Kayalenki and the Rebirth of the Beacon of Light

So, as many of us are undoubtedly aware, Enorian got spanked pretty hard by the Nazedha and the brief arrival of Lanu Du. What some of us may not be aware of is the arrival of Kayalenki, a being borne out of the sacrifice by Lenci to try and rekindle the dwindling Sparks.

After she awoke, she mentions the arrival of two new gods and everyone (everyone!) leaves except Sarkis to witness the event. This is what follows as others oversaw the two new Goddesses (welcome to them both!).

Also, Rhulin makes an appearance and the glowing cat!
Tilting her head very slightly, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai asks you, "Is there a
reason you remain?"

You say, "I've seen the birth of gods before. Several did not turn out like expected. Chalk it up to
being old and cautious in my advanced age."

"It is not always wise to seek Gods directly," Kayalenki agrees. Her eyes turn to you, contemplative. "You are the one that became quite interested in the texts of the old City. I recall your work. It was mostly accurate."

You say, "I'm glad to hear that it was. I could only draw what inferences I could from the texts I
had, but it seemed to make sense. Though I could have done nothing without the aide of those who speak Illumine and the assistance of Trabarg."

Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "Illumine. A language none can speak, at present. Perhaps with the rebirth of Fire, this will change once more. It was once an everyday language, not the extinct, hesitant thing it is now. Some points of clarification - the children of Fire, the brethren of Fire mentioned in our texts? These were elementals of Fire. Much as with the Indorani and their Chaos entities, contracts were drawn between the Planes in those days. Long since defunct, but it was common practice once."

You nod your head emphatically.

You say, "Ahhhh, I see."

You say, "That would make some sense."

Folding her hands at her back, Kayalenki approaches the waters. Her light flickers and casts across it, and she gazes out onto the dark, desolate ocean.

Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says to you, "Otherwise, you are correct in your
appraisal that the Illuminai lived more freely, with less restriction, than the City now does. There were certain lines, immutable, unbreakable, but in many things we were liberal."

You say, "There weren't very many points of reference in the texts to base my conclusions regarding them, but I will make an updated volume and note that. As to their more liberated perspective..."

Kayalenki's rainbow wings unfurl, glimmering beneath the stars. She continues to gaze, expression ever solemn, upon the waters around the island. Her head cants, slightly - as if waiting for you to go on.

You say, "I think it's past due the city consider an alternative way of seeing the Light. Life is an
affirmative, moving act and the Light illuminates all that is worth pursuing in life. Understandably, there would be rules all the same. Liberty isn't the same thing as debauchery or anarchy, afterall."

A thin, humorless smile crossing her face, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "This
is one of many reasons I have been sent back."

You say, "That's what I figured when you mentioned you were sent by the gods of Light. It is not a task I envy of anyone, but I will provide what aide I can."

"I know you will," Kayalenki replies, her voice crackling softly, almost affectionately. She favors
you with a smile - fleeting but genuine, her tongue like embers. "I am Kayalenki fio Kelsys. The
first and last of the Illuminai. The Dhienari Lacinier of the old City. Prophet of the Gods. We have now been formally introduced."

You have emoted: Sarkis positively beams, and flourishes a low, courtly bow. "Brother Sarkis Aneneas, at your service, Dhienari Lacinier."

Rhulin steps in grumpily from the east, muttering under his breath.

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer stops short, his eyes widening.

Beaming, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "Excellent timing, Mr. Glintspear. We
must go to the City. We have a cat to collect."

You have emoted: Sarkis blinks and says mildly, "You look like you've seen a ghost, Rhulin."

You say, "OH!"

You say, "Glow-cat! I hope she's ok."

You peer about yourself suspiciously.

Smoothly, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "She is perfectly fine, Brother Sarkis.
However, She must be reassured that She was not the one to burn down the city, after all. No. She will help set it alight in a very different fashion."

Stuttering, Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "W-w-who the PIT are YOU?!"

You say, "Well, she does glow, afterall...so being alight is not likely to be an entirely new event
for her."

You clear your throat.

You say, "Uh. She's Kayalenki, Prophet of the Gods."

A seagull glides in from the east, constantly looking for more food.

You say, "She was borne of the pyre upon which Lenci lay in sacrifice to the Light, if I understand

Grunting, and still staring at Kayalenki, Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "Well. That explains

You say, "Self-sacrifice, I'd rather say."

