Didi Lionheart!

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The community as a whole took turns being part of Team Didi, and I got the honor of the final leg with her, a resounding round of applause for the many names who helped her make it. I would name you all but you all know who you are!

Their face set in an attitude of inhuman focus, Didi's gaze turns inward. A low pulse of energy shudders through your surroundings as Didi is cloaked in a veil of hungry, crawling light, and they manage a brief, choked scream before their ravaged form implodes under the pressure, reduced to a drifting cloud of dust and scraps of unravelling matter. Seconds pass in choked silence before the drifting dust that used to be Didi abruptly congeals, shifting and boiling around a central point. Within a handful of heartbeats, Didi stands before you once more, wearing the unmistakable mantle of an Idreth.

A shiver runs through Creation, rapidly swelling into a thunderous, echoing tone that heralds the rebirth of the Idreth, Didi.

YAY @Didi


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