Happy Anything and Everything That Happens This Time Of Year- Decorations Thread!

Hello! This time of year is ripe with lovely decorations, ornaments, and lights! So, whatever you celebrate, if it has decorations and you want to share, post 'em up and share the sparkle!

This is my collection of interesting santas. Sorry for how close this was, the webcam couldn't move any more away.

and my tree.



  • yay sparkles and happy
  • Red because my dad-figure and I always did red/silver, and he was a redhead and I have a few of his ornaments from literally 15 years ago  
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    You gots to know I'm just eyeing the 'corns out of your bookcase @Asaraii
  • Nerdhouse, reading is a srs business - I respect you my love.
  • MarienaMariena By a lake.
    Hey you have Melanie Rawn in there ^^

  • AvishaiAvishai Portland, Oregon
    Well I am going to consider this a holiday gift to myself.
    After finishing finals, I just signed on a three bedroom three bath townhome and am moving next month.
    I am so excited, so Happy everything to all!
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