Auto Rock Harvester[Mudlet]

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So, I've gotten a bit better with mudlet lately, and made a script/set of aliases/triggers etc that goes around harvesting rocks from certain areas. This clearly only works for people with the racial Rock Harvesting skill, and a known issue that I still need to fix is that the script doesn't harvest rock from the very last room in each area.

It is for mudlet exclusively, and also seems to work with some versions of Tripwire and not with other versions of Tripwire. Works fine on Oasis(which is what I still use).

To install it, just download the .mpackage file I made and use the Package Manager button in mudlet to install it. To view the various commands, type rockhelp.

I honestly got tired of people trying to charge credits/money for this sort of thing, so if anyone wants it, I put it up on dropbox with the link below. Thanks!
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