"It is complicated. While I was Lenci," Kayalenki explains, "I did believe that I would die to give
new life to the Sparks. Now I find that I am full of fire, and while I am quite strong with it, it
nonetheless seems befitting that I find a vessel in which to invest this flame. Sooner, rather than

You nod your head emphatically.

Holding up his hands as if in a gesture of defeat, Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "This is
way out of my depth, lady. I deal with engineering, not with magic and prophecy."

You say, "I bet it's surprisingly heavy for being what it is."

You look up into the air for divine inspiration.

Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says to Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer, "Yes! And you will be very useful. You have a city to rebuild, and you are the only one with the expertise to do so."

Putting his hand to his chest, Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer stumbles out: "M-m-ME? ME?!"

You say to Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer, "You know we had this conversation the other month."

You shift your eyes from side to side suspiciously.

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "But, but that was just bullsh-- I mean, I mean... That was
just... Never..."

Placing a gentle finger against her lips, Kayalenki smiles down upon Rhulin. "The Gods have a
purpose for you, Glintspear. Will you answer Them? Or will you bluster and bellow as you usually do?"

You say, "Not really as unlikely as you think. You're a grandmaster, a luminary engineer, Rhulin.
Makes perfect sense. And after your boast at the end, maybe the gods have a sense of humor, too."

Lifting a hand and laughing gently into it, Kayalenki nods, averring. "Precisely. I believe this is
Their idea of a joke. They smiled on you in battle, as well - how else to successfully bomb two
gates without being shot down by Nazedha arrows?"

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer opens his mouth. Then he shuts in. Then he stares down at the ground.

You say to Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer, "It's quite the honor, and I doubt there are any in the
city and quite a few outside of it, who can deny how key you were to today's victory and our
survival last month. What engineer or architect doesn't dream of building a whole city unified by a single vision of design?"

(Leaders of the Beacon): Trager says, "Has Her rebirth ever resulted in such?"

(Leaders of the Beacon): Areka says, "Pardon?"

(Leaders of the Beacon): Rivas says, "It is a Goddess."

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer draws in a deep, rattling breath. Then he looks up to Kayalenki -
not in shock, not even in protest. Merely with a rare expression of awe. He nods, firmly.

(Leaders of the Beacon): Noelle says, "Fire reborn. Don't think her age matters."

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "I'll build a City to make Them proud."

(Leaders of the Beacon): Rivas says, "And aye, Auresae was reborn as a child as well."

(Leaders of the Beacon): Areka says, "Gera-Makve is often a child."

(Leaders of the Beacon): Tenshyo says, "Before Auresae was Auresae, Trager, she was the child Oniala."

(Leaders of the Beacon): Areka says, "Tinder to the flame."

(Leaders of the Beacon): Noelle says, "We have Lady Ethne here, Vanguard. Fire reborn in an ogress child."

Kayalenki turns to you - and her smile is glowing. She bows her head to you. "You were most
persuasive. I will call upon you when I have need of a diplomat." One fiery hand beckons, rippling with steam.

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer begins to follow Kayalenki.

You shift your eyes from side to side suspiciously.

You say, "Shall I follow as well?"

Pausing, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai asks, "I don't know. Do you wish to witness a miracle of the Gods, Brother Sarkis?"

You begin to follow Kayalenki.

You say, "Miracles are always fascinating."

(Tells): You tell Areka, "I have some good news. Rhulin will devote himself to the reconstruction of the city, after Kayalenki and I spoke to him."

"We will leave momentarily. I have foreseen that a short wait is preferable." Kayalenki settles at
the edge of the shore - standing, still, sibilant.

(Tells): Areka tells you, "That is good to hear."

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

You say, "Patience is the tool of the wise."

Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "Indeed so. Thus, we wait."

You suddenly feel a tugging from an entwined ornate quill-shaped pendant, as its paired item pulls towards it.

The vague image of A filigree butterfly on a chain appears in the air, before Kerryn appears in a
flash of magic.

Kerryn begins to follow you.

You smile at Kerryn.

You murmur to Kerryn, "You'd like Kayalenki."

You nod your head sagely.

Rising to her feet, Kayalenki states, simply: "It is time to go."

Flashing a wide grin, you give the thumbs-up sign.

