Auction House

AlexinaAlexina the Haunted Soul
The functionality of the auction house makes me want to hurt someone every time I try to use it.

It'd be really nice if you could filter the auctions. For example, 'wares chocolate' would show chocolates for sale, 'wares page' would show compendium pages, etcetera. Additionally, we need some way to probe the items in the auction house. There's a bunch of compendium pages but it's impossible to find out for which areas before buying them, which means it's essentially pointless to try and sell them there.


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    Actually... there is.

    AW [item]: will show you all what a single item is.
    AUCTION PROBE <#>: Shows you what it looks like and everything, very useful for Compendium pages.

    Hope this helps. I'm a frequent overlooker of the Auction House. Though I think its stupid that everything is set to buy out only and usually 100% over market price. :/ But thats my own personal gripe.
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  • That's why I suggested that auction hall channel thing only time I ever notice things is when people put them up for sale >_>
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