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What's the current state of religious orders in Aetolia? Do they provide any interesting role play opportunities? Is there anything going on in them, or are they essentially dead orgs?


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    As someone who doesn't have a God org (yay heathen!), I do know it has some really great RP opportunities. The largest Orders are Chakrasul, Slyphe, and Severn (I think).

    However, I think they're pretty much dead as I never really see much done with them. But I'm on the outside looking in.
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    Larion said:

    What's the current state of religious orders in Aetolia? Do they provide any interesting role play opportunities? Is there anything going on in them, or are they essentially dead orgs?

    It largely depends on the God. @Severn is elusive as hell, so you wouldn't expect to see Him about much, as an example. However, I'm reasonably certain there's some RP stuff going on in Orders like Slyphe's, Dhar's and a few others.

    Keep in mind that different Gods view Their Orders in completely different ways, and that is often reflected in RP.
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    Sadly gods are a challenge to maintain in our types of games so it can seem like they are not engaging with you at points but be assured we have some really excellent admin who on occasion will interact if they get a moment. So do not feel discouraged if you do not see much for periods. That said Severn, Sly and Chak are around a lot.

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    It also depends on the players that are members.
    You can still have a lot of fun and do a lot with an inactive order, especially if there is still a player behind the god that just isn't around much, but can still be 'booked in' by the players for the occasional RP thing (common enough with coder's that also have an in-role god character.)

    If the members of the order are fun to be around and proactive, then the god is more likely to go visible and chime in on the OT.

    I've always felt it hard to concentrate on too many orgs at once, even when I was at my most active, but one nice thing is that religion RP doesn't need an order, and can instead be focussed into guild/city and enrich that experience instead.
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    If you're interested in religion rp, Enorian is one good place for that -- religion has taken a more central role in citywide rp in recent years, which is interesting.

    Also, just to echo what was said above: Orders do facilitate rp, although they vary pretty widely in size. In terms of game-wide conflict, there isn't much at the moment (at least in part because there's no war system currently), but there is definitely roleplay to be found with them!
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    As the Cardinal in Enorian, I can honestly say the environment for a religious based organization as Enorian as a whole does not really encompass the traditional approach where each person chooses their God and worships it, we encompass the Divine of Spirit under a common practice of faith. Which makes it more diverse in the way one can find where they fit personally in religion, and really build their own unique characters faith, under a set of Commandments.

    Generally, at least in my personal perception it revolves much around morality, judgement and life cycle those things under the banner the Light upholds, with an focus on avoidance of Apathy, and close-mindedness. Alot of times you will find yourself challenged with thoughts or proposed scenario in which there is not always an easy answer, and you get to develop your character better by looking into their past, or considering their future, and choosing if you remain with your personal convictions or consider growth from the proposition.

    I cannot give it justice truly, because it is really different for each person, but it has been done in a manner which is tasteful and engaging.
    Any further and I would say contact someone from Enorian in game, or even myself...always keen on some RP
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