Kerryn glances over her shoulder briefly, "They took Her to Her temple." she says, pausing to
curiously look at you.

You nod your head at Kerryn.

Gazing into the night, Kayalenki steps forward - and through.

You follow Kayalenki to the ether.
What was once Enorian.

Throwing off strobing waves of light, a glowing cat wanders through.

Comprehension flashes across your face.

Timidly, head bowed before the prophet Kayalenki, a glowing cat says, "I'm scared, Dhienari."

You have emoted: Sarkis fidgets upon seeing the cat, and struggles briefly before grasping his paws behind his back.

Smiling kindly as she bends down to pet the cat, Kayalenki nods her understanding. "I know You are, Goddess. You understand Your purpose now. You understand what Your task is. We must raise the first of a City to honor the Light, and honor Spirit, and honor our Gods. You will honor Your Siblings in this, though They may never thank You for it."

Kerryn steps forward to stand next to you, a brief look given you before her attention shifts to the cat and Kayalenki.

A glowing cat says, "They never thanked Me for anything. They never wanted Me. I only ever wanted Father to love Me, Dhienari. Do you know what, when you look at Me? How much do your eyes see of Us? How can you love Us, fear Us, knowing what you do of what We are?"

You say, "The people will thank you, though. Well. At least, I will. And Kerryn. It's a start."

Kerryn nods in agreement, offering a warm smile to the cat.

Kayalenki's expression does not perceptibly shift. She leans close, gazing into the cat's eyes.
"Those things can only come from knowing. If you are ignorant, you are only afraid of the darkness in your mind. That is how small people scare others - by leaving them in ignorance. I know You all. I will know You after this part of You is gone, Goddess. I love You and fear You, still. And so too will the people of this city, in time. I will see to it."

You look up into the air for divine inspiration.

Kayalenki turns, nodding her agreement with you - with Kerryn. Then her attention is on the Goddess-cat once more.

Gently, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "It is time, Omei. It is time to become.

A glowing cat nods. She turns toward the waters. She hesitates, for a moment. Then - She dives.

A glowing cat skitters off, dimming the light some.

think we'll make her a statue in our gardens for her sacrifice.
We'll make her a statue in our gardens for her sacrifice.

You have emoted: Sarkis gives a soft sigh.

Kerryn reaches out as if to take your paw, her gaze watching the spot where the cat disappeared.

"We wait again." Kayalenki folds her hands, and gazes out onto the ruined waters. "It will be a
little shorter."

You nod your head emphatically.

A demonic screamer creeps in from the southeast.

A demonic screamer snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.

You clear your throat.

Kayalenki stands, unperturbed. One of her hands extends. Fire glimmers at her fingertips. Her eyes close. The air across the crater begins to waver, to resolve, to filter into beams of light.

You have emoted: Sarkis takes Kerryn's hand in his and watches across the waters as the air shifts and changes. He inhales sharply as he see's the lights and then exhales slowly.

As Kayalenki wavers, the lines, dots, and curves of a building - a Temple - begin to resolve into being. Dreams, at first, nothing but dreams and half-remembered ideas from a bygone age, but as the Goddess gives of Herself, and the prophet focuses, its beams, its towering height - they become realer and realer.

There is a brilliant, fading flare of light from what remains of Enorian - and then illumination
pierces the darkness of its landscape, steady, bright, unfaltering. As though a great torch has been lit across the city and let burn.

Slowly, as fire fades from her, Kayalenki lowers her hand and marches forward onto the new-made bridge.

You follow Kayalenki to the south.
The Pilgrim's Bridge.
The stars twinkle in the clear night sky. A granite pillar stands here beside the road, an orb of
fire casting brilliant illumination from its apex.

You follow Kayalenki to the south.
Temple gardens by the Pilgrim's Bridge.
The stars twinkle in the clear night sky. A granite pillar stands here beside the road, an orb of
fire casting brilliant illumination from its apex.

You follow Kayalenki to the east.
Temple garden choked by wildflowers.

You follow Kayalenki to the southeast.
Temple gardens by the northeast entrance.

Northeast entrance to the Temple of the Gods.

You follow Kayalenki to the southwest.
The Temple of the Gods.

Kerryn rests her head against your shoulder, watching as the Dreams materialize, slowly becoming substantial. As the time passes, a multitude of emotions cross her features and tears roll down her cheeks.

