My first Childe

JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
--- The throne room -------------- 0:11:2 ---
This cavernous chamber opens wide with a high ceiling and circular walls, and a dust-ridden atmosphere clinging low to the floor and close to the walls. The walls are aged with cracked paint that must have once been a whitish hue but greyed through time. Thick pillars of marble are scattered throughout the room reaching from floor to ceiling. The floor has a dark red carpet thick with dust extending from the throne to the doorway to the south. To the north of the chamber two thrones are set, one bigger than the other, overlooking the entire chamber. Beyond the thrones, another doorway stands ajar. On either side of the doorway are two large stained windows, one depicting the kingly figure of a man, the other depicting a woman as beautiful as the moon. A spiral shrine with an altar is here, shrouded in coalescing jade flames. The Throne of Corruption stands here, its obsidian magnificence a shadowed praise to the Dark Lady. Sammuel is shackled at the wrists, the chains linking him tightly to the throne. A large book sits on a wrought iron stand. A seething miasma of jade clings to the towering form of Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption here.
You see exits leading north and south (open pine door).

Chakrasul inclines Her head politely to you.

You bow respectfully to Chakrasul.

Chakrasul walks over to Sammuel and grabs the chains at his wrists, dragging the man to his feet, "The day has come, Sammuel."

Jensen's eyes are cold, his face devoid of emotion, as he watches the former mercenary being dragged about like a leashed animal.

Chakrasul tilts Her head to the side as She turns to glance at you, "Wish Me to release him from the chains for this? He cannot run."

Sammuel appears to be in his mid-twenties, and looks to be of a race between a Troll and a Mhun as he possesses a very tall, yet slim figure. Sammuel's blue eyes twinkle with amusement and mischief, and his handsome face always seems to be grinning. Several days worth of reddish stubble graces his broad cheeks and chin, while his unkempt black hair threatens to hide half his face, and tumbles freely to his waist. Despite his cheerful appearance and worn clothing, Sammuel is well-equipped with the tools of his trade. He wears a very finely crafted suit of scale armor, and weapons dangle freely from several sheathes and weaponry belts about his middle. He is called 'Sammuel.'
Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire looks weak and feeble.

From behind Jensen emerges a teary eyed troll girl, her clothing tattered and dirty. "That would be perfect, my Lady," answers the vampire as he motions the girl aside.

"As you wish." Chakrasul states and flicks Her wrist, the shackles releasing and clattering to the ground. Sammuel seems to start to move as to run off, but Chakrasul is quick to flick the wrist again and send him back to his knees next to Her.

Chakrasul says, "He is all yours."

Jensen casually strolls to the kneeling prisoner with a painfully forced, cheerful smile. "We meet again Sammuel, how have these last nights found ya?"

"Oh, right." Chakrasul states as She notices Sammuel try to speak. With a wry grin, She flicks Her wrist once again and he seems to gasp for air abruptly.

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire says, "Mmph..nights have been alright, I guess. For someone chained against their will."

"Ah, yes," Jensen chuckles, his grin quickly turning cold and lifeless. "Yer crusade against tha Birka, even after tha defeat of yer employer required punishment. But I am yer friend, Sammuel, yer good friend, for I have spared yer life."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire frowns heavily as he glances up at you, "Spared my life? I've been locked up in chains. I'd rather be dead at this point."

Jensen stifles another unnatural laugh, "Dun be so quick ta offer yer life up, Good Friend Sammuel, I'm certain Unlok of tha Birka has far worse in store fer ya than death." The vampire extends both of his arms out and grasps the sides of Sammuel's face, lifting him into the air. "Ya mercenaries are all tha same, ya seek fortune, glory, fame, 'n wealth through yer strength." The vampire's eyes lock with Sammuel's as he bellows, "But here ya are, broken, weak, forgotten by the world."

The very air seems to sigh forlornly as an ethereal duskywing butterfly floats somberly in from the north.

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire snarls and pulls his face away roughly, trying to reach for his weapons but is halted and becomes completely still. Grunting, he still tries to fight it, growling out, "I only sought the death of those that deserved it. The money, maybe, but that was it! I would fight now if this WOMAN was not holding onto me."

Chakrasul snorts arrogantly at Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire.

Chakrasul says, "Ignorant little peon.."

"Is that so," cackles Jensen hellishly, as he lowers the man back to his feet. Still gripping Sammuel with his off hand, the vampire draws the mercenaries blade and places it in his hand. "I embrace tha Pain, Good friend Sammuel," the vampire whispers, grasping hold of the mans hand, and thrusting the blade into his own abdomen. Flecks of blood and spittle fly from his mouth as he continues, "I embrace tha Darkness, an' through my Power, MY strength, the world will remember my name." Jensen retracts the blade from his stomach, dropping it to the floor. "You are no match fer me, you would die here an unknown, honor-less an' absent of glory."

"Just kill me then and be done with it." Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire says, his eyes open wide in horror as he glances down at the pool of dark blood gathering on the floor nearby you, "You don't have to go showing off to simply scare me."

