From what I can tell, the knight roleplay is overflowing in Templar.

    Disclaimer: I do not play a Templar, but the few people I find my character gets along with are from here.

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    Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

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  • Well, I like both RP and PVP. I'm retiring from Lusternia, but also have a character in MKO, where longform roleplay is also very prevalent. I'm really into that sort of thing, which is why I want to retire to Aetolia and not, say, Imperian.
  • as a brand new novice, I'd actually warn people away from Enorian, I'm not so sure about it now, since it's been a year or so since I last participated, and that was when @moirean was still in charge of it, but I'd say go Carnifex, they're a rogue knight guild, militaristic as crap, and the RP there is overflowing. As in, I recall that it was extremely common for someone in command to call a fall-in for ALL novices and ANYONE who was below a certain rank, with a prompt inspection of gear, a quiz, and more invitation to RP. In fact, I can recall a particular time whilst I was a novice there where we were asked about weakness, and I pointed at a present older-ranked Carnifex who was a vampire, and I straight up said "an addiction to blood is a weakness in my eyes, a reliance on a substance before going crazy"...and then promptly had my teeth kicked in within a sparring area within the guildhall for the insult, but it was actually pretty fun, even was ordered to scrub the latrine afterwards, and actually had someone stand there and RP with me as I was emoting scrubbing the latrine.

    and no, it's not catchall evil..hasn't been for a long while.. the Carnifex Knight class also has warhounds. and I'd say go for Spinesreach over Enorian, because the time I tried there, I felt ignored for the most part when I was trying to ask questions, and if you're craving RP, though Carnifex doesn't exactly require a guild since it's a "rogue guild" with a guildhall outside of the cities. (Which isn't to say it doesn't have a mini-guildhall in both Bloodloch AND Spinesreach)
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    I'd say most of the guilds emphasize roleplay and have the potential to be roleplay intensive, depending on your investment and what you're looking for thematically. For knight RP, you have both the Templar (Spirit) and Carnifex (Shadow) as options. Syssin have a pretty consistently high population and lots of roleplay, as do the Illuminai, I believe. But even smaller guilds can deliver high-quality roleplay, if that's what you're looking for!
  • Edai said:

    Another question. Are the Templars a very RP heavy guild? I'm a sucker for Knight RP.

    Hey there, Templar here.

    We've got our fair share of combat junkies, but we're a pretty RP heavy guild. In fact, after the basic advancements in the guild, the steps toward Knighthood, and after, are almost entirely RP based. I'm sure others have had their rough experiences with Enorian or Templar, but this is my first character and I've found that I really love both the city and the guild.

    We're a bit more rule strict than, say, the Carnifex, but we're a Knightly order, so it's to be expected. That said, if your RP includes being that recruit that needs to be whipped into shape, that's totally acceptable! If you've got questions or anything like that still, feel free to contact me. Speaking as both a highly active member of the guild AND someone who started there are a newbie looking for RP more than combat, I think it's a great spot to start and full of some of the best rpers I've met.
  • Edai said:

    Another question. Are the Templars a very RP heavy guild? I'm a sucker for Knight RP.

    I'm not sure what @Xandren is on about, but Enorian and the Templar are a pretty awesome place to be if you want to be on the less "Kill everything just 'cause" side of things.

    The Templar themselves (I'm the GM of the Temps, btw) are very RP oriented. We focus on a military-like atmosphere. in the guild, GuildRank3 is a 'full member' but GR5 is 'Knighthood' where once reached we host a RP knighting ceremony. The Knighthood rank is more leadership-focused, which is why it's a bit higher level and it isn't a requirement, but a choice. We have a core ethos of values and purposes that knighthood is focused on and a lot of active lore roleplayed upon.

    We're the less zealotus faction of Enorian, focusing on honor, truth and justice along with protecting the weak and those that can't defend themselves and as such we tend to be the go-to if there is an issue in Enorian or any of it's territories. We tend to roleplay as the people looking for truth, rather than blind justice and a lot of us have mediated on crazy conflicts where npc's lives and livelihoods were at stake.

    We aren't just a 'PvP' based guild, in fact a lot of our players don't actively practice in the pvp scene. It is required that you know how to at least defend yourself (which is capable through Fistaid, so no external system needed) and be able to 'defend the weak at the risk of your own life,' but that is part of the RP of the guild.

    We are very firm with our ranks and respecting those of a higher rank and so on. If you have an specific questions, please feel free to ask away and I'll answer the best I can.
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    Though not in the guild due to IC stuff, I played Carnifex for RL years and was sort of @Moirean's partner-in-crime for that time. Carnifex are pretty RP heavy but small - they've only got a few people playing, which is a shame. If you join, be ready to get involved in at least a little PK as we require it (soldiers more than knights, focus on violence). @Kanivara, @Xenia, @Jura, @Carivah, @Jensen, @Satomi to list a few Carnifex folks I've seen RPing/RP'd with. Carnifex are anal about respect too, until you manage full member (Tainted Knight), up 'til then you're expected to obey orders and get 'molded' into what a Carnifex should be.