Kayalenki comes to a halt in the middle of the Temple - her head cranes backward.

The Temple of the Gods.
Arrayed with gleaming white marble, obsidian edging, and ornamentation of purest gold, the center of the Temple of the Gods is a tall, wide room overlooked by the numerous floors above, with long passages leading in five different directions away from the chamber proper. Most of the floor and walls are given over to a grand mural, difficult to glimpse in its impressionistic entirety, depicting the Deities of Spirit and Light at war against Their Shadowy kin. High pillars support the arches and the ceiling, and light is given not by torches but by brilliant orbs of flame set within recesses in the wall. The illumination is intensely brilliant, mirrored by stone and metal that have been polished and smoothed to a reflected sheen. A central pillar supports not only the ceiling, but a freestanding helix staircase, its marble steps accompanied by wrought-iron railing. Accessible via a short landing, it spirals upward so high that its top is lost to view, as well as down into the ground beneath the Temple. Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer stands here, mumbling irritably to himself. Auspicious Legacy, Abbess Kerryn Cardinalis is here. Dhienari Kayalenki is here, shining like unto a living beacon.

After a long pause, Kayalenki lowers her head again. She moves forward, brushing one of the walls with her fingers, circling the massive chamber.

You have emoted: Sarkis gives another soft sigh. "Do you think She will remember that She created this?"

Lottie arrives from the northeast.

(Enorian): Noelle says, "Everyone."

Kayalenki shakes her head.

Kerryn remains silent at first, taking it all in as she turns slowly. "It... it is beautiful."

You say to Kayalenki, "We'll have to remember for Her, then."

Noelle arrives from the northeast.

(Enorian): Noelle says, "There's a city."

(Enorian): Kayalenki says, "Not yet. There is, however, a Temple."

Lottie exhales, her face flushed as she arrives with Noelle following behind, lead by the hand.
"Here," she says, almost like a prayer, "Here. Here".

(Enorian): Noelle says, "It's plenty, ma'am!"

Noelle grins, walking behind Lottie, tail lashing in excitement.

Her voice resounding, Dhienari Kayalenki fio Kelsys, aiyr Illuminai says, "Do not forget that this
miracle came to us by the Gods. That it is a gift, a piece of the Goddess Omei, that crafted it from nothing but dreams and belief. This is the blessing the Gods bestow upon us - and more such can follow, if only we maintain our faith, our love, and our awe for Them."

Noelle breathes out, wisps of smoke leaving her maws, "Lady Omei is going to get so many offerings later..." She murmurs, mostly to herself.

You have emoted: Sarkis carefully lifts a hand to his eyes and waits for a moment, before lowering
it again. He then sniffs loudly and says, "There will be sacrifices we will all need to make, but
those sacrifices will make this city a beautiful beacon of hope again."

At length, Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer says, "This architecture's impossible. There's no way it
can stand. No way it should stand. The support beams are..."

Lottie holds tight to Noelle's fingers with both of her hands, clutching to the Xorani-like woman. "Gera-Yeraz," she says in a low whisper, "That's what we call Her."

Rhulin Glintspear, the engineer gestures, futilely, pointing to one ludicrous element after another - but finally only silence falls, and he, too, allows himself to be stunned.

Kerryn smiles to you, nodding.

Stepping onto the first step of the stairs, Kayalenki turns and beckons. "There is one more thing I must show to you."

Noelle squeezes Lottie's hand, grinning wide, sharp teeth in show, "I have no clue what that means, but I'll trust your trollish, Page." She replies, her attention shifting to Kayalenki at the call, and she moves to follow, tugging Lottie in turn.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The second landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The third landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The fourth landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The fifth landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The sixth landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.
The seventh landing in the Temple.

You follow Kayalenki to the up.

The Altar of the Grand Flame.
The stars twinkle in the clear night sky. The Grand Flame blazes brilliantly atop the dais, taller
than mortal and Immortal alike.
You see a single exit leading down.

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

"The Grand Flame." Kayalenki advances, smoothly, gazing upon the fire. It is so bright that it casts steady illumination down upon the ruins of the City, showing the chaos - the destruction - the blood spilled by Nazedha and Enorianites alike. "It is the Sparks. Made new. Made stronger."
I'd like to thank everyone who made this past week happen and everyone who participated in it, I had an absolute blast with it.
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