Voting for Aetolia



  • I've got some chocolate if you want those instead.
    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
  • I'm on strike until the cookie supply is restored! Jk, already voted.

    ...but really, gimme cookies. 
  • I vote every time I get the prompt. More votes = more exposure, more exposure = more new blood, more new blood = better mud, imho. B)
  • WyattWyatt PoolsImmortal
    It's been a wild ride the past few months and I am excited to see how Aetolia continues to progress for the rest of this year.

    While it may not seem like that much, voting does help quite a bit! Part of the influx of new members of our community comes from websites like TMS and others that point at it, and having our name right at the top of the list makes a difference!

    Also, I think since we beat Achaea last month we have to beat them every month from now on. Anyone agree?
  • I think Yanai is our new mascot. Aetolia is leading TopMudSites. 
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