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  • @ashmer, you reminded me of what I also believe in when you said you avoid OOC communication in game. Lately I have been slaking off on that so time to get back in the game.

    Also RP is contagious, while talking to someone throw a few emotes and act out your feelings and most times the other person will respond in kind.
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    Yeah, and when you don't communicate OOC in-game it removes the crutch of talking combat, organization, quest and bashing stuff out of character. Will really, really really enrich your experience.

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    open hand or closed fist would be fine

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    Unless I missed something, I noticed that the Syssin are completely unsung in this thread for active roleplay. I know that you mentioned you were looking for Knight-specific classes, and while the Syssin are defffff not a knight class, we have the Defenders/tight-knit "guild first" mentality.

    (-) We're also arguably the most populous guild in the most active city. We held topguilds for weeks and still trade-off with the Carnis for the topguilds spot.

    (-) We regularly host rp and combat events both within the guild as well as in Spinesreach. Along with other awesome Syssin, I'm currently running the Spirean tournament, which is supported and endorsed by the guild. It has everything from talent competitions, to masquerade balls, to individual sparing brackets. In the guild, @Trikal had a sniping competition as Black Hand where people had to employ strategy and guild skills to catch him off-guard to attack him. Right now there's a poetry contest going on, before that I held a painting contest.

    (-) @Faerah has trials to undertake once you make it past GR3. Getting class is not the end of your progression, you work your way to becoming "vested", which is a major rp event at GR5. There are more chances after that for progression as well.

    (-) Plus, the leadership is pretty cool and attentive. You take on a shadow guide who helps integrate you into Syssin life. In other guilds, I noticed that taking on a guide meant that I spoke to that person two or three times and then I never talked to them again. In the Syssin my guide spoke to me regularly and had a legitimate function in helping me to meet other Syssin, as well as assist me in guild progression. The guild in general circles around you to make sure you reach your goals if you're passionate and serious about attaining them. When I was going for endgame, the Syssin helped me with hunting by taking me, encouraging me, and aiding independently with needed resources when they could spare them, but they were also around outside of the game to offer support. Getting to endgame is a guild experience, we call it "Bash Bash Revolution".

    (-) Syssin is compromised of people who are combatants, rpers, and a mix of the two. Sometimes in guilds there can be a division between rpers and combatants - and while opportunities exist for people of varying interests/goals - the Syssin turn out for events regardless. You're just as likely to see a combatant at a ball having a good time as you are a non-com. Alternatively, you are just as apt to see a non-com entering into a sparing contest because they feel supported enough to explore it.

    Overall, there are a lot of really cool guilds with their own unique structure and engaging roleplay. Syssin is definitely one of 'em!

    (Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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