Child of the Hills

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Just a small interaction in tells.

You tell Zun, "Your manner of speech is peculiar."

You tell Zun, "You sound as if you are a child of the hills. Are you?"

Zun tells you, "Yeah, well... uh. Heh. A child of the wot?"

You tell Zun, "The hills. You do not know of the hills? When I was growing up in
Enorian, we used to hear of the hill people who took showers under the sky, ate
dogs, and spoke in peculiar ways. They also made love to their kin, fought
frequently, and drank often."

You tell Zun, "I...erm...I meant no offense."

Zun tells you, "And iffin you don't mind, offense taken, little miss. But that
sounds like Enorian propaganda. It's just like them, makin out the grass on the
other side of the fence ain't green but brown - and full of folk committin

You tell Zun, "Do members of the Spire not hear such stories?"

Zun tells you, "I can't say I've much an ear for stories anywho, so I don't
rightly know - mayhap."

You tell Zun, "Ah, I see. I hope you accept my apology."

You tell Zun, "It appears I have more brain scrubbing to do."

Zun tells you, "Nah. I figure you oughta earn it or somethin. But I'll let you
know how. Probably."

You tell Zun, "What if I write about you?"

You tell Zun, "I have this requirement where I have to interview an established member of the guild. What if I write favorably? I won't mention the hills at all."

You tell Zun, "Or I can say, "Zun is obviously not a member of the hills"."

Zun tells you, "You... urgh. Yeah, alright. I'll put a dagger in that and think
about it later."

You tell Zun, "Sure!"

(Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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