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Tripwire Combat and Curing System

Valid and accurate points have been brought up below.
The last version of Tripwire, 2.20, is now free to download here.

Tripwire in its current form will no longer be updated. The code is going to be used as the basis of a new system, Source. For more details on Source, a free, open-source, developer driven system please visit this thread.

I have taken over the design, maintenance, and expansion of this system from Kaeus. It is once again available for distribution. A new version, 2.20 is available for existing owners, please reference the Tripwire Clan for details as the older distribution system is no longer being used.

This is a system designed for Mudlet. This will require you to use the latest Mudlet version (2.1) and enable GMCP.


The pricing scheme is changing.

Version 2.09 is now open source, though very buggy as is it fairly old. Feel free to use the system, learn from it, play with it, etc. Support however, will not be provided, neither will updates. It can be downloaded at, Google Drive

Clan membership to the Tripwire Support clan is 200cr, membership includes all updates, support and new features as they are added. We will also be actively developing requested features from clan members.

Current clan members are already ready to go!


Full GMCP integration
Living and Undead Curing
Ability to Ignore Afflictions in Curing
Supports All Curing Methods (Tree, Focus, etc)
Pipe/Syringe Maintenance
Auto Defense Maintenance
Auto Parrying
Enemy Affliction Tracking
Combat Ready System Toggles
Command Queue System
Localized Custom Settings
Mudlet Mapper that uses the Game's XML with easy to use room additions
Scalable and Dynamic User Interface
Different UI Color Schemes
Word Highlighting system that requires no triggers!

If you would like to purchase this system or if you require any assistance you can reach me ingame @Paithan or on the forums here.

Thanks To

Major thanks go to the following people for the initial development of this system:

Kaeus, [email protected], Akimoto, Ezalor
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    Update to the post for the new pricing system.
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    Out of curiosity, would it be possible to have access to the system on a trial run basis, prior to purchasing?

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    yea, use the open source version above to check it out. It is pretty buggy tho. The latest version works great though and will be continually updated.
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    I have a copy of 2.18 that is open for anyone to use with updates to current changes mostly...and free.
    Especially if you dont want to toss out 50 bones for a system not guaranteed for updates.

    I see this too often, coder makes a decent chunk of change then the coder peaces out, regardless, good luck.
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    Personally, I automatically distrusted you before I even finished reading the title of the post. How many times do Aetolians have to be burned before this kind of nonsense is shut down?
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  • TragerTrager Raiding your underwear drawer.Member Posts: 574 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not to mention, is that picture the SAME picture from when Tripwire was first released?
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

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    If you want a full version I have one for free too, it runs and was given out freely to us all by Kaeus to use as we seen fit.

    Honestly this really gets me mad as the system is free and should not be taken over by people to gain a profit. Seriously 200 cr to join the clan, you would be better off asking Zsadist or others who have kept it up-to-date and truly functional for FREE advice, or better yet use firstaid like I do.

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    Trager said:

    Not to mention, is that picture the SAME picture from when Tripwire was first released?

    @Trager yes, look at deathsight ezreal died <
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    Version .12b, yeah.
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    Original post has been updated in light of the community response.
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    So what, you were gonna try to gank people for 200cr, and when people call you on your unicorns suddenly it's free? Wow man, that's mighty unicorns generous of you.
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    I didn't know it had been given out freely, I thought it was still just the clan. I was following what Kaeus had already setup. Found out, acted accordingly.
  • PaithanPaithan Member Posts: 25
    I spoke with some of the other developers in the Tripwire clan and we are going to move towards an open source project for aetolia to avoid some of the issues mentioned above. The original post has been edited and contains a link to information on the new project.
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    Closing this in light of the OP. New thread here.
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