"Kill you? Oh no, Good Friend Sammuel," Jensen chuckles and closes his eyes. His face strains briefly as the severed tissue of his abdomen begins to mend and close. "I wish ya ta join me, share tha Strength I wield, an' use yer Power fer a purpose, our Matron's purpose."

"I want -nothing- to do with that." Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire snarls as he struggles against the invisible weight that holds him down, "Undeath is disgusting and an abomination -especially that from the vampires."

Smiling, Chakrasul says, "Well, you'll learn differently with time."

You smile and say, "Tha high an' mighty Sammuel, teachin' me what is disgustin'"

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire snorts arrogantly.
Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire spits at the ground near you in disgust.

You say, "Whom rotted away fer a century in a swamp, never completin' his mission."
You say, "Witherin' away potential while his employer, Ashtan, fell to an army."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire says, "I completed my mission! I can't help that Ashtan fell! I had a duty to remain where I was."

You say, "Tha Sage lives, tha Birken people thrive, you have failed yer mission, failed yer sovereign, failed yerself."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire growls menacingly.
Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire says, "I never failed myself, I can tell you that much."

You say, "But worry not, Good Friend Sammuel - I will bring ya back ta strength, kickin' 'n screamin' like a child if I must - fer ya will be my phoenix."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire struggles against the invisible force once again, "" escapes him more weakly and anxious than his words before.

In the blink of an eye, Jensen stands with fangs barred, behind Sammuel. "Good Friend Sammuel," the vampire whispers, just behind his teeth sink into the mans neck.

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire flinches, fighting more frantically to move as he barely manages to glance over his shoulder, "Please. Don't. I can't be like you wish."

All begging and pleading is lost on Jensen, his eyes glossing over as he suckles the crimson pouring from the mercenaries neck.

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire groans aloud and begins to slump, his skin paling more and more with each passing moment as the blood drains from his body. Weakly, he whispers another plead, "Please..stop this.."

It takes some effort, but Jensen pulls himself from the mans neck before the final drop is taken. The Vampire wipes his face, accomplishing nothing more than smearing blood down his chin and neck, as he reaches for Sammuels weapon. A quick slice opens up Jensen's wrist which he offers up to the ghostly pale, Sammuel.

You say, "Drink and be born anew."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire groans, shaking his head as best he can. He fights against the movement that is forcing him to your wrist, trying his best to keep his mouth shut until it is forced open for him - the suckling beginning as much at first, but gradually becomes of his own will.

"Embrace tha Darkness," whispers Jensen, "Embrace tha Pain, rise an' become my phoenix."

Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire pulls away after a few more dregs, his eyes starting to glow with a faint bit of red and the hunger is evident. Growling, his body shifts and contorts, willing itself into the honed predatory form of a consanguine. Eventually, all the pain subsides and he simply sits in place - calm and quiet.

"I've brought ya a meal, Good Friend Sammuel." Jensen says with a smile, and motions to the troll girl.

Sammuel of the Mire flinches, his gaze settling on the child. He hungrily licks at his lips, though seems hesitant, " must be something else than this."

Shaking his head, Jensen replies, "She is all I brought."

Jensen whispers, "Be the predator ya are."

Sammuel of the Mire shakes his head, though is moved towards the child. Eventually, the animal inside takes over and he grabs the child roughly - thrusting his fangs unceremoniously into the tiny creature and eagerly sucking it dry. Pain is within his eyes the entire time, clear anguish and frustration.

"Embrace tha Darkness," whispers Jensen, as he watches the life drain from the child, "Embrace tha Pain."

Sammuel of the Mire drops the child's withered remains and is shaking visibly, growling out, "I will NEVER embrace this, Jensen." Turning his head, he looks at you, "What. Have. You. DONE?"

Jensen chuckles, a cold, hollow chuckle. "Me, Good Friend Sammuel, it was -you- who devoured that poor girl."

Sammuel of the Mire says, "I do not is YOUR fault that I had to do it!"

You say, "Your weakness, not mine."

Chakrasul says to you, "I'm going to keep him in Bihrkaen once you're done with him here. Force him to remain in one place and be around those he hated."

Sammuel of the Mire gives a pained sigh.
Sammuel of the Mire says, "Really? First, this, then having to be stuck around those wretches?"

You say, "Yer weakness fer yer failure in tha Mire, yer weakness fer bein' captured, yer weakness fer bein' unable ta stop me... an' now yer weakness fer bein' unable ta stop yerself."

Sammuel of the Mire shakes his head sadly.

You ask Chakrasul, "Would you mind askin' a favor of Unlok?"

Chakrasul says to you, "What's that?"

You say, "Every day have their hounds devour Sammuels liver, then see him fed 'n rested each night."

Chakrasul's eyes sparkle with amusement.
Chakrasul says to you, "Consider it done."

You say to Sammuel of the Mire, "Ya could have joined me willin'ly."
You bare your teeth in a feral grin.

Sammuel of the Mire snorts arrogantly.

You say, "No carrot, all stick, Good Friend Sammuel."

Sammuel of the Mire says, "Just..put me in my place. Leave me be to deal with this pitiful existence."

There's more but I'm cutting this off before I reveal too much to meta-gamers

<3 Chaky that was fun, and thanks for putting up with piss poor english.
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