Theft and the Charm upgrade

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Hi guys,

So as people might have gathered I got robbed of sets of relics, racial sets, chalices, pets and much more from my personal real life credit purchases. I am pretty upset insofar as the items again are thing I purchased not earned through gold or questing. In terms of who I am not going to drop names but it is known already and they should feel ashamed for doing it in the first place as they have lost any respect.

Now I really hope I get it back as it was an investment of my money to use for upgrading Riluo.

So the charm allowed this "person(s)" to hypnotise Riluo, move him around, unlock doors, open doors and allow them to steal an act we were told by administration could not happen anymore. Worst still there is no message to show them snap or order you to act so you can not counter act against it. I mean honestly I go for a bloody walk from my lounge, make a coffee, sit down and it was all gone.

I honestly feel this needs corrected and looked into as it has been occurring more and more in spite of our community looking upon it as one of the worst acts we can do. It is rather low and I trust others will take the time to consider the impact this has both currently and in the past when several high leveled players left the game because of this.

Abhorash says, "Ve'kahi has proved that even bastards can earn their place."



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    I personally came to Aetolia from a game where you had to use skills like Selfishness, and use eye sigils and couldnt AFK and bash and automate like you can in this game, at times I even think that the leniency that the Administration have on this game is sometimes a bit too much.

    I played a Naga in Achaea for some time, started my career there as a Shadowsnake, robbing people and things was part of the environment and part of the curriculum for novices was training people to not go AFK, to not idle, to have triggers to rewear things, to put gold in packs and to PLAY the game instead of just automate their way through it.

    Whilst I feel bad something happened to you, I dont think it is something you should start a call to the admins when it is something you legitimately could have avoided by waiting somewhere not public and following specific skills and abilities to avoid. We already have safety scissors and bumper lanes in this game, players already automate bashing, harvesting, crafting, and even PK. I say release the safety net and let more of this stuff happen. BRING RISK BACK TO AETOLIA!
  • It's not so much the element of risk as it was that he had items stolen from him that were purchased using credits. Thus the call to admins to step in and stop it.

    In any case, victim blaming is not the path to take here. "Have you tried not doing X" is not a thing that people should be saying or implying, especially after the fact when the incident's already happened.
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    Going to the forums is ALSO not something you should be doing when this happens.
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    This is oddly reminiscent of the WAAAH ABHORASH IS MEAN TO ME thread...

    But imo, don't afk in your shop. It's a really bad idea.
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    You know just because this can has been opened.
    @Riluo - I got nothing against you personally, but everytime you feel slighted I see this thread that pops up

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    This is a trend that really needs to stop.
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    The blaming thing is getting old to be honest, and this is the only avenue many of us currently have to speak about issues like this. I just happened to be the person who spoke up on here as the others were reluctant to cope the abuse. So I am somewhat disheartened to see your response Aarb :(

    You are entitled to it for sure, as you know I am all about saying what you feel. It just seems defensive!

    However the fact that a item can be used to remove credit investments with no consequences is lame. There is no warnings or way to manage it, and as stated I was gone less then 2 mins to make a coffee, returned and it was over (males and their 2 mins)..

    Either way, there are several others who have been robbed recently and the way it causes problems is now being justified in a kind of passive aggressive way. I was hoping to see a more neutral view of things and discussion.

    Abhorash says, "Ve'kahi has proved that even bastards can earn their place."

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    While I definitely feel for your situation here, refunds are not going to happen. AFKing has always been at the user's risk in Aetolia as covered in HELP AFK.

    Additionally, this sort of theft has always been possible, with or without the charm. The charm only removed a lot of the personal risk from such things, so I do think a change of some kind to prevent this from happening again in the future is necessary. We'll be thinking on how exactly to approach that.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread now.
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