Readying the Firebombers

I just wanted to share this little moment between Luminary and Daru before all of Sapience went to storm on Enorian against the Emperor, Chaos Lord, Baelak, guy.

For a while, Aithene looks at the ruins of Delos and she sighs deeply, "Luminaries," she says quietly and, squaring her shoulders, she turns to everyone, "Daru," she continues, a small smile alighting her lips, "In a world where the Goddess of Fire has been lost and the Sun unknown," she ushers everyone a little closer, "We ARE the Fire of Sapience. WE light up the night."

You close your eyes, draw in a deep breath, and then release it slowly.

Mariena thumps her staff onto a broken paver, encouragement and assertion of listening.

Trager comes to a halt immediately upon hearing your voice and the words. Quietly he backpedals away, careful to prevent a distraction.

Trager leaves to the west.
He is followed by a Jaziran stallion.

"So join me, here, in bowing your heads," Aithene continues and she offers one hand to Roux, the other to Rivas, "We are strong. We will prevail," she continues and a soft glow begins to emit from the palm of her hands, spiritual energy swirling around the join to the two people on either side.

Rivas slips his hand into your, reaching the other out for Elwyn at his side.

Roux takes your hand, reaching out with the other to pass along the joining to homever will take it, the flare of energy flickering across her skin with a red-hued wash of light.

Phendegwen gives you a firm nod, the essence-wreathed staff strapped this back beginning to glow more brightly with its pale and colourless light.

Rosdes clasps Roux's hand, holding out her other for Noelle.

Elwyn steps in closer, taking Rivas's hand in hers and reaches out for Mariena's own as she bows her head.

Noelle reaches to take Rosdes' hand, offering her free one to whoever will take it, and bowing her head.

Jami steps over to the single other Daru, reaching out to link a hand with Noelle as she closes her eyes and bows her head.

Mariena grabs Elwyn by the hand and snags Jami, head bowing. Tiny tendrils of verdant energy mingle with the white between Elwyn and Mariena.

Phendegwen reaches over for Mariena's other hand, with a massive, furred paw, bowing his bestial head.

Josephine chews thoughtfully on her lip.

Aarbrok opens his mouth but says nothing.

Too slow in his lumbering form, Phendegwen returns to his ursine pose and merely focuses on you.

Mariena easily switches and holds Phendegwen's hand, so Phendegwen can get Jami's free one. They wedge Josephine in the circle some where as well.

Yeras arrives from the west.

Phendegwen rears up again, his ursine shape not well-suited to holding hands, but, he carefully rests his claws against Mariena and Jami's.

Aithene nods her head and takes a deep breath. Once the circle is closed, spiritual energy begins to whip around in a vibrant, golden light, "With us, comes the light," the small Azudim ushers, her voice merely above a whisper, yet it carries through the crackling, fiery flamlettes that swirl around the joined circle, "With us, comes Fire and Destruction which we will rain on our enemies," she states, voice rising higher as a tornado of pure light begins to wrap around everyone within the circle, "We WILL see the next Dawn," she growls fiercely, "We WILL see our Faith continue," she squeezes the hands within her own, "We are Daru. We are Luminaries. Brother and Sisters of Fire," her golden eyes shine brilliantly as she looks over everyone.

Aarbrok whispers into your consciousness, "Apologies for intruding."

The quiet neigh of a horse in the distance catches your ear.

"Brothers and sisters of Fire!" Mariena repeats, resolute and firm is her tone.

Elwyn squeezes the hands of those on either side of her, repeating, "Brothers and sisters of Fire," after Mariena.

Rivas nods, silently, his shoulders back and his posture straight, head held high as he stands in the circle of light and fire.

The fire and light spin rapidly faster before coming together in a beautiful beam of light that shoots towards the heavens, "Bring about the Dawn!" Aithene cries as the beam shatters into beautiful motes of energy that rains around the group, spiritual pinpricks landing on skin and dying out as the woman huffs out a breath.

Mariena can't help it. She lifts her head and shouts, "ARrro!" It is an instinctual thing. A call to battle. A readiness to bring the Dawn.

In an answering call, Ember Elwyn Aquila Taziyah exclaims, "Aroo!"

Phendegwen adds his own roar, a purely bestial sound, to Mariena's exclamation.

Rivas exhales softly through his nose as he looks around, from face to face. "Yes. Ummm. Woo," says weakly, dryly, raising you and Elwyn's hands in his as he waves his own around beside him with a smile and a shrug.

Roux is stoically silent, her ears curving about at the exultation of those around her, red-gold gaze pensive.

Noelle snickers, taking a sharp breath before releasing a roaring, hot blast of fire upwards.

Phendegwen returns to a more natural standing position for his bear-shape, rumbling, "For the Dawn- and to the Abyss with Shipbastard."
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