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  • I'm under the impression that most of the guilds will offer you RP, I've had run-ins and interacted with people from the various guilds and have always left appreciating the different flavors they provide to Aetolia. I'm the GM of the Carnifex, and haven't exactly branched out and made multiple characters so I don't know what the other options have to offer from a personal experience, but from an outsiders, there seems to be a lot going on in most places.

    The attitude of the Carnifex and how the relationship between their novices and the knights starts out very distant and cold. This is not to suggest novices are ignored, but instead are shoved immediately into a hard line, strict set of rules which have nothing to do with notions of chivalry or honor. Instead the laws and attitude made towards training fixate on shaping the individual into someone who can control and sculpt the world around them.

    Thematically the Carnifex tend towards a pursuit of strength, and in to a lesser extent, power. This said, not everyone in the guild is heavily invested in PK so this plight takes on a number of different shapes and forms.

  • I'm sort of on the other side of things. Aetolia is the only IRE game I haven't really given a good try, but hrm. I mean, I have managed to fit in pretty decently in MKO, despite being fairly intimidated by the brand of RP there at the outset, which seems to be similar in some ways to what you might see here. But basically, I usually dislike "serious RP" and will want to quietly avoid it as much as I can, even though I think it is worth noting that if I didn't believe that a world should feel alive in some way, I'd probably be playing WoW.

    I also spent 20 years in the Air Force and have pretty much zero desire to play "lowly recruit being drilled by Sergeant". I'm not thrilled with the idea of clawing my way up to "surly knight and you'd better call me sir", either (why are rigid "lord" type hierarchies soooo popular in MUDs... why is there never an awesome egalitarian Viking trope, with a band of warriors who respect their leader's combat prowess and wisdom, and follow him simply out of respect for that... but it is, it just is) :/

    Anyway, I heard Carnifex is an interesting class, and so that's where I landed. But long term, I am worried about staying under the radar. I am curious, how have other people who aren't "serious" RP people managed to fit in and not get called out and not piss anyone off? I mean, I know I definitely want to maintain a little file of things to do and not do. For example, simple things are, the Carnifex have a uniform, which consists of a coat, shirt, and skirt/kilt/pants, so you'll want to make sure you know where you can buy those if they decay. Use the "carnisalute" emote to everyone in the guild. Look at person's title and always address by title if you have to talk to them. Keep quiet. Is that enough to get me by? So far, the one person I've really talked to was really helpful and was very open to the idea of discussing OOC things in an OOC way. That alone is actually a huge plus. There is a kind of player who wants to discuss EVERYTHING IC, but will get royally pissy if you don't understand a cryptic IC explanation of say, complex combat mechanics, and this person was more than willing to talk about coding and pretty much anything so long as it was on an OOC channel (which is pretty much how we do things in Imperian, too). So that was a relief, and hopefully indicative of at least some of the population.
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    Speaking as someone who practically has 0 RP, its quite possible. Granted, Zsadist is a complete ass ICly if you piss him off or if he's disgruntled, you can stay under the radar. However, if you become a combatant and get good at it, you become known. Plus it also gets to the point of the egalitarian Viking concept you want, where everyone knows you're good and likely either a) targets you first, or b) won't fuck with you.... either way you get respect for combat alone.

    Almost 99% of my communication is with Coribhell, both IC and OOC. So to answer your question, yes, you can still get by and be who you want without being a serious RPer and not get called out. And by all means, if you wanna ask more questions, you can ask me OOC as well.
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  • @Jules,

    you'll do fine, in the end it's meant to be a game where you have fun playing it however you want to play it (this of course is within limitations that have more to do with following rules). There are plenty of people who are casual with their RP in that they do what you just outlined, and then speak when they've something to communicate while spending the majority of their time chatting away in clans or webs.

    Nobody's going to get uppity at you for not being a "serious" RPer and as always, play the game the way you want to play it!

  • Xenia and the Carnifex are very cool in that regard. You should see the great lengths undergone to accommodate my too-lazy-to-rp lifestyle. They genuinely accommodate your wishes on how you want to play the game. The only rule is that you don't overtly do things to mess up other people's immersion- which I doubt is an issue for you.
  • Like Lim said, as long as you're not running around being actively detrimental to people's immersion (being out of character, etc.) you should be fine. You won't get called out for choosing to roleplay more casually. Or even choosing to specifically not RP. It may limit the people who choose to interact with you, at least in the latter scenario, but it's definitely not something you should be worried getting called out for. That does apply to pretty much every org, far as I'm aware.

    And re: OOC, most people, even those of us who pretty exclusively indulge in serious RP, are okay with legit ooc questions as long as they're in marked tells or on an ooc channel. Random conversation and such less so, but questions are usually fine--we've all been newbies, we're all aware that the game has a learning curve and that trying to couch questions in game terms ICly is often needlessly confusing and convoluted. Less of a curve if you're from another IRE, but it definitely still has one.

    Anyhow, welcome to Aet. :)
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