Mobiles with honours

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I was just wondering if there was a comprehensive list of mobiles with honours.

I remember Baelek used to have one, along with Lahkencai and some other of the Nazedha leaders (don't remember the rest of them and can't find any helpfiles that mentions them). Kerrithrim, Ironbeard, Llazuth, Juxa, Ruin, Yetrent, and Qeddwyn has honours.

Which other ones are there? Also, there's all of the Pools' OOC roles (or whatever you'd call them): Ghend, Trigru, Ignotum, etc (I'm probably missing a bunch).

Any chance we'd get honour lines for 'dead' mobs/Gods? Auresae, Omei, Zsarachnor? Or maybe other mobs that're not present in the main plane, but still holds considerable power (like Jy'barrak or Shadow Mother or such)?

I always thought these honours just added so much more depth to the world. They intrigued me, and sometimes amused me, made me really think 'wow, this looks super interesting' when hinting at stuff that isn't common knowledge.

Actually, maybe consider making a 'HELP MOBILES WITH HONOURS' just so people can actually find them. They're too awesome not to be readily available.
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