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Hi Everyone,

I'm starting out here in Aetolia and have run into a strange problem with using the in-game aliases. When I try and string together an alias followed by a command, it doesn't seem to recognize the second command I type. An example would be setalias abn abilities necromancy. This works in and of itself, but when I try something like abn deathsight it won't recognize the deathsight portion and just brings up my necromancy skills again. Another one is alias hrs honours. I can't type hrs (player) and get this to work. I haven't run into this with other IRE games so I was wondering if one of you had any suggestions?

I realize the majority of aliases will be made in a client, but I like some basic ones made that I can use when on a smartphone, etc. Thanks for your help!


  • KerocKeroc A small cupboardMember, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 465 admin
    If you add $0 onto the end, it'll work as you need.

    So for example:

    HELP ALIASES goes into more depth if you're interested, specifically the information under aliases and substitution.

  • DorrianDorrian Member Posts: 2
    Thank you! That did the trick. I must not have read closely enough.
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