FFXIV: Glamour your mankini, kupo

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Hey! I know there's already a general video game thread going, but I felt it necessary to make a separate thread for FFXIV.

If you don't know what FFXIV is, it's a Final Fantasy themed MMORPG that has been doing really well. It's got interesting combat mechanics, an active and supremely detailed crafting/gathering system and the ability to be multiple classes (and have cross-class abilities).

And it looks really pretty. Not that you care about that. You play a MUD.

There's currently six Aetolians playing, not counting some of our out-of-game friends. We're all on Ultros right now, and we're hanging out in a pretty large Free Company. If there's enough interest, I'm sure one of us will make our own FC eventually.

- - -
Here's a list of people who are playing and want you to know. If you want to be added to this list, PM me or post here.

Diogen: Teo Dor
Aithene: Aithene Ba'hal
Tenshyo: Tenshyo Tanarian

- - -
In this thread, we'll post screenshots, jabber about FFXIV stuff and ask questions. I'm personally more than willing to help you out with anything you might be wondering, and I'm sure everyone else playing at the moment is, too.



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