Dominion Meeting

As posted just now:

Hello folks,

I'm going to hold a general Dominion meeting tomorrow that is going to
be OOC. This will be a sit down with anyone who is in the Dominion that
wishes to come discuss it. There will be separate meetings for each
individual house with house leaders, so this won't be to address
house-specific roleplay or concerns. The meeting will be held 4/25/2015
at 8:00 PM EST (or, 4/26/2015 00:00 GMT).

When the time comes, I'll be dragging people off to where we will hold
the meeting. If you have any questions you'd like answered and won't be
able to attend, please send them my way. I'll try my best to provide
notes afterwards on the forums.


Feel free to go ahead and post questions here as well if you won't be able to attend.


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